Sonic's Last Bet

All the characters have fun differently? What happens when someone bets that they couldn't have fun with every other member of the gang and still keep their sanity? Insanity, thats what!

I don't own my own ass, much less Sonic. If I did own Sonic, this is the kind of stuff that would happen to Sonic on a daily basis. "Thank you Sega for owning me, and not selling me to Radman! Thank you!"

Chapter 1: The Bet

"Sonic, let's do something fun," Tails whined, "Can we, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, PleasE, pLeaSe, plEAse, PLEASE?"

"Like what?" Sonic said as he rubbed his temples.


"Eating bagels isn't really fun you retard," Sonic said, "Did you have sugar today?"

Tail's eye started twitching uncontrollably, and he started babbling in what appeared to be fluent polish.

"I'll take that as a yes." Sonic sighed. Tails got right up next to Sonic's ear and then yelled, "HEY SONIC!"

"What the hell is wrong with you Tails?" Sonic screamed.

"Sonic, can we do something fun, can we, please, please, please, please-" Sonic covered Tail's mouth with his hand.

"If you shut the hell up, I promise that we'll do something fun."


"Okay... right. Anyways, how about I throw a party so I can dump you on Knuckles or Shadow and stuff?" Sonic said more to himself than to Tails.

"Only two problems with that idea," Tails said in the straightest face you can image, "First off, donuts don't need to have holes in them, they do it that way so they can eat the center, and secondly, pink tutus aren't allowed." Sonic sighed and slapped his forehead.

"Why don't you like go watch TV for a bit, I'm gonna call everybody and invite them to the deathtrap- I mean party!!1!!1!!1!!666!!Elevntymillion!!Yomomma!!Pie!!"

And so, Sonic pushed the speed dial for Knuckles' cell phone.

"What is it, Sonic. Make it fast, I'm busy." Knuckles asked.

"Uh, yeah, well, it's really important. Eggman stole the Master Emerald, and he says that he's gonna take a pee on it if you don't help him conquer the world. I tied him to a chair, but he won't tell me where the thing is!" Sonic lied.

"I'll be right over!" Knuckles was furious. Apparently he didn't notice the Master Emerald sitting right next to him. And the moment he got up to go over to Sonic's a large mechanical hand reached down, and picked up the Master Emerald. Then, a terrible evil laugh which was more like a girl clown's laugh than anything remotely evil was heard booming through three feet of space.

When Knuckles got over to Sonic's he literally burst through the door.

"Aw shit Knucles, you broke down my door!" Sonic lamented his five dollar door.

"Where's Eggman?" Knuckles demanded. Sonic promptly pulled out an Eggman plushie he had bought on eBay while Knuckles was on his way. At first, Knuckles stared at it with infuriation on his face. And then he looked up with a grin and said, "You own an Eggman PLUSHIE!" He then fell over and started laughing so hard that you'd have thought that someone just sniped Ossama Bin Laden, Barnie, That old guy that lives across the street from you, and Big the Cat with one shot. After about two hours of continuous laughing, Tails started laughing with Knuckles. Finally, Sonic had enough.

"I DON'T WANT ANY MORE FOOD! ENOUGH!" He said, pushing his plate away. Then all of the sudden, Knuckles got serious and said,

"Not funny Sonic, now what do you want."

"WTF! You just... oh, never mind. I wanted to let you know that I'm throwing a party!" He squealed.

"And... exactly who do you think will go to your party?" Knuckles chuckled.

"What do you mean who will go to my party!" Sonic yelled.

"Well, you aren't exactly the funnest guy in town. When I came over, I was at a party at Shady's. He's already thowing one. And trust me, choice between your party and his party, but sorry, going with the Shademiester." Sonic looked like he had just seen a ghost.

"Shadow, is more fun than me? Whatever, I have fun all the time!" Sonic boasted.

"Yeah, fun that you like. Nobody else likes the stuff you think is fun."

"Well, I could have fun with people, and them say that it was fun."

"How much you wanna bet Sonic." Knuckles said finally.

"What?" Sonic said is disbelief.

"You heard me. How much you wanna bet?"

"Ha, I bet you two hundred dollars!"Sonic said proudly.

"Alright then, here are the rules. You have to spend a day having fun with every member of the team, and at the end of the day, they have to agree that they had fun. If they don't you have to spend time with them until they say that they're having fun. If for any reason, you refuse to complete the bet, you lose."

"Ha, is that all?" Sonic said confidently.

"We will see. I'll tell you who your partner is at the beginning of every day. Also, I will be recording you and listening in to make sure you aren't refusing the person, or you'll lose the bet. Got it?"

"Yeah, that sounds fair." Sonic admitted.

"Alright, I'll talk to you tomorrow then."