The Third Forgotten

Chapter 1: The Boy

Hancock's life is pretty normal now, with the steady superhero gig. He visits Ray,

Mary, and Aaron every year for a few days depending on the crime rate. He's completely

forgiven and moved on from Mary. He's even been on a few dates. He hopes to even

have a child. But that wont be for a long while. Right now all he wants to do is get a

bottle of his favorite wine and fall asleep on his favorite chair.

But as he flies by the nearest skyscraper, his plans are deterred.

He notices someone standing on the ledge of the building and they're watching

him….closely. He circles around to gain enough lift to reach the top of the building. He

lands and stares at the figure.

"Hey, what're you doin up here?" Hancock asks in his usual tone.

The figure doesn't respond.

"Hey, I'm talking to you….."

"You know Hancock….Not that's your real name but let's go with that for now. It's

funny, these humans destroy themselves yet you bother yourself with their well being.

Why?" The figure asks. It's a boys voice.

Hancock is completely puzzled by the question but he realized that he asked his

question first.

"Answer me and I'll answer you." He says

The boy turns, he wears a white sweatshirt, grey jeans, white sneakers, and head

phones blasting indistinct rock music into his ears. He has the same features as Hancock,

but only younger.

"Hmm, simply observing," The boy says," No it's your turn." To a simple person,

the way the boy dresses and the music he listens to would completely contradict the way

he speaks.

Hancock searches his own mind for the answer to the boy question. But, sadly, he

doesn't actually know. "Look, I just do ok. I don't know, it just feels like I have to."

The boy tilts his hooded head.

"Have to? Well, I don't find that a suitable answer to that type of question. I'll be

going now." The boy turns and looks at the ground below.

"He, don't do it. Don't test me boy!" Hancock yells.

But the boy has already let himself drop off the ledge. Hancock bolts after him

and jumps off the ledge. The boy turns in the air to face him.

"Why are you flying after me 'Hancock', saving me because you 'have' to?" The

boy says sardonically.

He doesn't respond while zooming after the boy falling three stories ahead of him.

"This is quite boring Hancock, I expected you to be faster than this." The boy says.

He turns his back to Hancock and as the ground gets closer he smiles. He stops a

few feet from the ground, just hovering and looking up at Hancock. He shakes his head in

disappointment then blasts into the air, faster than Hancock can even see.

Hancock watches in complete awe as he lands. He doesn't know who the boy is,

where he came from, and he sure as hell doesn't know the answers to the boys questions.

But, he does know that he's going to speak to Mary. He's going to California.