Rated: PG-13
Language: English
Categories: Humour/Adventure
Title: RoChronicles
Summary: Everything fell apart when a dark cloud descended over Rune-Midgard. Will Shujiri, Zira & co be able to stop the evil Satan Morroc and pick up the pieces or are they doomed to fail? More importantly, can they remember who they were along the way? m/m, m/f
Author's Note: I've been testing other servers since Void decided so 'wisely' to do a wipe, and narrowed them down to the ones I found interesting. (The ones mentioned in the chapter below.) This basically reads like a story, with the possibility of having some VoidRO flashbacks from the characters as it goes. Live the experience with my friends and I as we re-make our characters on each server and go through 'life' on them in the struggle to see which is best. Those that either don't make the grade or are now out of commission meet a terrifying fate...


Prologue: It Begins
Once there was a dimension called Rune-Midgard; it was divided into hundreds of different parts, most notably Void, Scythe, RoK (which most referred to affectionately as Ragnarok Kingdom,) and Delusion.

In Rune-Midgard, there was little in the way of negativity to be said about the lands and quaint towns. Even in the dungeons and areas where monsters were becoming more frequent, there was still somehow a sense of awe and mysterious beauty.

All across the world, everyone had a job to do; some were Merchants, others were Alchemists, and there were even Assassins and Snipers. Each person was important to the formation and stability of the community.

Nowhere was there a better example of this sort of teamwork and dedication than in the guild known as The Holy Knights. Its members and their other soul parts enjoyed a comfortable life in the land of Void, where experiences were pleasant and you could find almost anything you needed if you were up to the task.

But one day, a dark cloud fell over Void. Everything that its people had known was suddenly and horrifically shattered, and the Assassin Cross, High Priest, and all of their friends were slaughtered by the dark forces that had been growing in power.

The souls of those lost in Void floated around for a time before they finally found their way through the reincarnation cycle and were born into the other lands of Rune-Midgard.

And that, is where the story truly begins..
To Be Continued...