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The Plight of Persephone

Chapter One:The Aftermath of the Titan 'Incident'

The sunshine crept across her bedroom floor bathing the room in a soft green light as pale curtains covered the worst of it. A white skinned girl screwed up her button nose keeping her eyes tight shut letting out an irritated sigh.

'Why can't the stupid idiot go the other way for a change?' She groaned then turned over and pulled the blanket over her head, covering her eyes from the light and snuggled down.

'Oh Cora!' Her mother's voice sing-songed down the corridor. The girl shuddered at the silly nick-name her mother had given her years ago.

'Ah, here it comes… right on time as usual.' She muttered irritably. Didn't this woman know what a sleep was?

'Time to get up pumpkin!' A green skinned woman with short golden curls trilled but her daughter merely yawned sleepy.

'Persephone's not in right now but if you leave a message she'll get back to you later.' She wiggled deeper into the bed as her mother appeared in the doorway.

'Come on Cora… you can't waste your life laid in bed.' Persephone finally opened her eyes and scowled in the direction of the doorway. She could have if her mother wasn't standing there nagging her to get up.

'What do I have to get up for?' Persephone asked pulling the covers down, she sat up looking at the Goddess of Nature who was leaning in the doorway. 'It's not like I have anything to do.' Demeter smiled at her daughter affectionately.

'Oh you haven't forgotten have you? Today is the start of the Harvest season and I usually to go to Olympus-' Persephone rolled her eyes. Of course, how could she forget? That's all her mother ever banged on about and this 'incident' with the Titans had made it worse. '-but I don't want to leave you alone… especially after what happened this summer.' Persephone blinked stunned. Demeter sounded as if she were in two minds whether to go or not.

'Mother… you must go! It wouldn't be the Harvest Festival without you and the mortals need you to bless their crops now more than ever!' She looked appalled. Demeter blinked then smiled at her daughter.

'You're right… I'm being silly aren't I?' She chuckled warmly as Persephone flashed a girly smile at her mother then lent forward.

'You must go mother… you've not left home since the Titans attacked and I'm sure all your friends miss you besides, today would be the perfect time for your grand return.' Persephone narrowed her eyes and smiled slyly. This time Demeter eyed her daughter suspiciously.

'What are you planning?' She said firmly with her hands on her hips.

'Moi? Plan?' Persephone blinked surprised. 'Mother how could you say such a thing?' Demeter eyed her daughter's innocent face for a moment then smiled and relaxed.

'Oh I'm sorry dear… I guess with everything that's happened I'm just a little-'

'-Lost?' Persephone supplied and her mother nodded. 'See, you need to go… and don't worry about me I got the nymphs to watch my back.' Closing her eyes Persephone smiled widely as if she had just proved a complicated fact, this made Demeter chuckle and move forward to cup her daughter's beautiful face.

'You're right Cora… I do need to go to Olympus, Gaia knows it's been a good few months and I do miss some of the other gods-' Demeter broke off and looked thoughtful then let go of her daughter and sighed. 'Of course if I go then I won't be back for a good few weeks... the mortals will probably still be spooked about the whole event.'

'See… they need you more than I do.' Persephone said firmly.

'I know… I know but it's always so hard for me to leave you.' She sighed holding Persephone's dainty white hands in her chubby green ones. For a moment Demeter looked sad then she suddenly she smiled. 'Unless you come with me.' Persephone blinked surprised then shook her head firmly remembering how awful Hercules' birth celebration had been.

'No way! You know how I feel about that place.' Demeter blinked confused clearly not following her daughter's feelings.

'What's wrong with Olympus?' Persephone rolled her eyes.

'Forget it mother… have fun tonight and don't get too drunk 'kay?'

'Now who's parenting who?' Demeter chuckled before turning serious. 'You have fun then but remember stay safe sweetheart and if anything happens-'

'I know, I know just scream and hide like the nymphs do.' Persephone rolled her eyes and Demeter smiled fondly at her.

'That's my girl.' She got up and walked back to the door before turning around. 'Are you sure you'll be alright?'

'You're stalling mother…' Persephone sing-songed then smiled. 'I'll be fine now go before Zeus sends out a search party.' Demeter nodded at this and sighed.

'I'll be back as soon as I can… goodbye Cora, love you.' She turned away and Persephone sighed before calling back.

'Mother?' Demeter popped her head around the door.

'Yes my little flower?' Persephone cringed with embarrassment.

'Can you please call me Persephone… I'm not a little kid anymore.' Demeter blinked confused then waved her daughter's words away.

'We'll see… ta-ta darling mommy must fly.' She said cheerily then wandered off down the hallway humming softly. Persephone fell back on the bed.

'Thank the Fates.' She sighed. 'I'm one hundred and six and she still treats me like I'm six… what did I do to deserve this?'

Hades was slumped in his high-backed chair wondering the exact same thing as he waited for his two minions who were fussing with some papers ready for the latest quarterly review.

Over the last three months he had first endured the Vortex of Fire for a whole week before being booted out by the souls, who had finally had enough of his foul mouth and violent threats to do them an eternity. After a few days of trying to recover from his ordeal, from which he had been left visibly and mentally shaken, Zeus had arrived looking furious and dragged a protesting Hades to Olympus and put him on a lengthy trial. This had just been some stupid publicity stunt devised by Zeus to humiliate Hades for his actions, and it resulted in a council decision to exile the god from Olympus and all godly gatherings until such a time that he proved himself trustworthy.

'Sir?' A small panicky voice cut through his thoughts and Hades' yellow eyes suddenly focused on the imp who had spoken. 'We're um… ready to begin.' Panic said and for a moment Hades merely looked at the green imp before finally sighing.

'Fine, ok… lay it on me.' He said in a monotonous voice wondering why he was even bothering.

'The numbers are up your viciousness-' Pain said happily. '-the Titan attack this summer brought our numbers up by twenty percent.' Ordinarily Hades would have been ecstatic about the increase of arrivals but it was hard to get excited when he couldn't even gloat to anybody about it at the next Olympian meeting.

'Yeh… the Titans flattened several farming settlements on their way to Olympus, and that Cyclopes guy you sent after Hercules destroyed a whole downtown district in Thebes.' Panic added desperately noticing Pain's words failed to gain the desired reaction.

'That's great boys… just great.' He sighed glumly and this made the two imps glance at each other confused before unfurling the large scroll that recorded the arrivals so Hades could see the graph clearly. It's large red line had a huge upsurge where he'd attacked Olympus then it dipped dangerously low and he raised a brow at the imps.

'What's this dip afterwards about?' He asked them and they glanced at it.

'Well… um… that's the usual summer slump-' Pain started nervously.

'-but the numbers before have increased our summer intake to the highest in centuries.' Panic instantly tried to put a positive spin on it but Hades wasn't listening.

'Right, right… so is that everything?' He said waving them off and the imps blinked amazed.

'Well… the gift shop Death and Stuff remains steady… there's no major increase there since the last review.' Hades however wasn't interested.

'Nahh… enough of that. So what ya got for me today then boys?' He sighed hoping it wasn't much as he wasn't as interested in his work as he used to be. Pain and Panic shuffled their papers and continued.

'Not a lot your most impatient one… you have a few new arrivals-' Pain started.

'Just ram 'em in the Styx.' Hades cut him off rolling his eyes.

'Yes sir… you also have an appointment with-' Panic responded but was also cut off.

'Cancel it… I do not wanna see anybody anytime soon.' Hades scowled at the imps now.

'Well you have a new recruit for Tartarus.' Pain said next and suddenly Hades looked interested.

'Oh yeh… got any info on this yutz?' He lent forward grinning a small smile. Pain and Panic flashed a smile at each other. Nothing perked up Hades like a soul to torment. Panic flicked through his papers and handed Pain a small pile stapled in the corner.

'Yeh… the guy's name is Tantalus and it says he-' Pain pulled a face. '-served his son to Zeus and company for dinner.' Panic pulled a disgusted face.

'Ewww… why would anybody wanna do that?'

'I know-' Pain responded turning to his partner. '-Zeus is so picky about what he eats.'

'So he's a cannibal huh? Well he'll fit in well if he's a defiant little schlub like the rest of those losers down there… Dad might even take a shine to him seein' as how they both ate their sons.' Hades lent back trying to think of a torment but inspiration seemed to be on a coffee break. 'Eh… I'll come back to that one, just keep him chained 'til I figure out something… anything else?' He asked and the imps suddenly looked nervous.

'Just one last thing sir… Cerberus is due his annual shot.' Hades blinked surprised.

'What? Already!' He flared momentarily annoyed. 'I still got the memories from the last time I tried to do that!!' He shuddered at the memory of Cerberus snarling, biting and slashing chitons in a vain attempt to get away from Hades as he tried to give the stupid three-headed mutt it's flea shot. Still, he'd pick that over another trip in the Vortex of Fire.

'Alright, fine.' He added sourly then vanished on the spot. Pain and Panic blinked for a minute confused at the now empty chair. Pain turned to Panic.

'Hey, you don't think he's actually gonna do it. Do you?' He asked his green partner.

'No of course he isn't-' Panic started then looked wide-eyed.

The imps shot into the throne room just in time to find Hades flicking the large syringe filled with green liquid. His face was completely blank as he inspected the needle then turned to leave the throne room via the stairs to the Styx.

'Sir?' Panic nervously asked making him stop. 'You aren't gonna do it yourself are you?' Hades turned to look at his two minions who were both staring at him terrified.

'Got any better ideas?' He asked dryly then smiled grimly at their blank looks. 'Didn't think so.' He turned back but Pain spoke.

'Shouldn't a vet do that?' He asked and this made Hades smirk.

'You do remember that Cerberus tried to eat the last vet that tried to get anywhere near him.' The imps glanced at each other but didn't respond. It was true. Cerberus wasn't exactly the worlds best candidate for a trip to the vets. By the time the imps had thought of another argument they found the throne room empty as Hades had already left.

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