I'd previously written a fan-fiction called After Breaking Dawn – and I can't begin to explain how much I enjoyed being able to just hide away and write about my favorite series. However, the story started to become pretty lengthy – 42 chapters lengthy – so I decided to cut it off. Apparently, people who had read the story didn't like me for that; so after three months of letting the plot rest, I've come up with a bunch of new surprises, so I hope you like it.

Need to know basis: the Volturi tried to kidnap Renesmee, Edward was given the chance to kill Jane but didn't, Jacob and Leah are trying to make it work, and Jared disappeared. Summary completed. Enjoy the story.

Edward's POV

Today was rainy and damp – but that wasn't a shock.

As I sat in the chair by the fire, listening to the patter of rain of the window above the sink, I could not help but feel at ease. Renesmee was on the floor at my feet, doodling rather skillfully on a piece of lined paper; despite the dreary atmosphere Forks presented her, Nessie's drawings were always bright and colorful.

Bella wasn't anywhere to be seen at the moment. The fact that I couldn't read her thoughts made her especially difficult to locate – and the rest of my family's thoughts didn't help me find Bella either.

Now where did I put my purple dress? Alice's simple thoughts bubbled subtly inside her mind.

It's almost six o'clock. I should start making Renesmee's dinner. Leave it to Esme to selflessly think of everyone besides herself.

The basketball game is tonight, Emmett pondered. I'm pretty sure who will win tonight. Maybe Edward can lend me some money ….

Just to mess with him, I picked up my cellphone and swiftly glided my fingers over the keys: definitely not. After pressing send, I placed my phone back on the side table and, unable to think the worst, hoped Bella was safe.

It hadn't been more than three weeks ago since the Volturi decided to pay an unappreciated visit. My daughter's safety had been jeopardized, and I felt ridiculous for letting it slip by me so undetected. Jane had been stealthy in the beginning, but the tables had indefinitely turned in the end – I'd been given the chance to take Jane's immortal life, to protect my family from her harm, but somehow I had been stupid enough to let her free; as each day passes, my regret continues to pile up inside of me. If I could go back and kill her, I decisively would.

After letting Jane go, I'd become overly cautious when it came to Bella and Renesmee's safety. There was no doubt in my mind that the Volturi would stealthy slink back to Forks and undergo a second attempt – so keeping a close eye on those that I loved was vital. Jacob Black and some of the other werewolves have assisted us in keeping a close watch on Fork's perimeter; we refused to let danger lurk beneath us undetected.

My family's relationship with the Quiluete Indians has also been taking form. There is less hatred, less insecurities. Granted the treaty – where we are not allowed to bite any human in the area or trespass on Quiluete territory - has not been lifted, but tradition apparently is very important to them. Changing the rules seems to be impertinent to their elders, but we can understand their wish to stay conservative.

"Hello." Bella sauntered into the cottage's front door, coming up to me instictively.

I stood, instantly relieved, taking her in my grasp and pulling her close. "Where have you been?"

"Oh, nowhere." She wrapped her arms around me.

"Hmm, is that so?" I chuckled.

"Nowhere you need to be concerned with." She pulled way, moving into the kitchen after kissing Renesmee on the head.

I smiled – usually I was the one toying with Bella; oh how the tables have turned.

"Is Jake patrolling the border tonight, or are one of us?" She wondered logically.

"I'm not sure." I answered. "But I know Jacob isn't patrolling."

"Why not?" She picked up an knife and smeared peanut butter across a slice of bread, assuming preparing a snack for Renesmee.

"He's got a date with Leah tonight." I replied, noticing my phone buzzing across the side table. Picking it up, I noticed it was a text from Emmett. "I suggested they go to La Bella Italia."

She grinned. "I think Jake and Leah are so good together, you know?"

"Uh-huh." I answered, distracted; I flipped open my phone, clicking view to see Emmett's response. Aww that's no fair, Edward, he complained. I was about to respond to the text when someone came in.

"Hey, you three." Alice skipped through the front door, going up to hug Bella first and then Renesmee second. "Is it alright if I investigate your closet? I've lost my purple dress, and I must find it immediately."

"Why immediately?" Bella wondered, handing the peanut butter and jelly sandwich to Renesmee.

"Someone's coming, and I want to look presentable." She informed us, quickly adding, "As should you."

My eyes snapped up from my phone in an instant. "Visitors?"I looked up at Bella who seemed equally as surprised – Alice had just rushed through the word as if it had no importance … as if it were no big deal.

"Oh, relax, Edward." She shook her head, taking my phone from me and looking at my inbox. "You're such a worrywart."

"If you recall, most of our visitors haven't been very pleasant, Alice." I reminded her. James, Laurent, Victoria and her army, the Volturi; the list was practically never ending.

"Well, this visit will be a pleasant one, I can just feel it." Without letting us another word, Alice danced down the hallway and into Bella and my room.

Bella walked up to me, a little nervous. "Can you hear anything? Anyone coming?"

"I'm not really sure of what voice to look for, love." I frowned, putting down my phone – I'd deal with Emmett later.

"Well, obviously Alice isn't worried." Her hand unconsciously slipped into mine. "So maybe we shouldn't be worried either."

I realize this chapter is short, but I was having trouble trying to find a place to begin. I promise the chapters will be longer in the future.