Amy charged at Sonic, and he ran for his life…into the middle of a road.

Look out!

Sonic stopped and asked "Wha-?" as he was promptly hit by a truck.

I told you to look out, you idiot.

One ambulance ride later, Sonic was in a bed with a cast on his leg. "Why the hell does this happen to me?"

Because it's funny. Oh, and watch out for Amy.

"What are you talking about? She wouldn't hurt me here." Just then, he heard someone whistling "Twisted Nerve" in the nearby hallway. "Huh…I wonder who that is?"

Several clumsy incidents later, he got into his wheelchair and peeked around the door to his room. He saw Amy in the hallway, wearing a nurse outfit and eye patch while preparing his "medicine" into a syringe.

Sonic backed away, muttering "Umm…I don't get it."

Dude, you haven't seen Kill Bill?

Sonic thought for a moment, then said "Oh, CENSORED!"

He wheeled up to the window of his room, attempting to break through it with punches. When this failed, he smashed the wheelchair through it. Unfortunately, he forgot that he was still in the wheelchair at the time. "AUUUUGHHHH!"

One bloody crash later, he got up on both of his feet.

How did that happen?

"The fall corrected my leg."

That's complete bull-aw, forget it.

Just then, a scream was heard from Sonic's room. Realizing that Amy had found out about his escape, Sonic ran for the concert.

As Amy looked out of the window and saw him run, she muttered "So much for a murder nobody could catch me on. Where are you going?"

She then heard lots of shouting and cheering from nearby. The concert was playing. Amy remembered about the concert, specifically that Knuckles would perform there, so she decided to go ask him about Sonic.

At the concert, Sonic noticed many people leaving. "Who's playing right now?" Then he realized that no one was playing. He ran up to the stage and saw the Chaotix members crowded around an unconscious Charmy.

Espio wondered "What do we do? First Vector gets too stoned, now Charmy electrocutes himself! I told him that the wires weren't licorice…"

Sonic declared "I'll help! What needs to be played?"

Espio and Knuckles both laughed. Knuckles then said "There's no way you could do it!"

"What is it?"

Espio sighed, then muttered "Charmy played the cowbell. We need more cowbell."

"CENSORED!" Just then, Sonic noticed that Amy was entering the area. "I'm doomed! What do I do?"

She will kill you if there's no witnesses. Potential witnesses are leaving the concert. There's only one way to keep them…

"Let's go!" So the new trio went to the front of the stage, and Sonic began playing the cowbell better than he ever had before. Of course, he had never played it before, so it was terrible.

Amy noticed Sonic, then shouted "There you are! Let's go backstage and 'talk'!" Sonic suddenly sped up his cowbell-hitting, leading to a new type of sound. People started coming back in. Putting these facts together, Sonic experimented with this.

The numbers poured in. The power of music enchanted everyone, and Sonic managed to survive that night. In fact, he survived long enough to get the necessary restraining order. As soon as Amy inevitably broke this, it was away to the penitentiary!

Word of their music spread through the papers, the television, the internet. The sensation became bigger every day. As they climbed up the Billboard, people began to realize that the cowbell would never be treated the same again.

After becoming literally an overnight success, Knuckles was glad. He pulled out the 200 dollars that had started the whole bet, saying "You win."

Sonic turned down the money.

Knuckles was shocked. "But…why?"

"I don't need it or any bets anymore."


Sonic slowly turned his face into a fourth-wall-breaking position, then declared "Because I'm rich, bitch!"

So the tale ends. With the end of this, my time on the site's pretty much done. I've got hopes and dreams to pursue that go far beyond this website. I just want to say thank you to all of the readers. You all really helped me to get through the past two years. To know that I can make people laugh, even if just a little, gives me hope. I may never return to this account, and if I do it will be many years from now, and not to write. I've got bigger plans than writing fanfics. So, for a last word of advice: enjoy yourselves. Have a fun life as I hope to do.