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Chapter Zero: Prologue


The words kept on repeating in his head as he sat beside a stone cross and at the bottom were the words engraved 'Mana Walker.'


Tears flooded his eyes. Why was Mana taken away from him? The only one who didn't shun him because of his deformed left arm. The only one who accepted him and cared for him.


"Mana Walker," said a peculiar voice out of the blue. The boy looked up to see a grotesque caricature of a Victorian gentleman. His skin tone is a sickly gray. He was a rotund figure in cape and top hat, with an enormous grin that remained fixed and his eyes permanently hidden behind a pair of small, round spectacles. "Shall I revive him for you?"

The teary boy looked up to look at the uncanny gentleman before him. "Can you really call Mana back?" he asked hopefully, though he didn't move an inch.

"Of course, I can," laughed the man. "Just say the name of your loved one who that vile God had taken away from you."


"Mana… Mana…" sobbed the boy as his eyes remained fixed on the remains of his akuma father, ignoring the screaming pain on his left eye and cheek. "Mana…"

The round figure had watched the spectacle with curiosity. The boy was an Exorcist. A threat to his plans. But why was he with the traitor's brother? Surely maybe the boy was the requirement of the player of the fourteenth. Yes, yes. The man assumed he was.

The best thing to do was to kill the boy. The boy who had a parasitic innocence and had—possibly—the fourteenth's memories implanted within him.


Curious. Just curious… What would happen if he took in and fostered the boy as his own? As a Noah? His fixed grin, if possibly, grew wider.

Yes, yes. That would be interesting indeed.


He approached the boy, who had his eyes still on the remains of the akuma. "Hello again. Whatever is the matter, young boy?"

The boy looked at him. Interesting.

Not a single hint of hatred in his eyes. Surely any person would have blamed him for that incident, would they? Akuma are such pitiful creatures.

The boy looked down to his knees, finally stopped his sobbing. "If you want to kill me do it now, p-please. I have nothing left for me in this world."

The man's gaze at the boy remained fixed. "Of course you do, young boy. Should you want to stay with my family?" he finished with a tone that was almost childish.

Once again, the boy looked at him. Not with the downhearted, tearful eyes but one with a tinge of hope in it. The man's grin went wider.


"Of course. Let me first introduce myself. I am the Millennium Earl."

"I'm Allen Walker, Sir Millennium Earl."

The Earl chuckled. "No, no, no. Don't call me Earl, Allen-kun. You may call me Duke if you please."

"C-certainly, Duke Millennium," Allen said. Mana had taught him how to be polite to people, mostly.

"Welcome to the family, Allen-kun."


Twelve years old.


Allen groaned. He had just awoken at the bangs and hard knocks on his door, which stood two akuma maids who were ready to assist Allen if he needed it.

"Allen-chan! I want us to play again! Please? Pretty please?"

The girl kept on banging that door as she said it. "Allen-chan!" she whined. "Okay, then lets not play," she resolved, her voice sounding peevish. "Daddy said we should be at the garden to talk to him, Allen! Now please, get up!" With that, Allen heard stomping of heels that were steadily becoming faint as the seconds ticked by.

He breathed deeply. It was a good thing the Duke told everyone to give him enough personal space, but that wasn't enough to stop Rhode from bugging him. Even though if they both were adopted by the same person.

Sheryl Camelot. Prime Minister of Portugal, the Noah of Desires and, lastly, the father of two adopted children whom he was very overprotective with.

Allen was lucky Sheryl, though they were not related by blood and even though Allen was an accommodator of a certain innocence, was enthusiastic when the Duke brought Allen along in his household. And he was luckier when he was adopted to the Camelot family.

Yep. He is known as Allen Camelot now even though he can't forget about Mana, who was the main reason why he joined the Noahs in the first place.

The Duke wanted to get rid of the curse that Mana gave him but Allen didn't want to loose it. It was Mana's will. Mana wanted Allen to atone for his sin, and so he cursed the boy.

He had already dressed in his usual gentleman's dress which Sheryl had chosen for him. Black and expensive is Sheryl's liking for him, so Allen has to put up with rather expensive and monochromatic belongings.

After dressing up, he set off towards the corridor which leads to the gardens. He sighed.

His first time here he got miserably lost when he was told to meet the family. It was a good thing Rhode thought he was playing hide-and-seek and tried and succeeded in finding him.

"Hello, Sheryl-san," he said politely.

The man who was sitting in a beautifully-made seat turned to see Allen. He was almost pouting, with Rhode sitting on his lap and was almost obscured by his body. "Aww, please call me 'daddy,' Allen-chan?" Rhode nodded at this.

Allen smiled pleasantly. "Only if you stop calling my name with a '–chan' almost every time, then I'll start calling you dad, Sheryl-san."

Rhode piped up and her height slightly rose a few centimeters up. "Well, that won't be fair for any of us, right daddy? Everyone must have a nickname," she declared.

"The twins don't have a nickname," Allen pointed out.

"Well, they were too dumb to have nicknames anyway," Rhode mused.

Sheryl chuckled at her. "Listen, Rhode, Allen," this quickly gained their attention. "The Duke is coming to visit us, and Tyki is with him for Allen's training."

Rhode perked up at the news of the Duke coming to her human home while leaving Allen to dread at training again with Tyki. Tyki was forced to train Allen and Allen was forced to be Tyki's student until he deemed powerful enough.

So far, his training with Tyki was progressing fast. From the primitive form of his clad-like claw to the cannon and laser-sword type and to the point where he nearly got killed by encountering that God-forsaken exorcist.

Allen could still remember the fresh memories two months ago.


The still-eleven year old Allen was trotting beside Tyki Mikk, who was a lot taller than him by a few feet. Allen looked excited and a rather amused Tyki was looking out into the woods.

They were in India. As hot as this place can be, there were still spots where vegetation can be spotted. Only the vegetation here was looking like it was withered because of its brown texture.

"Tyki? What are we doing here again?" asked a curious Allen who huffed and tried to follow where the older Noah was heading.

Tyki looked back. "Exorcist hunting," he answered.

This made Allen slightly confused. "What's an exorcist?"

This time Tyki didn't look back. "You'll find out, boy. Just follow me," he said as he pushed the twigs out of the way for Allen to go through.

Now, they were going deeper and deeper into the hot forest and Allen was starting to feel that both he and Tyki were lost in it. "Tyki," he said, "are you sure you know where we're going?"

"Of course! Why would I get lost? Besides," he added darkly, his voice suddenly becoming cold and full of malice. "We found them."

Tyki had pointed to where there were two people standing, both of which were wearing black cloaks with silver-like decorations, but the one decoration that stood most was the big cross embedded on their right shoulders.

"Tyki, wha—" Allen began but was cut off when Tyki shushed him. But it was futile; the two cloaked people had noticed them and were heading towards them.

"What's this?" one of them said, his voice sounding stern and was full of suspicion. "Yo, civilians are supposed to be indoors. You two! Get back inside if you know what's good for you!"

The other cloaked person, a woman, smacked him in the head hard. As he toppled over, she politely said to them, "Don't worry about him, he's just an idiot." As she looked at them, she seemed to have noticed something. "You don't look like you're one of the civilians; I take it you're tourists?"

"Tina! That hurt!" whined the other one, but she ignored him.

Allen looked at her, she was pretty, but as he looked at Tyki, he felt a tinge of fear. Tyki was at it again, his smile was twisted in some way, and his eyes were glaring at them. The girl—Tina—seemed to have noticed and ever so slightly took a step back.

"What?" she asked. Her partner seemed to have noticed the edginess in her voice and quickly came to her side, looking determined and serious.

"I think he's the akuma, Tina," the boy said, not taking his eyes off Tyki's.

Tyki merely laughed at this, Allen shuddered since it sounded manic. "Don't think that I'm at the same level as those akuma, exorcists."

Allen's eyes widened at bit at this. So these were the exorcists! Though, he expected them to look more intimidating than this, but he finally saw who Tyki was hunting… But what for? he thought.

Tyki looked at Allen less-maniacally, "Allen, pick one. The Duke wanted you to be experienced with dealing with these exorcists so I'll let you pick one of them."

Allen wasn't sure with what Tyki said when he had to 'deal' with the exorcist, but he liked the girl exorcist. He pointed to the direction of the girl, who looked appalled. "I like her," he said innocently.

In a mere second, Tyki was behind the boy. "Sol!" cried Tina, but it was too late. Tyki had put his hand through where the boy's heart was but didn't do anything other than saying, "Sol was it? Please stay put and be a good exorcist while I train my boy, hmm?"

Sol turned his face to look at Tyki and spat at him, the blood-covered spit that was supposed to hit Tyki's face just went through as though he wasn't there.

Sol gasped while Tyki smirked.

Tyki adverted his gaze to Allen. "Allen, kill the girl," he commanded, much to Allen's shock. Allen's eyes widened and his mouth was gaping open.

The girl didn't draw anything of sorts, but she was looking through her pockets and almost everywhere she could look at. "T-Tina?" asked Sol in a strangled voice.

"My anti-akuma weapon! It's gone!" she gasped.

Tyki smirked at this. "I didn't think Allen would win a fight with an experienced exorcist so I stole it when I had the chance. You exorcists are so weak. Now, Allen! Go do your mission now," he said rather impatiently at the boy who was hesitating.

Both he and the girl were loosing both their cool, as Allen was engrossed whether he will kill the exorcist girl or disobey Tyki and suffer the punishment.

Allen shuddered at the thought but didn't notice the girl who drew a military knife, ready to attack Allen. "I-I'm n-not going t-to die just y-y-yet!" she stuttered.

Allen felt sorry for her. She was getting frightened at a boy, who was almost fifteen years young than she was. How pitiful, he thought.

Much to his surprise, the girl lunged at his with her knife. He yelped as he dodged her assault and said, "Wait!"

But she didn't stop. Nor wait. She kept on trying to kill him, he could see her eyes, wide and panicked-driven ones. He backed away and was surprised to feel a tree bark behind him.

The girl lunged at him again. "Wai—!" Allen was cut off when he felt pain on his stomach. He instinctively shoved the girl away from him using his activated innocence and cupped his stomach.

It was wet with warm blood.

"Ah, ah," Allen huffed. It hurt so badly. Why did she attack him? "W-why?" he asked.

"T-Tina… That arm… innocence…" choked Sol, who was hopeless against Tyki.

"Eh?" Tyki asked, tilting his head to the side. "You can still talk like that? Perhaps I should just kill you right now, hmmm?" he slightly squeezed Sol's heart which sends him into coughing up blood.

"Allen!" Tyki called out. "Are you okay? Just kill the girl already so we can treat your wound."

Allen staggered back. So he should kill the girl so that it will all be over? "B-but—!" he stuttered.

Kill? Kill? Was Tyki out of his mind?

''Destroy me, Allen'

The girl lunged again. 'Allen, I love you. Please destroy me,' Allen's eyes were brimming with tears now. Why were these memories coming back? Why is it…?

Closer, the girl came.


Allen couldn't take it. He didn't want to die. Not here, not now. As the girl came close enough, there was a white blur, a slashing sound and blood splattering on the hot ground.

He had struck her squarely on the chest. She fell to the ground, gasping and was starting to loose blood fast.

I get it now, Allen thought. Even though this innocence is attached to my hand, I must save all people. It is God's will to destroy the world, right? Then I will help the Duke. The exorcists are just foolish humans that don't want to die. They only want to suffer more.

But I will destroy them all.

His silver eyes were cold as he approached the girl. The girl seemed to be looking at something… his hand. His hand was deforming.

Tyki watched the spectacle with mere awe. So his innocence is evolving…? he thought. So the training was effective after all… Tyki watched the claw-like weapon shrivel and after a few minutes, what was a claw was now a cannon-like hand.


Allen raised his weapon to the girl's face. "Die, pitiful human."

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