This story is dedicated to Jewel of Athos on Wraithbait. Sorry about the flame, buddy, hope this helps.

Max: Hi everyone, I'm Max.

Fang: And I'm Fang.

Max: And we're here with an important message that our sponsors are making us tell you. *smiles*

Fang: *whispers* Max, I don't think we're suposse to tall them that part.

Max: *whispers* Just shut up, OK? They're paying us in doughnuts, so just keep going!

Fang: *scoffs* Whatever.

Max: *clears throat* Anyways, were here to talk with you about "Flaming" in story reviews.

Fang: So tell us, Max, what exactly is "Flaming"? *covers mic and whispers 'Who wrote this stupid crap, anyways?'*

Max: *glares at him and continues* I'm glade you asked that, Fang. Flaming is when someone writes a review for a story, and criticizes either the author or the story rather harshly.

Fang: Most of the time to the point of delibately insulting the authors' mother. *glances at Max, confused* Seriously?

Max: *continues on* It's just not nice. Most of the time these people work very hard on their stories, just to have them tared down by someone who completely missed the entire point of the story or got unintentionally offended by something in the story.

Fang: If either of these things-

Max: Or others.

Fang: -happen, then you should do one of two things. Or both.

Max: First of all, don't overreact. Calm down, and go over what you read a second time and look at it with an objective mind.

Fang: Second, calmly ask the author exactly what he-

Max: Or she.

Fang: -meant by what he wrote. It's possible that you misunderstood what you read.

Max: Also, if the story you read is badly written, don't say so.

Fang: It's usually better to just use "Constructive Criticism", calmly illustrating mistakes and offering helpful tips on how fix them.

Max: Use this sparingly though; one or two points should be enough.

Fang: *covers mic again* Are we almost done? I was just about to update my blog before-

Max: *straining* Now most of you have probably not been flamed yet, so you might not know what one looks like. *smiles evilly at Fang* Fang here will now give us an example of someone flaming.

Fang: *with straight face* This is easily the worst script ever written. It's stupid and idiotic and just a load of crap. How anyone can even show their face after writting this is just beyond me.

Max: *shocked and surprised* Exact- Hey! I wrote the script!

Fang: Oh, sorry, I take it back.

Max: *scoffs* I should think so.

Fang: It's ten times worse than that.

Max: WHAT!

Fang: Yeah. Plus, have you tasted her cooking? *turns to Max* Seriously, are you trying to kill us?

Max: *rolls up her sleeve* I am know! *leaps and tackles him, scuffle ensues*

(Test Pattern)

Angel: Hi, I'm Angel. I'm here to tell you that "flaming" is not very nice, so don't do it. And I'll know if you do it too. So if I every catch you flaming, I'll- *voice become deep and demonic and utters such unspeakable evil that we are not allowed to print it here. Voice changes back to normal* -OK? *giggles* By now!

Authors Note; And the moral of the story is, If you every flame anyone, Angel will come to your house do things to you so terrible that people will speak of it for 1000 years. Later!