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"Welcome back Sakura," Ino smirked as she walked over to her best friend, carelessly pushing Sasuke out of the way.

"I wouldn't say that," Sakura sighed as she rubbed her forehead in annoyance "not all of my memories have come back, the main things about you guys and training and my family are back but anything outside of people and training I really don't remember," Sakura explained as she plopped down onto the light blue love seat that was positioned close to where she had been standing.

"That's a good thing, you don't want to know anything else but that," Hinata told the other girl moving to sit down beside her now pink haired friend on the light blue love seat.

"You don't know what it's like to act a certain way and have mannerisms and know things about people but have no reason why you know them," Sakura sighed, as she buried her face in her hands "I don't remember anything that would put any of my memories in context, it's all just a jumble of memories that have no meaning, I don't know why I am the way I am or anything," She let out a wail of frustration as she slowly rubbed her throbbing temples.

"Just give it some time, you've had a lot of traumatic experiences in your life, your subconscious is most likely repressing the memories so that you won't have to experience the same kind of pain again," Shikamaru explained in attempt to sooth the frustrated female.

"I don't give a damn what my subconscious wants or thinks, I want my memories back!" Sakura yelled tears slipping past her fingers to the hard wood floor.

"It'll be okay Sakura, you should be happy right now, it's only been like two days since you lost your memory and you've already got some of them back," Hinata encouraged rubbing slow comforting circles on the girls back.

"It's terrifying" Sakura whimpered "not knowing what I'm missing and being afraid of getting it back, not knowing what's going on, I hate this," her body started to shake as the tears increased to flow out of her bloodshot emerald green eyes. Sasuke moved in front of the crying girl, crouching down in front of her he placed his hands on her shaking shoulders lightly shaking them to get her attention.

"Sakura look at me," he whispered, internally he was panicking since he'd never been in the situation of comforting anyone before especially not someone he cared so deeply for he didn't know what to do, but he figured he'd just follow his gut and hope for the best. Slowly Sakura lowered her hands and looked into the ebony eyes of the male in front of her; he said nothing to her he just looked into her eyes softly. Tentatively Sakura reached her hands out finding their way to the back of Sasuke's neck; she started to wrap her arms around him before she crumpled off of the love seat and into his embrace. Sasuke was shocked but quickly found his balance before he fell over and looked like an idiot, while Sakura cried on his shoulder. The other's feeling rather uncomfortable watching the two and feeling that there part in the whole drama being over quickly filed out of the room to give the two a little more privacy.

"Do you think Sakura's gonna be ok?" Tenten asked, looking at her white eyed boyfriend for an answer that she was hoping he would be able to give. The teens had decided to retreat to the kitchen of the girl's condo since it was close to the large living area but still far enough away to give an adequate amount of privacy.

"I don't know," Neji whispered, as his brown haired girlfriend wrapped her arms around his waist, resting her head on his shoulder.

"If Sasuke can get through to her, then she'll be fine," Naruto sighed running his hands through his wind tossed blond hair. The group looked at the blond boy, it was evident that he hadn't gotten a lot of sleep the last couple of days, since everything regarding Sakura was chaotic and uncertain now; it was also evident that the normally happy-go-lucky teen was experiencing more stress then he had, dealing with both of his teammates losing themselves both mentally and emotionally. Naruto looked years older than any 16 year old should look, he had large inky black bags under his eyes, more than any mother had dreamed of stress lines on his forehead and in the crease of his eyebrows; the group of teens finally realized that this boy standing in front of them was not the old Naruto that they remembered, this boy knew how to be serious and understood tragedy and despair better than anyone in the room, Naruto really had grown up.

"What do you mean Naruto?" Hinata asked, moving to stand beside the blond teen that she had been infatuated during her childhood days.

"Just that," He sighed, but gave Hinata a small smile before grabbing her around the waist to pull her close against the side of his body, resting his chine on her head "If Sasuke can get through to Sakura, get her to trust him, and to understand how much he cares for her, than when she gets all of her memories back, then she won't be broken," he looked at all of them, taking care to meet every one of their eyes before he continued "she'll be ready to heal."

"You ok?" He asked pulling away from her as she wiped away the tears on her face.

"Yeah, thanks," she murmured pushing her pink hair out of her eyes and behind her ear.

"I've told you this once before Sakura, but you probably don't remember, so I'll tell you again. It's okay to cry," he told her, cupping her face in his hands. Sakura's emerald eyes gazed into his onyx eyes, and a small smile crept onto her face.

"Who would have ever thought that the Sasuke Uchiha would ever get that stick out of his ass and actually display true human emotions?" Sakura giggled wrapping her arms around Sasuke's neck.

"Annoying," Sasuke muttered, closing the distance between them.

Chapter 29

It was easy to be with Tenten; she never made things awkward or made any drama. She could hang with the boys just as easily as she could with the girls. And kissing her was especially easy; she just fit with him so perfectly, her lips melded with his without one imperfection. Being with Tenten made him feel happy, made him feel complete and made him feel special. Well, it made him feel a lot of things. It wasn't always easy and perfect, Tenten was stubborn, headstrong and had a nasty habit of being a total slob. She could get lost in thought even when he had to tell her something very important. She had a tendency to argue with him even when she knew he was right, just so she could take a few shots at his ego. And not to mention when she wanted something from him, she would get it, no matter how much whining, pouting or blackmailing she had to go through to get it. And don't get him started with her and chocolate.

But all in all no matter how much she annoyed him or made him embarrassed, he really loved her, even if he didn't show it that often, or have the nerve to tell her. He had a feeling she knew even though he never said the words. They may have only been dating for a few months now, but he'd known Tenten since before they were Genin, and they'd been on the same team for a long time. He knew Tenten, and he had liked her for a long time before he had gotten the guts to ask her out.

What concerned him most were the two newer couples. His cousin and Naruto were almost polar opposites, so he could see how that might work, even if he didn't like it all that much. No one was good enough for his cousin! What he couldn't figure out was Sakura and Sasuke. Before he had left, Sasuke had never given Sakura the time of day, and now as soon as he returned, he had a thing for the pink haired girl. Sakura, he knew, had once been obsessed and apparently in love with the Uchiha; due to certain events, she had ended up blaming him for everything bad that happened to her. Even if she denied it, everyone know Sakura blamed Sasuke for all the shit that happened to her in the months that followed his betrayal.

But now seeing them walking down the street hand in hand, Neji just couldn't understand it. Before Team Kakashi had gone to Suna, Sakura had pretty much refused to allow anyone into her heart. She had also refused to let Sasuke tell her how he felt about her. Now it was rare to see the one without the other. Sakura still hadn't gotten the entirety of her memory back, and he suspected that once she, did the sickeningly cutesy way the couple was walking around would change, replaced by a tense and awkward atmosphere. But even with that said he still couldn't figure out how the two of them were together in the first place. Sasuke was always calling Sakura annoying and she was always yelling or whining to him about something. How in hell could they be a couple without killing each other from sheer annoyance far surpassed Neji's intelligence. He suspected Tenten could explain it to him, but he wasn't so interested in Sakura's and Sasuke's relationship that he wanted hear Tenten go on and on about how cute they looked together and how Sasuke was so cute around Sakura, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Not that Tenten would say etcetera, or that Neji ever thought that his girlfriend was saying that when she was explaining to him about romance or about how amazing chocolate was. Nope, he always listened to Tenten and never zoned out. He was a Hyuga; Hyuga's don't zone out or spout random gibberish. They were better than that. At least that's what he kept telling himself.

But back to Sasuke and Sakura; he believed what they were in what was called the honeymoon phase, when everything was amazing and new and perfect. According to Ino, he and Tenten had been like that, though he never remembered being overly romantic or cutesy with Tenten, he was always the prefect amount of romantic or cute when it came to Tenten. Though sometimes his mind did shut down. Especially when she kissed him. Yep, Tenten kissing him definitely made the world stop moving. He loved kissing Tenten.

But he wasn't thinking about kissing Tenten, he was trying to figure out how Sakura and Sasuke were together. Not because he's a girl, but because it just logically doesn't make sense. Sakura didn't take crap, at least the sixteen year old Sakura didn't, He wasn't all too sure where she was regarding her memory and age, but the Sakura he knew wouldn't put up with the Uchiha's ego or his attitude, and the Sasuke he knew thought Sakura was annoying and whiney. Though they did have some things in common, Sakura had become closed off and rarely talked about her feelings or allowed anyone in. Sasuke was almost the same, though the raven-haired male rarely ever said much, so it was hard to say he talked about much at all. Though, surprisingly, he had recently gotten a decent conversation out of Sasuke. Though it sill stood as illogical that the Uchiha and Sakura were together. He didn't see the relationship lasting long, at least not after Sakura got her memory back. Who knew though. Maybe Naruto was right – which was a scary thought—maybe Sakura needed Sasuke near now so when she got her memory back she wouldn't feel so isolated or alone, because she'd know that Sasuke was there for her. The theory was an unconvincing one though.

"Neji, stop over-analyzing it already. They're together and happy so just let it be!" Tenten snapped grabbing her boyfriend's hand and dragging him out of the market and away from the newest couple of Kohana.

"You're paying more attention to Sakura and Sasuke then me, and I'm your girlfriend," she glared at him.

"But it doesn't make any sense, Tenten! How are they together? It just isn't logical," Neji explained, trying to get his point across to his pouting girlfriend.

"Logically, we shouldn't be together but we are," She countered

"You're a genius from a prominent clan, I'm a no-name girl who has to train for hours upon hours every day just to keep up with what you have been naturally graced with," Neji stopped and thought about it. Tenten did have a point. Logically they shouldn't be together, he could gain nothing from Tenten, other than her love. Disregarding feelings, Tenten had no family, no money, or anything that would make her an asset to the Hyuga clan. Yet he was still with her. Feelings had a lot of weight when it came down to things.

"I think I understand," he said softly, taking Tenten's hand in his and gently running his thumb over her knuckles.

"Good! Now can we get on with our date?" Tenten asked lightly squeezing his hand.

"Yes," he nodded leading the girl towards the destination they had previously been approaching before he had spotted Sasuke and Sakura.


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