Six Teens Ashley, Esther, Steve, Adam, Rachel and Casper were driving in a car from a party.

Casper: Yeah

Esther: Casper put your hands on the wheel

Casper: What

Esther: Whatever

Ashley: Be Quiet I am to drunk to hear well

Steve: OK

Esther: Am I the only person that does not drink

Rachel: Yeah want to try some

Adam: Casper watch out

Casper had just hit an old man. The six then went out.

Rachel: Oh No what should we do

Steve: Burry him and the secret dies with us all in favor

Adam: Yes

Rachel: Yes

Casper: Lets do it

Ashley: Of Course I am not going to jail

Esther: We really should tell the police

Steve: NO

Esther: Okay

Adam: Lets Burry him


Rachel: Who is there

The killer than came in the house Murdered Her mom while her Younger Sister Jacqueline Escaped. The Killer was putting an Ax through the door.

Rachel: Okay I will let you in Mom

She opened the door only it was not her mom.

Rachel: It is You

Killer: Yes Me don't you remember me

Rachel was then at a corner of her room.

Rachel : Why are you back

Killer: Revenge

Rachel: NO

The Killer than axed Rachel in the chest as the killer left.