Chapter Three: Bone Picking

When the plane lands, Hancock moves through the airport like one with a

purpose. Well that is because he has one, his upcoming confrontation with Mary weighs

heavy on his mind. He passes men, women and children alike, all with the same

expression set upon their faces. Then one says, "Hey, it's Hancock!" He smiles and

waves as people take their pictures and even signs a few autographs. A die hard fan even

asks if he'd kiss her baby, which he does so he doesn't disappoint the people. He's never

liked much attention and wished he just simply dismiss the people. But he know now that

threats of putting peoples heads in another persons ass is wrong and hurtful, so he refrains

from doing so and simply stomachs the attention.

When he was finally away from the people inside, he stands in the sun,

remembering the way he felt everyday in California.

"It's always cold in New York, I miss this place." He says with his eyes closed.

He stands there in the sun for about ten minutes just absorbing the heat and

remembering the times he had here, then Mary flashes into his mind and he remembers

just what he came for. He frowns some and jumps into the sky, taking off with a loud

sonic boom.

While flying for Ray's house, he wonders exactly what he's going to say. His eyes

are focused on his surroundings but his mind is in a whole other area. How is he going

bring it up? He knows Mary will feel guilty, but she should, she had told him that they

were the last of the immortals. That they had all paired up and died. And now, for some

unexplained reason there was one standing on a skyscraper in New York that wasn't him.

If there are more, he deserves to know, and they both deserve to go and meet them.

At Ray and Mary's house, everyone's going through their daily routines. Ray is

handling calls and paperwork for his All Heart organization, Mary is cleaning and

preparing lunch, grilled sandwiches, and Aaron is running around, speaking of Hancock

as usual. None of them know that their day will be quite interesting.

"Hey Mary, where are my reports? Have you seen them?" Ray says coming in

from his office.

"You walked right past them, Hun." Mary answers, motioning to the table behind


Ray arches a brow, one of his many clueless faces. He turns and looks over the

table for a few seconds before approaching and searching with his hands.

"I don't see th—Ah! Got 'em! Thanks Angel." He approaches her, planting their

patented "double kiss". Ray walks out of the room back to his office, filing away more

papers. Aaron runs past Mary, playing with one of his many plastic dinosaur toys.

"Aaron, slow down, you're going to hurt yourself. As much as you love Hancock,

you aren't him."

"Sorry mom!" Aaron says as he speeds down the hallway to the living room.

Mary smiles slightly watching her son dash away. She finishes making the

sandwiches, setting them on a plate, grabbing the bowl of salad and making her way to

the dining room table.

"Ray, Aaron, come to the table. Lunch is ready." Mary calls out into the house.

Aaron runs o from the living room and skids to a stop, nearly hitting the table.

"Aaron, what have I said about running, hm?" Mary asks with a stern yet caring look on

her face.

"Not to, sorry Mom." Aaron answers looking at the floor, he knew he wasn't to run but

no one played with him outside, they were too afraid as opposed to before when they

picked on him.

Ray walks in from his office on the phone. He waving a sheet of white copy paper

in the air and talking a bit impatiently.

"Well I don't care about what Tony said, 'I' said to transfer the file and work on the

donation reports. Trust me, it'll work out." He says before hanging up the phone and

turning to the table and lowering himself into his chair, Mary and Aaron following suit.

As they begin eating, not even a bite and a forkful of salad in, the doorbell rings.

And behind the frosted window near the door, a tall figure can be seen, pacing

impatiently, holding a suitcase. Ray walks to the door and peers through the frosted glass

window, why, no one would ever figure out since its frosted, but Ray could make out the

figure anywhere. He smiles widely and decides not to say who it is yet, believing it'll be

a good surprise for Aaron. He opens the door.

"Hey, you showed up so unexpectedly, Hancock, we were just sitting down for

dinner. Come on in." Ray says happily, waving him inside.

Aaron, who had heard Hancock's name, tears from the table and dashes into the

living room towards the door.

"Hey, HANCOCK! What are you doing here?" Aaron screams, running over to

him and latching himself to Hancock's leg like a leech straight out of a cold lake.

"I just wanted to come back and check on you all. You know…maybe talk to

Mary about some of our history." Hancock said, looking right at the blonde woman who

had entered shortly after Aaron.

Mary tilts her head, confused. She'd thought she told him everything he'd

possibly needed to know, not remembering if she left anything out.

"Sure, come join us at the table, we've got an extra sandwich and salad. We can

discuss it then." She nods and heads back to the table. Aaron runs after her and ray

follows after them next waving Hancock into the dining area.

After everyone was settled at the table again, Hancock begins to speak of his

flight and of all the people clambering over him. They even talked of Ray's bustling

business. Aaron even added that he had great times at school now, not being bullied any

more. Finally though, Hancock had to ask. He turned to Mary.

"Just before I left, I was flying around after patrolling Manhattan, and saw

someone on a ledge at the very top of a building. This boy…he was just standing up there

lookin' at me. I flew up there and we talked for a while. He asked a bunch of weird

questions. He seemed real angry about somethin', I don't know what it could've been,

but, I figured you might know him…since he jumped off the building and flew away."

Hancock says almost too nonchalantly staring right at her while forking a leaf of lettuce

and placing it into his mouth and beginning to chew slowly, like he's waiting for her to


Mary's eyes widen, in what seems like horror. She becomes flustered,

immediately, raising her hand to her forehead and rests her face against it. He shakes her

head, a muffled sob escaping her. She looks up at John and bites her lip.

"I'm sorry…I should have told you this at the hospital that night, but when we

were attacked, and you left California, I just didn't get a chance to tell you. That

boy…he's your s-son."

John's eyes go wide. Ray sets his fork down, Aaron carries on eating, as he

doesn't realize the gravity of the situation. Hancock's mind starts to race. Why had she

kept this from him too? It didn't make any sense, whatsoever. If a man has a son, that's

something he'd want to know about right? He shook his head and looked at Ray. Ray

stared back, then looked at Mary again. John's thoughts were jumbled. Just three years

ago, he found that he used to be married to Mary. But now, all of a sudden he had a son.

He knows that they got attacked, but she had three years to tell him about this boy. Why

hadn't she?

"Why didn't you tell me after that?" John started to sound a bit angry. But it was a

mixture of emotion. Anger, confusion, excitement, and everything in between.

Mary looks up at him and shakes her head still lightly sobbing. It seemed that

there was some type of reason, like she was holding it back from him. John starts to grow

impatient while Ray guides Aaron out of the room, telling him to go up stairs.

"Angel, you need to tell Hancock something…It his son, you shouldn't have held

it from him in the first place." Ray says, trying to sound comforting and supportive,

though he's just as impatient as John at this point. He wants to know too. Truthfully,

though, he wasn't ready for a super powered step-son, though, Aaron would be thrilled.

Mary sigh through her sobs and covered her mouth with the back of her hand,

tears streaming down her face. She shook her head and spoke softly. "It was like before. I

didn't think that you'd miss what you didn't remember. I didn't think he'd find you. I'm

sorry, but I wanted to start over, leave behind anything that was a part of my old life."

"So you left your son? With no one?" Hancock retorted, eyes reflecting the part

of him that he'd lost so many years ago in that alley with those gangsters. His mind was

racing still, worsened by Aaron running around upstairs like a madman. Usually, this type

of stress would've brought on one of his hankerings for wine, but right now was not the

time at all.

Ray looked ultimately shocked, even more so than Hancock. He stared across the

table at Mary. He was running the scenarios through his head over and over again, trying

to find a way to understand it, but he couldn't. What would she do if something had

happened to him, would she leave Aaron alone? He shook his own head and rested it in

his hands. "Angel…how could you do it again? You lied to him twice, this time worse.

What were you thinking, why would you think that you were doing him a favor?" Ray

speaks, looking up at the ceiling, hearing a loud thud from upstairs, Aaron probably

tripped."Aaron, slow down!" Ray called up to his son.

Mary look up at both John and Ray, she simply shrugs. She didn't haven answer,

there's nothing that one could really say that would be a good enough answer. Nothing at

all, there's no excuse for not telling a man about his son, none whatsoever. So under what

circumstances could someone as "sweet" as Mary rationalize that? That's what Ray was

thinking at the time before a loud crash from upstairs ruined his whole thought process.

Ray, John and Mary run upstairs, tripping over each other on the way up. John

ends up in front of everyone. His eyes narrow as the dust clears from his vision. He sees

two figures, the larger one holding Aaron up by the back of his shirt. The dust falls

completely, the larger figure. Its familiar, almost too familiar. Hancock runs that fiure

through his head then realizes immediately who it is.

"You!" Hancock yells pointing out the figure to Ray and Mary." That's him, the

boy I was talking about!"

Mary nods, terrified, validating what John said. The boy laughs and smirks, the

malicious intent evident in his eyes.