Flammie Tales Book 1: A Wizard's Trial


Deep inside the void where all beings go when they die, the soul of a cream yellow flammie was floating alone. She was about 12 feet from her head to the tip of her tail. Although she was very bear-like in size and shape, she had, on the top of her head, an unkempt patch of goldenrod hair. Her muzzle was curved and came to a beak-like tip at the end. Her baby blue eyes were extremely cute and glowed with innocence. Her front paws had four digits, one serving as an opposable thumb, while her hind paws only had three digits. At the end of every digit was a dark brown talon, and her pads were a bright pink color. On both sides of her maw was a single visible tooth. The ears of the creature were long and almost deer-like and were tipped with light blue-green fur. Finally, she had not two but four large, feathery wings on her back. These wings were tipped with the same blue-green color that tipped her ears.

If you managed to take a glimpse into her mind, you would only sense a black emptiness. She had sacrificed her own life to seal an evil force that was about to take over the world over 2000 years ago. Now she slept and waited to be reborn thus initiating her battle once again.

While it exists in everyone, the ancient art called magic has all but disappeared from the public view, but there exists a few who still take part in this ancient gift. Of these wizards, is Karmen Aridos, the owner of a plush shop called Plushtopia, who uses his power to help his costumers to achieve happiness by selling sentient toys called Synthetics who would inevitably fall in love with their soon to be owners.

In time, with or without the owner's consent, the toys always managed to transform the one they loved to the same kind of living toy as they were. Much of the time, the owner was shocked and horrified when they realized their toy's true intentions. However, occasionally the owner knew that the Synthetic only wanted what was best for the one they loved and appreciated, and felt no anger or hate because of their transformation.

In this case, the Synthetics and their owners would become greatly attached and live together forever. Clearly, Aridos was only wanted to help people be happy, and his creations provided the means for him to do that.

My name is Skyler Levan. I am 19 years old, and I'm bored. I've always taken an interest in magic, and I have learned that everyone possesses it, but it's become clear that anyone who could teach me its mysterious ways died a long time ago. However my views changed when I was on my way to another day of work at my local Target and I happened to find a mysterious book. I picked it up and read the cover.

"The Ways of the Wizard ".

Everyone who believed in magic believed that the art to wielding it had been lost long ago, yet here in my hands was a book proving the commonly accepted idea completely false. I decided to keep it and, because it was a rather small book, I placed it in my pocket until I was done with work.

It has been a few hours and I'm finally off from another long and exhausting day at work. When I finally got home and changed into some casual clothes, I remembered the strange book I found on my way to work this morning. I took it out of the pocket of my work pants and laid it on my table.

Upon closer inspection, I realized that it was bound in leather and the lettering of the title was written in what seemed to be gold foil. I looked on the back of the book and there were some warnings about the book. They read "This is a book of magic spells and training. If you have found this book, but cannot seem to open it, don't be alarmed. It is simply because I placed a charm on the book and it will only open itself for one who is worthy of the vast power contained inside it. -Karmen Aridos-"

The warnings only served to make me more curious, so I flipped the book so it was once again face up and attempted to release the strap of leather that bound it. To my surprise, the leather came loose very easily and before I knew it, it simply disappeared! When the seal was broken, I gasped in awe as the book grew in size and was eventually about twice as big as it was before, and to top it all off, it was about three times as thick.

When I finally broke free of my astonishment and opened to the first page, I suddenly felt as if a second presence was in my room. Before I could think about anything else, I was holding on to a staff about 6 feet long (I was only 5'10") with a strange looking crystal on the top. The crystal was very jagged as if not even magic could make it a sphere, and it was perfectly clear.

I read the first page of the spell book and it said:

"Hello young Wizard. I have taken the time and effort to make certain that this staff is now in the possession of its rightful owner. I expect you to take good care of it and do many fabulous things to improve the world with it, Skyler. Soon enough, you will be made aware with an ancient but very powerful energy called magic. You will know what you need to do when the time is right.


Now, I was REALLY curious! Not only had I somehow managed to find what may be the last remaining tome about the use of magic, but it had apparently been sealed so that only I could open it. On top of it all, I had been entrusted with a staff of my own to 'improve the world,' and all wrapped together in a personalized note from the author. I resolved to learn the secrets of the book as I turned the page.


Author's Ending Notes: Hooray! The start of Flammie Tales! I believe I'll take this time to say that I plan this pseudo fan-fiction to be at least 6 books long, if not more. True, my writing will improve throughout that time and I'll probably go back to this start and once again scoff at my meager writing skills, but the joy is in the journey is it not?

(I say pseudo fan-fiction because it's so loosely based on a character from Secret of Mana that I only really use his name for the name of a species. Well, that and I'll be borrowing some spell names from the Tales Of series.)

Many basic story ideas credit to shadowlugia249.

Look out for:

Chapter 1: The Flammie