Twin Nightmare

Yu Kanda's POV.

Kanda Yu was never the type to show emotion, with the exception of rage. And contempt. And irritation. So when he heard from their four-eyed, sister-complex supervisor that the idiot rabbit and Lenalee have been withdrawn from their duty in America and were sent back here to be treated by Bookman, and both were in a coma, Kanda couldn't help but scoff and get annoyed at their supervisor, who was being comforted by Reever and was crying loudly at a corner. It wasn't pleasant when you see your supervisor's snot while he's telling you news only to break down and listen to remblings you can't understand. It was just annoying.

Kanda couldn't help but shoot a glare at the pathetic bastard and his stupid beret hat, arms crossed. And there's the thing about that idiot rabbit too.

Kanda's glare quickly shifted to a sleeping red-head; but then quickly withdrew his glare and unwillingly looked at Lenalee, then to his side, frowning.

For some reason, he can't bear to look at the two. He also felt a bit disturbed

The idiot rabbit hasn't been here long, but Lenalee was with him.. How the Hell can they both be defeated, much more go into a coma? Kanda shot a disgusted look at snotty four-eyes again.

Did this idiot send these two on a mission that's beyond both their level? He can't have, Kanda thought. He's too obsessed with his sister to let her get hurt. And wasn't this supposed to be a confirmed level one akuma? So why were—

"Kanda, you seem to be deep in thought," says a voice to Kanda's right. Kanda turned his eye to see Reever, looking as pale and as tired with the usual eye bags that look like they could reach the floor if you looked at them long enough.

Kanda's response was to shoot a glare at Reever for disturbing his train of thought. Reever was wise enough to know that he had irritated Kanda and, for a split second, seemed to have returned the irritated look Kanda gave him but his expression turned quickly into a serious look.

"Kanda, since the supervisor is in no fit state to relay you of your mission," Reever began. But Kanda already knew what the nerd was going to say, and before Reever could say another word, Kanda turned his back to him.

"Hey! Wait!" Reever called after him. "I haven't—"

"You want me to wait until they wake up and find out who did this to them," Kanda said nonchalantly. "And at the same time, find out the reason why and how they are in a coma. Anything else?"

Reever just stood there, looking annoyed again. He drew in a quick breath and said, "There've been reports of similar cases to one or two more exorcists in missions all over the world. Apparently these two weren't the only unfortunate ones…" Reever added sadly.

Kanda scoffed. "Just tell that old man to hurry up so I can get on with this," he said. With that, he stormed off to his lunch. Though, Kanda wasn't sure what was going on, he was sure that it wasn't some high-level akuma that put them in that state; or else they would've been dead instead of being in a coma.

Kanda felt a slight itch as he walked through the dark halls of the Black Order. He feels like this was only the beginning of a long, hard and annoying mission.

Lavi's POV.

Lavi stood at the middle of somewhere you would consider as a park; there were knee-high fences that were arch-shaped to divide the stone pavements and lush green grass. Butterflies of all colors swarmed every inch of the air all around him. His body felt so light, as though he weighed as light as paper. Everywhere he looked was vibrant and looked like it had full of life. Lavi breathed the air in as though he had never breathed air before.

At the corner of his eye, he saw that the multi-colored cluster of butterflies were obscuring something east of him.

As though the butterflies read his mind, they moved away, like Moses parting the red sea. Only he wasn't Moses, and the one opening wasn't salt water and fish, but a cluster of butterflies. What they revealed almost blinded him. Literally. There was a blinding light when the butterflies parted, and when it was safe enough, Lavi opened his eyes.

Right there lay mountains of books. Piles of them, untouched. Not yet read by any human eye in the world, up until Lavi will get his hands on all of them. He hurriedly picked one book.

Feeling giddy and anxious as to what he may learn, he opened the book. But before he could read what was in the book, something caught his eye. Again. Only this time, it wasn't a book.

It was a pigtailed, dark-haired girl with two of the biggest and most gorgeous b—I mean —eyes Lavi had ever seen. Her hair went all down to her waist and she was wearing a white shirt and skirt, but no boots.

Lavi couldn't almost breathe He just stood there' frozen, the open book still in his hands. I'd have to pinch myself to remind me this is a dream, he thought to himself gleefully. But what the heck!

"Do you like it here Lavi? You should stay."

This time, Lavi didn't freeze because he's excited or giddy. A cold chill ran up from his spine that sent the back of his hair standing up. Eyes down, anxious of the voice that he had heard just now, Lavi tried to shake the Goosebumps off by rubbing the back of his neck with his clammy hands.

Suddenly, Lavi can feel it, the bright world that he had dreamt of wasn't so bright anymore. The once free and open space filled with lush green was now being obscured by brick walls covering all sides, falling out of the sky, every piece seemed to fall perfectly on top of each other. The beautiful butterflies were burning and most of them like charred and dead on the stone floor, surrounding him with ash. As Lavi looked at the book at his hands, he read:



Lavi tried to throw it away in vain. It was as if it was nailed to his hand. It hurt when he tried to pry it off. As soon as he did, everything was silent. After a while, he realized he was able to take the book off, and bricks weren't falling out of the sky to make walls anymore. But he was trapped.

Lavi realized that his heart was beating so fast, it could beat itself out of his chest if it goes unnoticed. His breathing was labored, as though he was killing akuma for twenty-four hours straight. His mouth was dry and he was sweating all over. And he was getting dizzy.

This is a dream, right? he asked himself. Afterwards, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

"1, 2, 3!" he counted off. At three, he pinched himself really hard, he thought blood would pour out of himself. But it didn't. But then again, nothing happened until Lavi heard something from a distance. It came from up above.

Lavi looked up, cupping a hand to the underside of his ear to hear the distant noise better.

Slowly, the sound came. It was horrible. It was a scream. But not only that, it was a scream from someone he knew.

Lavi cupped his ears, closed his eyes shut and retreated to a corner.

This only made things worse as the scream grew louder and louder, eventually not even Lavi's cupped hands over his ears can stop the screaming.

Unwillingly, as though someone controlled him, he opened his now-teary eyes to see the source of the screaming, which had stopped abruptly as soon as he did. It was from an akuma. Akuma only had one soul in it, but this one had several others. Others that he cared about, or had met. Lenalee, the Supervisor, Gramps, Yu and several other people at the Black Order. If the people in the Order were bright and mostly optimistic, these were the hellish, and dark versions of them all.

They looked disfigured, all of them joined up together by a black ball of muck. All of them opened their mouths in a ghastly way that seemed like they were screaming a silent scream. All of their yellow eyes looking at him, in a pleading, horrible way.

Right beside the ghastly ball of muck was someone that made Lavi's heart stop. It was the white-haired boy. Allen. He was smiling evilly at Lavi, obviously enjoying the scene. The white-haired devil-incarnate opened his mouth to laugh, and as soon as he did, the screaming started again too.

STOP, JUST STOP THIS RIGHT NOW! Lavi thought with all of his might. It took him a while to realize that the screams weren't coming from the ball of akuma muck but from himself.

Fortunately, that was just enough for a wake-up call.

Lavi woke up, screaming. It took him a while to realize that he wasn't the only one who was screaming. Lavi turned his head sideways to see Lenalee, looking at him. They mirrored each other.

Both of them were wet from their own sweat, his and Lenalee's hair were damp because of it. Both of them were breathing irregularly, and they had the same frightened expression—I, wellexcept for the fact that my expression was more manly, Lavi thought. Though he knew that this was not the time to be cracking jokes to himself.

Their unified scr—yell had awoken supervisor Komui, who had dozed off on a chair beside Lenalee. Lavi looked around the dark, moonlight-illuminated room to see someone reassuring.

He was bald, except for a patch of grey hair that was ponytailed at the back of his head. If you didn't know any better, you would say it was shaped like a question mark. He also wore black makeup around his eyes. Lavi had the urge to call him by his nickname, but quickly resorted to—

"Gramps—" Lavi's voice cracked.

The old Panda was sitting on a stool, Lavi can only make out his appearance because of the moon illuminating the old man.

He could hear Komui's insistent jabbering about how worried he was, Komui's sobs and Lenalee's reassuring voice to the worried supervisor. Lavi also noticed there was a large bouquet of flowers at the bedside table between his and Lenalee's bed. From Komui, no doubt.

He then turned his attention back to the old Panda again, this time, instead of the look of being confused, he looked serious. He has a lot to tell to the old man.

"Gramps, I—" Lavi began.

"Leave it for now, boy," the old man said, unmoving. "Rest for now, and we'll talk in the morning." With that, Bookman never said another word. And Lavi, realizing he was tired, tried to sleep. It took him a while to do so, but he slept eventually. His dream was filled with Lenalee fighting akuma by his side, fluttering multi-colored butterflies, and Road and Allen laughing at him.

Yu Kanda's POV.

The Black Order's hallways were still illuminated by candles that either hung over the ceiling or by the wall. Why do you ask? Because it was still dark outside. He had been called out by four-eyes because he had important news: Lavi and Lenalee had awoken!

It was suspicious that two people that were in a coma the same time would awaken the same day, much less the same time.

Kanda took large steps as he strode towards the supervisor's office, giving dirty looks at anyone trying to either get in his way or look at him. He has a no-looking policy, but everyone else doesn't seem to get the point. Even though he tried to give as much dirty looks at everyone, they still all stared back at him. Though, none of them got in his way because when he got as close as two meters near them, they make a way for him. He felt like that Moses-guy.

And then he just scoffed.

As he turned the knob of the door to Komui's office and opened the door, he instantly heard—


Kanda would know that voice anywhere. Childish, irritating, annoying… And every other word in a therasus that's similar to the words mentioned before. It was the rabbit.

The stupid rabbit waved his hand at Kanda gleefully, as always. Kanda shot him an irritated look, which made him smile more stupidly.

Kanda ignored him and turned his attention to snotty-nosed Komui.

"What is it?" Kanda asked simply.

Komui stood p from his chair and pulled out a handkerchief to blow his nose, then turned to Kanda with a serious expression. "Kanda," he said, then he paused, glancing at the bouquet beside Lenalee.

Kanda waited, but it seemed like Komui had forgotten. "What?" Kanda repeated impatiently.

That seemed to have brought back the supervisor to his senses and moved closer to Kanda. He then beckoned Kanda to move closer too, as if to whisper something. But instead of moving closer, Kanda didn't move an inch and just stood there, beginning to start to get irritated.

Komui took a piece of paper from his coat's inner pocket. There seems to be something scribbled at the paper, and so, Kanda moved closer to see it.




"I don't know which one to pick. Please help me?" the supervisor pleaded, looking stupid.

But before Kanda could unsheathe Mugen, someone went down to business immediately. "Oi, girlie," said Bookman. Kanda shot him a dirty look. "It seems that you will have to forfeit this mission."


The old man paused to look at him seriously, then looked away. "It's best you leave something like this to the generals. This issue is way up over your head, boy."

Kanda wasn't going to pry, but Komui, now a little bit more sane, continued. "We'll fill you in later with the details, Kanda. Right after I file my report," Komui added grumpily. Then Komui cheered up again, "Too bad you weren't here to comfort your friends Lavi. He was having a nightmare…"

This caused Lavi to protest, but before the rabbit can say anything, Kanda asked, "Nightmare, huh? Did he wake up in the middle of the night, screaming?"


"Oh, yes!"

"Komui!" shouted Lavi, looking embarrassed. "Look, Yu—" Kanda shot him a dirty look. "—I was not screaming, but yelling. I was yelling."

"Whatever," Kanda said as he turned to leave, but Komui was at the door. He held the piece of paper in front of Kanda again, "Now will you help me choose?"

Kanda's response was to cut the paper in half. With that, he stormed out of the office.

Okay, so I haven't updated this for a year and you're all probably mad at me and thought I was dead.. Err... Sorry... I just haven't had the inspiration to write for a while, but the next chapter may be a bit delayed... I'm just starting college, and I have a few artworks to finish for our yearbook... :D Hope you enjoyed it~

Oh, and if I can, I'll explain Lavi's and Lenalee's dream in the next chapter..

Allen: *checks the whole story* Hey! I'm not here…

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