Rated: PG-13
Language: English
Categories: Humour/Adventure
Title: RoChronicles
Summary: Everything fell apart when a dark cloud descended over Rune-Midgard. Will Shujiri, Zira & co be able to stop the evil Satan Morroc and pick up the pieces or are they doomed to fail? More importantly, can they remember who they were along the way? m/m, m/f
Author's Note: Lastly, the teaser I promised you. Wow, the heroes go from the good guys to the villains. Talk about a role reversal, eh?


DestinyRO Teaser
Shujiri looked up from his daughter's play area to the window. A smile crossed his expressive features as he spotted Xabel coming up the path to the house. It had been some time since he had been able to make time to visit the castle, and he knew the Rune Knight had his hands full with helping the king to train the fledgling Knights in how to use their coming power. It was good to see him again.

The blue-haired Guillotine Cross made his way outside and waved to the man as he drew closer, one hand planted on his hip. As Xabel came near, however, he noted the somber look on the armour-clad man's face. Such an uncharacteristic expression didn't suit him.

When Xabel was close enough to hear him, Shujiri called out, "Hey! Why the glum look? What's up?"

Xabel finally came to a stop. His sad eyes were mired with the quiet weight of regret. He replied, "I wish I could say I've come under better circumstances."

"What brings ye here?"

For the first time, Shujiri realized Xabel had been gripping the hilt of his sword with one hand as he stopped across from him. That grip became even tighter upon hearing the bluenette's question.

"Rune Hero Shujiri, you're under arrest."
Chase Your Destiny