Utawarerumono - Forgotten Verses

I would like to thank the people of Mirror Moon for releasing the Utwawarerumono Visual Novel English Translation patch. Without it, the parts of this story that overlap with the game/anime would not be nearly as detailed. Take note, anybody reading this: I USED EXCLUSIVELY THE GAME AS THE BASIS FOR MY STORY. If the reader has only seen the anime, I would highly recommend the visual novel. Not only for it's expanded story, but also for it's solid SRPG gameplay. Be warned though, it has graphic mature scenes not meant for minors.

With that out of the way, here's my rendition of what happened to Hakuoro before and after the main time of the game/anime.

Welcome to the Forgotten Verses.

VERSE 1 - Death

For the whole of their 10 years of digging, no previous discovery had excited the higher-ups as much as the "Kingsland Cave - Cradle of Humankind" dig site unearthing. Buried beneath the dirt of ages was something they had never seen before.

And the best part was: only they knew.

With only a single media announcement and a secrecy that was unprecedented, a small group led by one of the higher-ups named Warren began to study the discovery, a fossil, to determine what exactly they had and how old it was. At first, little could be seen of the actual skeletal structure. Care had to be taken to keep the fossil completely intact. Warren began by scanning the entire rock it was embedded in on-site. Once they knew the exact dimensions of the fossil, they slowly cut it out of the rock face of the small cave it was found in. Once finished, Warren moved it to a secure containment room where further studies were conducted. Slowly, they uncovered the front of the beast.

It had hideous features. With a skull that was vaguely primitive, the first thing you noticed was it's incredibly large mouth filled with sharp teeth. It looked like the thing had died screaming. The head sat sticking out between two large, bulbous panels on it's back that apparently acted as some kind of armor, but which were ugly all the same. It was leaning forward, it's left arm stretched out and the panels sticking up. The top part of it's face had some kind of mask over it, but it wasn't bone or any other substance that the scientists could even scratch to get a sample. As it stared out from the rock with it's malevolent eye-sockets behind the horned mask everyone, including Warren, would get chills. It was almost as though it was still alive. They nicknamed it "Predator."

Slowly, tests were started on the actual leftover pieces of petrified tissue and bone. Progress was slow, as it seemed completely different from any other being on the planet that had ever existed. But still they plowed on, and they slowly got more information. It was 50,000 years old and had been buried alive. However, the full truth was to frighten them. Genetics tell few lies.

They had dug up the Missing Link between man and ape.

Immediately, the team of researchers under Warren disappeared and the containment room closed. Warren and the other few higher-ups that knew of the fossil "silenced" those that resisted in any way, and those that didn't resist were put under constant watch. The entire incident was erased from the media. Nothing ever happened. All new researchers were told that the room was completely off-limits due to various hazards, and locked. Any who attempted to open the door for whatever reason were "transferred," often under odd circumstances and with "minor work-related" injuries.

Warren was assigned the task of keeping the room secure, and he kept it that way for many years.

Until he came along.

It had been 5 years. Many things had happened in the world, and a new cold war had begun. Yellowstone was showing immediate signs of an impending eruption, and 50 years of intensifying hurricane/typhoon action had turned the southeastern coast of major landmasses into all but uninhabitable wastelands during the storm season. The world was on the brink of disaster and still Warren protected the room. But he had grown tired, and wasn't watching as he should have.

The new guy in the building, a brilliant logical thinker and graduate of the University of Southampton School of Humanities, 'borrowed' the key to the room out of curiosity after having noticed the room during his work at the facility.

Exiting the airlock into the room, he was immediately dazzled by the intense white light coming from the spotlights over the rock in the middle of the room. As such, he couldn't see what it was until he had already walked to the middle of the room and climbed to the top of the raised platform. Once he could see, he stared awestruck at the monstrosity.

"T-this is..." he stammered, as he stared at the horrible being staring back at him. "Bones? A fossil? A dinosaur? No, it can't be. It is a fossil of something that walked upright like humans. But, something very different from humans all the same."

He circled the fossil once, getting a feeling of how large it must have been. "Standing, it would be three meters... no, four-and-a-half meters, perhaps? And what about these features? It looks as if..."

Before he could finish the thought, Warren entered the room. He had realized the room was open immediately by way of a silent alarm that detected any movement in the room and reported it directly to his PDA.

"As if - what?" asked Warren, as he coolly walked towards the new archaeologist. He didn't remember the guy's name, and didn't much care either. The new guy whipped around at his voice, sweating from the dry heat filling the room. "You really are troubling. You were even warned not to go here." The door buzzed shut behind him, locking them both into the room.

The new guy put on a tough facade, knowing he had been caught red-handed. "If you place a taboo on something, people will always want to break it. You should watch out for that."

Warren smirked. "I see. I will be more careful next time," he said. Ah yes... his name was Ito Satoshi. Or was it Satoshi Ito? He was called by Ito, so that was his last name... stupid Asian naming convention.

Ito turned back to the fossil. "Why have you gone so far to hide this?"

Warren glanced at the fossil before turning his full attention back to Ito. "That is something that should not exist. It is certainly something different from us. And because it has not been made public all this time, it has been discovered many, many times."

"Then isn't it your forte to make all truth and misinformation about it appear groundless?"

Warren was caught off guard. This man had hit the nail on the head, first guess. He was sharper than he appeared. "Heh, are you some sort of spy?"

Ito looked over his shoulder for a second. "I am merely an archaeologist." He turned back to the fossil, examining it again.

Warren laughed behind his back. It was a very unnerving laugh. And not at all out of happiness. "Kukuku... you are quite the scholar." He watched the back of the archaeologist, and guessed at his reason for curiosity. "Do you think this is merely some mutation?"

Ito sharply turned around and gave his own full attention to the senior researcher. He was interested.

Warren decided to play a short game. "Let me ask you something. Do you think we evolved from apes?"

Ito thought for a second, but eventually reached the conclusion most researchers did. "Who knows? We have yet to find the missing link."

"My, if you were my student, I would have to mark you down." He wagged his finger at Ito's face, grinning. "The answer is even right before your eyes."

Ito couldn't hide his confusion, but Warren saw that he was thinking the problem through. He would have been a valuable asset in the future. "What do you mean?"

"The root of evolution."

"The root... of evolution?"

"If not for this, we might still all be apes right now." Said Warren, sweeping his hand towards the petrified figure behind Ito. Ito couldn't help but turn around and stare at the thing, his awe renewed.

"Are you saying this monstrous fossil caused us to evolve? Based on what evidence?"

"Heh, is this merely one of the 10,000 gods or some golden monkey?" Warren threw him one last hint, before deciding he had had enough of this game. "You said that humans will always want to break a taboo."

Ito nodded, his attention still focused on the fossil.

"You are right. Humans are brimming with curiosity. That is one of their good traits. It causes them to learn new things and evolve. But it is bad as well. The learn things which were best left unlearned. Eating the forbidden fruit caused them to be cast from paradise." Warren said, slowly walking up behind Ito and pulling out the gun hidden in his right lab-coat pocket.

"Yes..." said Warren as he popped the safety on the 9mm Beretta M9, "you can say curiosity killed the cat." He couldn't keep the click of the safety and cold certainty in his voice silent, so Ito had just enough time to turn around, but not enough to react to the sight of Warren pointing the gun straight at him.

A sharp retort ripped through the air, as the gun fired one round point-blank into Ito's stomach from below him. He stumbled back onto the fossil, blood smearing the face deep red.

"Wha... t?" Ito stared at the gun, then to his stomach as he realized he had just been shot. A searing pain brought him to his knees as he slowly processed what had just happened. The blood flowed freely out of the wound, but he just stared.

"You just don't know when to give up. If you just give in, things will be much easier." Warren smiled coldly at the man slumped on his knees on the raised platform where the fossil was. He was going to be like the rest. Watched for all eternity. "But, next time-"

"Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!" Ito screamed and jumped up, using his fading strength to propel himself off the platform towards Warren. The only thing going through his mind was to not let this be it. He wouldn't die like this here!

"What? Hey, what are you doing - let go!" Somehow Ito managed to get the gun out of his pocket while falling, and was now pointing it at Warren from above while holding him down. Ito's face was twisted as he pulled the trigger. Three sharp retorts, then one last shot a second afterward echoed in the room. The last thing Warren saw was the Fossil's hideous face, more alive than it had any right to be.

Ito dragged himself up and stumbled to the foot of the raised platform. Barely making it, he fell down with his back against it, his strength seeping out of the wound in his stomach along with his life. Gasping for breath and coughing blood, he laughed dryly.

"Shit... blowing a hole in someone's guts like that..."

His vision started to blur as his body failed.

"I knew... this guy... was dangerous..."

Taking a couple more breaths and lying in a growing pool of his own blood, his vision faded away to darkness.

How long was he in darkness? He didn't know. It could have been seconds, it could have been centuries. All he knew was there was a voice calling him.

"Who... are you..."

He couldn't understand what the voice was saying, and he didn't much care. He was just tired. He wanted to voice to stop, leave him alone.


"Who… is… calling me…

----I--------HAVE… WAIT-----ED-

I-------------ALONE… I-----------SOLITUDE



YOUR-----------EVOLUTION… …… I----…. WAIT—ING

He really didn't understand what this voice was. He should be dead. But since he wasn't, he just wanted to sleep. "What… are… you…"

YOUR BODY…-------I WILL TAKE------… IT…


"What… are… you saying…?"






"That… hurts…" He couldn't take anymore of being awake. The one speaking to him hurt him, so much pain and so tired. A wish, what wish? The pain... "Just… just… let me sleep…"

CONTRACT----. COMPLE----------