Director; *from offscreen* OK, this is the final take of the day, so let's try not to goof around too much. Alright? Good. Annnnnnnnnnd action!

Angel; Hi, I'm Angel-

Nudge, I'm Nudge-

Ella; And I'm Ella-

Angel; And we're here to talk with you about a very serious issue regarding the proper writing and general integrity of fanfiction.

Nudge; Wow, that's almost as long as something I'd say.

Ella; Is that really your line?

Angel; Yep. Actually, it was originally going to longer, but-

Director; Girls, we're burning daylight here! Stick to the script.

All; *in unison* Sure!

Nudge; Anyways, we're her to educate you about....

All; Proper punctuation!!!

Ella; As important as proper spelling and grammar are, punctuations are not to be overlooked.

Nudge; they may be small, but they can be just as important to a story as the most passionate, romantic love scene.

Ella; *says dreamily* Or anything Edward Cullen says....

All; *sigh*

Director; Script!

All; Right!

Angel; For example, a simple comma can be the difference between a great moment in the story, or just a terrible run-on sentence.

Ella; Like this..., *clears throat* "I can take you to where the killer is" a dark grey figure said emerging for the alley "but the are some conditions that I need met first."

Nudge; That didn't sound very good.

Angel; No, it didn't. Now here's what it sounds like with all the proper punctuation in place. Ella?

Ella: "I can take you to where the killer is," a dark, grey figure said, emerging from the alley, "but there are some conditions I need met first." Wow, you're right, that does sound much better.

Angel; See what just onen little symbol in all the right places can do?

Nudge; It realy does make a story better.

Ella; Remember, punctuations are our friends too! *big, pasted-on smile*

Nudge; ZOMG, that was just way too corny.

Angel; *nods in agreement* Seriously....

Ella; I know! I don't even know why I read it, it sounds like something from those old educational flims from the 40's.

Nudge; Yeah! I mean, what were these people thinking when they wrote this?!?

Angel; I could tell you.

Nudge/Ella; Really?!?

Director; JUST READ THE $#%$# &^$&%$ *&%%$ &**%*% CHICKEN %$^ *%$ *&^ #&%^ SCRIPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ella; Anyways, tune in next time when we talk about swearing with symbols.

Nudge; *leans in close to camera and whispers conspiratorially* Is it really swearing? *leans back*

All; Bye now! *all wave*

Asst. Director; Annnnnnnnd cut!

Author's Note; Layman here, bringing you Maximum Ride PSA #4! If you haven't noticed already, (with the exception of the Christmas broadcast), I have been bringing forth issues in the fanfiction community that I think need to be addressed.

I'm not saying that if you are guilty of any of the things I've mentioned then you are a bad writer and don't even deserve to think about looking at this site. (Covered in "Maximum Ride on Flaming".) I do this only to aid my fellow author and help the community grow.

If you have any issue with what I'm saying, that's fine, it's perfectly natural to think that is you feel your credibility as a writer is threatened (or however you happen to feel, I only used the first thing that came to my head). I guess what I'm trying to say is keep an objective mind and be open to constructive criticism.

Oh, and the next topic of discusion is not going to be text-like symbol swears, that was just a humor device for the story.