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Rogue Knight

Chapter 1

"They're leading us directly into a residential area, Michaela," K.A.I.S.Y. said, as he steered around a slower moving car. The black Corvette they were chasing had just turbo boosted over the same vehicle.

"Has K.I.T.T. responded to your calls?" Michaela asked, hanging onto the steering wheel for dear life, even though she wasn't in control of the vehicle.

"No! He's receiving my signal, but refusing to acknowledge," K.A.I.S.Y. replied in frustration. "We're coming up behind a slow moving semi, and there is on coming traffic," K.A.I.S.Y. informed Michaela.

"Turbo boost," she yelled out, punching the button a second later.

The midnight blue GMC Canyon was launched into the air and sailed effortlessly over the semi. Spinning tires meeting asphalt sent them rocketing forward once more.

K.I.T.T. and K.A.I.S.Y. were too evenly matched, though. Neither could make any headway.

Late afternoon pedestrians were left with slack jaws, wondering how a mid-size pick-up truck could be keeping pace with a high end sports car.

"We have to stop," K.A.I.S.Y. concluded a moment later. "That residential area is going to be full of kids playing outside. We just can't risk their lives."

Michaela reluctantly agreed, and K.A.I.S.Y. brought the truck skidding to a halt.