I was in a place….a type of place where you can't help thinking that everything's a miracle.

Drifting and floating at a lazy pace, I let myself relax and focus on the wonderful feeling of being weightless. Time didn't matter, responsibilities were out the door, and nobody needed saving. It was just me and this feeling. Wherever I was, I never wanted to leave.

Just as I was drifting deeper into this ceaseless dream, I felt a presence nearby. It was oddly familiar, but I just couldn't quite place it; like a name that's on the tip of your tongue.

"Mate," His husky voiced groaned out.

With just that one word my whole body responded. I knew who this was; some part of me recognized him even when the rest of me didn't. This was a man I'd never forget, even if I wanted to.

I threw my arms around my dark shadowy figure's torso and I kissed every bit of his neck I could. My legs locked firmly around his waist, I was practically purring at our close proximity. Oh how I missed him!

My shadow man growled in approval and the next thing I knew I was being kissed senseless.

His tongue left no corner of my mouth unexplored, and I wantonly moaned as his delicious appendage thrust inside my mouth. After a few moments he reluctantly withdrew from my mouth only to nibble sensuously on my lower lip.

"You are mine!" He whispered fiercely between my lips. "Yours!" I cried out my confirmation.

I knew I would follow this man to the ends of the earth and I was undeniably his as he was mine.

We resumed our passionate kisses and I was positive that this was heaven.

A few moments later he broke our kiss and tightened his arms around me as he brought his lips to my ear.

"I can't find you." He whispered brokenly. "I'm being blocked; come to me."

What did he mean? I was right here.

Never the less I tried comforting him by nuzzling into his neck.

I'm right here.

I tried to convey that sentiment as I buried my face into the crook of his neck. It seemed to calm him down just a bit, but never the less he still clung to me as if I would disappear at any given moment.

"Will you promise me something my mate?" He questioned softly.

I lifted my head and gave him a tender kiss.

"Anything," I vowed.

"A full moon is soon approaching. On that night I need you to come to me. You'll feel a distinct pull towards me. Follow your instincts and go wherever it leads you and you will find me."

I nodded in understanding and not a second later did his lips descend upon mine. All too soon he pulled away and placed me back on the ground.

"I have to go now love," I whimpered in response, "but fear not for we will see each other soon."

He gave me one last quick kiss before I was being pushed upwards towards the endless sky.

"Fenrir!" I screamed, knowing with absolute certainty that that was his name.

I heard a long howl before I was blinded by a shockingly bright light.

Time passed entirely too slowly before my vision was restored to me and I could make out the fuzzy impression of a person kneeling before me. After a few moments I was able to fully recognize the person and see that it was Remus.

"Harry," he gasped out worriedly, "are you alright?"

I was about to answer him, until I saw who was standing beside him. I was suddenly knocked into an utterly confused stupor…..

What was Snape doing here?