Drowning Pool Dawn/Jeremy

Vampire Diaries/BtVS

Summary: He's been drowning, lost since his parents died, and she is the breath of life needed to save him.

Spoilers: Through S7 BtVS and through S1 Ep.2 'Night of the Comet' for Diaries

Disclaimer: I own nothing. All belongs to L.J. Smith and the creators of the show.

Author's Note: I seem to have Vampire Diaries on the brain and couldn't resist giving Jeremy a happy ending.

The first time he sees her she's bent over a pool table, cue gripped expertly between long, slender fingers and he's stunned when she makes a combo shot that most of the guys in town would never be able to make. Long chestnut hair spills over her shoulders, swinging softly as she straightens and holds out her hand. He watches with some satisfaction as Tyler slaps what looks to be about a hundred bucks into her hand, leering at her the entire time. He's even more impressed when the girl looks Tyler over, head to toe, and turns away, saying something derogatory that has the guy scowling and storming off.

He looks her over as he walks toward her, drawn in by the confidence she exudes. Her eyes are large and blue, set in a slender face, and a smirk turns up lush, full, pink lips at the corners. She's wearing a short denim mini-skirt and a pair of knee high black leather motorcycle boots with three large silver buckles on the sides. A black vest covers her breasts but not much else and she's not wearing a shirt underneath it. A large silver cross rests against the golden skin just below her collarbone.

She smiles as he steps up next to her and for a moment, he's lost. There's something in her smile that is warm, full of life, and for the first time in months he doesn't feel frozen inside. It's as if her warmth spills into him and he knows in that moment that she's going to change his life.

"Wanna play?" she asks, her voice soft.

He gets the feeling that there's a hidden meaning beneath the casual words, but he doesn't care. For once he's not thinking about Vicki, his parents, Elena, or trying to get high enough to drown out all of the noise in his head.

"Sure," he replies, "as long as you promise to go easy on me. I just saw you demolish Tyler."

"He was being an ass. So I decided that someone needed to put him in his place." She smiles again and he's nearly blinded by the brilliance of it. She holds out her hand and says, "Dawn Summers."

He has to fight back the shock as he takes her slender hand in his own. The sense of familiarity that washes through him is impossible to ignore, yet he's never seen this girl before in his life. "Jeremy Gilbert."

Another brief smile and she pulls away, moving to line up her cue and break. It is just the first of four games they play that night and when he walks her home the kiss on the cheek that he receives fills him with wonder and hope. She says something about seeing him at school and he can't stop the grin that turns his mouth up. For the first time in months he knows that everything is going to be okay and that Dawn Summers is not only going to change his life, she's going to change everything.