I totally only did this because ILY, Jess. I hope you realise that..
.. and that Seiner was promised to me.

I do not own Final Fantasy X. Sniff.

Is it bad that I cheated when you asked me to show you my eyes? Is it bad that my eyes twitched and I gave you a sort of wink, the blood pumping through my veins way too fast?
Is it bad, the way you make me feel?

Because it feels bad. I remember Tidus' shocked look when I took off my wetsuit - did he think I was stripping? I mean seriously - and I remember the stupid, mean games Gippal used to play with me back in Home. Flirting games, y'know? I used to think I'd figured out my type - blondes.

I'm not sure what colour those dark strands used to be.. you've seen so much, right? A pilgrimage, and now half of another one.. You're going through all of this to help Yunie and I'm not sure why, since all the summoners end up doing is dying.
And even though it was Tidus who I wrapped my arms around while on the snowmobile, if that had been you I would've done it even tighter and probably never let go.

So as I shift my weight from hip to hip in battle, I'm secretly trying to run up next to you when I get called up. I pant that little bit more when I'm injured, praying you have a Potion tucked away to bless me with.
I figure it's bad - wait, what do I call you? Sir?
Not that you talk to me anyway.. Auron.