Shot: b2_41 Take: 13 Date: 3/27/98 Location: Bunker Chapter: Off On A Mission

Director (off-screen): Speed! Marker.
An insect slaps the clapperboard on-screen and then retreats to the side.

Director (off-screen): And... Action!
Hopper stepped forward as Atta lowered her arms down slowly.

Hopper: Are you saying I'm stupid?
Atta: No...
Hopper: Do I look STUPID to YOU?
Atta laughs briefly, falling forward.

Atta: I'm sorry!
Hopper: Are you saying I'm stupid?
Atta laughs really loudly, getting near the screen, while Hopper grinds in the background.

Atta: I'm sorry! No, I got it. No, no, no. Just do it again – I'm fine!
Hopper: Are you saying I'm stupid?
Atta (laughing): Yes!
While Atta laughs it off below the camera, Hopper talks to the director.

Hopper (scared): This is the fifteenth take! I cannot work like this – I will be in my trailer.
Hopper walks off-screen as Atta regains herself.

Atta: I need a break...

Shot: b12_38 Take: 8 Date: 2/18/98 Location: Infirmary Chapter: The Mood's Going Uphill

Director (off-screen): Marker!
Rosie: Whoa, Flik honey.
Rosie chuckles.

Rosie: We are NOT about to –
From off-set, the noise of set building can be heard – very loudly.

Rosie: Is someone hammering?
Slim sighs an irritated sigh.

Rosie: Can we hold the work, please, people?
Slim (overhead): Am-Am I in the shot? You-You can see me, right?

Shot: b4_59 Take: 2 Date: 4/11/97 Location: Island Edge Chapter: Off On A Mission

Director (off-screen): And... Action!
Flik climbs up the dandelion plant, and picks off one dandelion puff.

Flik: To infinity and beyond!
Laughter is heard from off-screen. Flik also laughs.

Flik (laughing): I'm sorry! I couldn't resist. Really, can y-can you blame me?
Flik re-affixes the dandelion puff.

Flik: Okay. Okay, let's go for real now.
Director (off-screen): Okay, cut.
Flik (walking off-screen): Sorry.

Shot: b17_75 Take: 5 Date: 7/3/98 Location: Main Set Chapter: Partying, Departure, and Return

Atta: And, uh, thank you for finding 'em, Flik.
Flik: Me?
Flik turns to Atta – and their antenna get hopelessly entangled together.

Flik: Oh, uh, uh –
Atta (gasping): Ow, ow ow!
Flik: Oh, oh no.
Flik tried to untangle their antenna, but Atta winces even more.

Atta: This really hurts. Can we cut?
Flik: Oh, I'm sorry.
Atta: Ow!

Shot: b8_49 Take: 9 Date: 4/9/98 Location: Main Set Chapter: Finding The Warrior Bugs

Dr. Flora leans towards a male ant extra next to her.
Dr. Flora: So, is there a Mrs Ant you have to tunnel home to?
She touches the ant – and it falls over. It was just a cardboard stand painted to look like an ant.

Dr. Flora: Ooh, I'm Sorry! I thought he was real!
Dr. Flora glances again at the knocked-over cardboard cut-out, and smiles.

Dr. Flora (chuckling): Oh, dear. Put that thing in my car.

Shot: b3_26a Take: 6 Date: 12/18/97 Location: Court Room Chapter: Off On A Mission

Director (off-screen); Marker.
Atta: Flik, after much deliberation – Whoa!
Atta loses her balance, and falls backwards. All the council ants and Flik laugh. The boom is lowered slightly on-screen. The laughing council ants bend down to help Atta up as Flik laughs his way off-screen.

Shot: b3_19 Take: 4 Date: 12/15/97 Location: Court Room Chapter: Off On A Mission

The Queen laughs at Flik's suggestion – and then the sound of urinating is heard from Aphie, who grins.
Queen: Uh-oh. Towel! I need a towel over here!
Flik laughs his way off-screen, while the Queen picks up Aphie at arm's distance. She looks a bit disgusted.

Director (off-screen): Cut!

Shot: b24_76 Take: 6 Date: 5/6/98 Location: Main Set Chapter: Final Battle With Hopper

Thumper yells at Dot, but them he relaxes.
Thumper: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. C-Can we cut? It's just that I-I don't think I'm coming across.
He strokes his chin in thought. The boom can be seen on-screen.

Thumper: Hmm. Oh, I know, I know. I could lather up a bunch of spit. Ooh, ooh. That's good. I got it, J.L.
He leans back down again to retake the shot.

Thumper: All right – one more for me!

Shot: b9_11 Take: 3 Date: 1/25/98 Location: Main Set Chapter: Finding The Warrior Bugs

Director (off-screen): Action!
Dim buzzes down towards the camera for the shot. As it gets closer, Heimlich squirms but – he squashes up against it, blurring the image.
Heimlich groans – twice.

Shot: b2_59 Take: 5 Date: 3/20/98 Location: Bunker Chapter: Off On A Mission

Director (off-screen): Marker. Action.
Hopper: Do you understand me?
Molt whimpers, but doesn't say anything. Hopper re-flings him against the wall.

Hopper: I said, do you understand me?
Molt (laughing): I'm sorry! I'm sorry. He looked funny – he looked funny at me. Can we – just let me have another take.
Hopper: I said, do you understand me?
Molt laughs really hard, getting close to the camera.

Molt: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. He made me laugh. Please, I'll do it right this time. Just once more.
Hopper: You know, I don't –
Hopper: I said, do you understand me?
Molt laughs his head off, while Hopper groans. Molt leans against Hopper for support. Hopper looks clearly agitated.

Shot: b8_2 Take: 12 Date: 9/8/97 Location: Sky Chapter: Finding The Warrior Bugs

Director (off-screen): Marker.
Francis is flying Slim through the sky on the way to Ant Island – when a small bug suddenly flies down Slim's throat. He gulps and then chokes.

Slim (choking): Wait, stop. I think I swallowed a bug.
Slim chokes more, while Francis chuckles as the camera shot stops panning.

Shot: b1_99 Take: 4 Date: 3/9/98 Location: Grass Stalks Chapter: Never Made A Difference

Flik swaps Dot's telescope for a rock.
Flik: Pretend – pretend that that's a seed.
Dot stares at the rock for two seconds.
Dot: Uhh – What was my line again?
Director (off-screen): "It's a rock."!
Dot (laughing): Sorry, I keep forgetting.
She makes to give Flik back the rock for a retake.

Shot: b8_1 Take: 4 Date: 9/7/98 Location: Sky Chapter: Finding The Warrior Bugs

Director (off-screen): Okay, action!
Heimlich is secures in Dim's legs as he wolfs down a leaf. Looking around he spots another leaf. He bends out to grab it – and falls out of Dim's grasp, letting out a Wilhelm scream.

Approximate Movie Running Time: 01:25-01:31