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Vernon stepped opened his front door and turned to kiss his wife Petunia goodbye, she smiled and petted him on his shoulder urging him off to another day of work when she gave a shriek "Vernon!" She shouted as she pointed at their welcome mat, right where Vernon had about to plant his foot. A child wrapped in a blue baby blanket looked up at them bright green eyes blinked at them curiously before they saw the letter tucked next to him.

"Absolutely not!" Vernon shouted shaking his purpling head furiously as he tore up the letter that requested Harry to stay with him "Not in my home, I won't have it I tell you Petunia."

Petunia nodded knowing that her husband was right; they couldn't raise their precious Dudders next to this…this…freak. She shook her head and threw away the scraps of letters "So what will we do with him Vernon?" She asked, annoyed when the baby started to fuss. "Bloody hell who cares just get it out of my house before I get back Petunia!" Vernon called as he left for work slamming the door behind him.

Petunia was so glad that Pierre's mother could watch Duddy today; she gave a slight sneer at the child gurgling in the back seat. As she pulled up to the orphanage she had a moment of doubt. She cut the engine and sat at the wheel for a moment.

She had always hated her sister, her parents gave her little sister all their attention after getting her letter, they seemed to almost forget their perfectly normal daughter. Her little sister also got married first, though Petunia was proud to say she had the oldest son. She shook her head, the child was her nephew but she wouldn't have his type in her home, that was all there was to it. She got out of the car and gathered the child in her arms as she approached the building. Her business didn't take very long and she was back in time to eat lunch with her son.

"Harry! Harry! Hurry and get up there's a man here he's looking for a boy!" Harry's messy black hair was hard to see over the wool blankets that the orphanage used. He peeked over the edge of his warm blanket and shook his head at Elizabeth, his only friend in this cold stone place, "He won't pick me." He said tonelessly.

He had only been here a few years, but already he had learned that those wanting boys weren't apt to choose him. He was too delicate looking they said, they wanted a laborer, not a doll. He sighed as Elizabeth tore off his blanket and got up, he would go down to humor her, but he had long given up hope.

Ari cleaned off his sunglasses as the children were brought before him. He was here undercover, pretending to be a possible patron, though his real reason for being here was to find out as much as he could about the orphanages security and inner layout. The Mother who lived here was working closely with his enemies, and he had to get rid of her before she passed on critical information. He smiled pleasantly at the young nun as she brought down the children, he hated to get their hopes up, but he wasn't planning on taking any with him.

Harry was the last in line, reluctant to come at all and he almost turned around if Elizabeth hadn't pushed him down the stairs so that he was forced to be part of the group. Harry winced when he felt Brian punch his arm hard "What are you doing down here runt? You know you ain't gonna be picked so why take up space?" Brian and his cronies laugh but Harry had learned to ignore them. He shook his head and remained silent.

However it seemed as though luck was not on his side today, Brian gave him another hard punch, this one landing in his stomach and making him choke for air "Go back to the girl dorm's were you belong runt!" Harry winced in pain as another blow landed on him, but refused to back down, he knew if he did that Brian would leave him alone, but Harry didn't want to give up what little pride he had because of the bully.

Ari was looking the children over slowly; there was a stirring of pity in his heart as he saw the hopeful and hopeless eyes lined up before him. Their faces were dirty, their clothing patched, some of them even trembled from the cold. His attention shifted however when he heard the sounds of a scuffle, the young nun escorting him heard it as well and he followed as she rushed to find the disturbance.

Harry was pinned down beneath Brian, wincing in pain as the older boy laughed and continued to beat his meaty fists into Harry's face. Harry was only glad that Brian had tired himself out by this point. He had the breath knocked out of him as a well placed knee further pinned him to the floor, he could only give a groan of relief when he saw Sister Rosalie rushing up to them "Brian!" She said sharply ending Harry's torment, Harry sat up and struggled for breath, not even noticing the man who had followed the Sister in.

Ari was interested in the sight before him, an older boy was being scolded by the sister though from his face one could tell that the lecture was not proving anything to him as he sneered over at the smaller boy he had pinned to the ground and was beating on. This was the boy who caught Ari's attention. He was quietly rubbing the dirt off of him and checking himself for injuries, he seemed relieved when he found nothing more than bruises. Ari thought that the boy was too beautiful for a place like this, his dark hair was wavy and loose to his chin, his bright green eyes were sharp with intelligence, and though his form was slender there was grace to it. Ari reminded himself that he was merely scouting the interior of the building, though he noted that if he had been after a child he would take the one before him.

"And Harry!" Rosalie turned to him, shaking her finger at him "You need to call for help when he bullies you! You're much too small to be taking on such a bigger boy!" Harry looked down at the ground and shuffled his feet "But sister…he didn't hurt me too badly and no boy needs to call for help, besides…it would only make the situation worse."

Harry hated causing problem for the young sister, but he refused to call for help like a little kid. He was five years old after all! He could take care of himself. He saw Rosalie start to shake her head and that's when his temper started to fray. He was good at keeping calm, but once he lost his patience he lost it all together…and that's when the…'events' happened.

Rosalie noticed the darkening of Harry's eyes and grew cautious "N-now Harry I know that you're upset but you must remember…" she never got to complete her sentence as there was a clash of thunder though the sky was blue outside and the building shook causing small rocks to fall from the ceiling.

Harry had had enough and he looked up at the sister, his eyes almost completely black as he said "What! Just because I'm smaller than the other boys that mean's I'm treated like a girl…I can take care of myself I don't need you to be coddling just because I'm small it doesn't make me weak!" Now the vibrations were becoming more violent and Harry's hands were clenched into tight fists almost glowing as electricity sparked around him.

Ari's dark eyes widened in amazement at what he was seeing, never before had he seen such a thing but he knew that now he would have to take the pretty boy with him, after all, if this was the child only when he was angry and young what would happen as he grew older and more disciplined? Ari stepped forward and laid a warm hand on the boy's small shoulder "That's enough." He said firmly before turning to the Sister "I want this one."

Harry froze completely at the warm touch on his shoulder and slowly calmed, staring straight ahead in disbelief when he heard the words 'I want this one.' He turned to look at the man with confused eyes, his only response to his silent question was a charming smile and the man's hand petting his hair. Harry narrowed his eyes and pulled away from the touch, this only seemed to amuse the man further which in turn irritated Harry even more.

As they drove away, Harry's small pack of personal belongings sitting next to him on the leather seat of the car he could no longer contain the question that had been bothering him since the man…or Ari as he had called himself, had said he was taking Harry "Why did you pick me sir?"

Ari had been wondering if the young boy was ever going to speak and looked down at the bright eyed boy with an amusing smirk "I liked you that's why, you've got spirit boy, and I plan on putting that to work for me…" Harry wrinkled his nose at hearing this which only made Ari laugh and say "Not in that way small one, you are much too young yet."

Harry was watching Ari out of the corner of his eyes and snorted, noting to himself that Ari had said 'yet'. He looked out the window watching as the scenery flashed by them and wondered where they were going. He couldn't remember anything other than the stone cold walls of the orphanage. He shook his head and noticed that they weren't actually going that far as they pulled up to a hotel. He looked at Ari but the man offered no information as he parked the car and motioned for Harry to get out.

Ari was planning on pulling his mission tonight, however thanks to himself he had a little extra baggage, he was thinking about letting the boy simply wait in the hotel room, but decided that it was too risky if he was being followed. "Take a nap Harry; we will be going out late tonight." He said as he opened a nice room and pointed Harry in the direction of the unused bed. He didn't wait for a response as he picked up the phone, dialed a number, and began to speak quickly in Hebrew, he was going to leave tomorrow and he needed papers for Harry if they were going to get anywhere.

Harry went over to the bed, thinking that his pack was too dirty for the pristine furniture he laid it on the floor before getting out his pajamas and heading to the bathroom, he was still dirty from the incident earlier and his muscles were sore, he stepped into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

Ari smirked to himself in amusement as the boy ignored his order and instead went to take a shower, which on reflection was not a bad thing. He shook his head, the boy could only be five or six and yet he stood up to Ari the same as he did to the bully from earlier. Ari reminded himself that Harry had no idea who he was yet, but tonight he would start learning about his new life. "Yes I'm here…" He said softly in his native language on the phone "I have a boy with me, difficult to explain, I need papers for him…he's five but you know how security is…yes….yes….Marcel." He smirked at the name he decided to give the boy, after tonight Harry would disappear from all records and Marcel Haswari would be taking his place.

Harry whimpered as he felt a strong hand shaking his shoulder and looked up at the blurry form in confusion "Hmmnnnn?" There was a chuckle in response and he heard Ari say softly "Time to get up Marcel, we have work to do." Harry sat up and rubbed his eyes, his vision was bad in normal light, but it was almost gone in darkness "What…? What work and why did you call me Marcel?"

Ari noticed Harry's agitation with his eyes and made a mental note to have them examined later. "Marcel is your new name; after today you are Marcel Haswari and you will recognize no other name unless ordered understand?" He got a hesitant nod and decided that would be all he could ask for right now. He threw black tight clothing towards the boy and said "Get dressed; we have until midnight to carry out this mission."

Harry had no idea what this strange man was talking about, but realized that he had very little choice besides going along with it. He got dressed quickly repeating his new name over and over in his head "Marcel Haswari…" He found that he liked it and followed after Ari as the man left the hotel suite, it seemed that Ari followed the rule "Those who fall behind are left behind." Harry…or Marcel as he reminded himself hurried.

Ari watched Marcel closely out of the corner of his eye smiling softly when he sensed the boy's growing agitation and slight fear as they pulled up a few yards away from the orphanage. Marcel said nothing as they got out of the car and stayed to the shadows, and Ari was impressed that he had not yet been questioned for his actions.

Marcel followed after Ari, getting nervous when they returned to the orphanage; he was close to asking Ari why they were there when he noticed they were going to the back doors that the sister's used rather than the front ones. Marcel's interest was engaged as he tried to mimic Ari's movements and not stray out of the shadows.

Ari thought that the mission was too simple for his skills, but decided he must have been given it because of his closeness to the location. He was proud when he saw that Marcel was following close behind and was doing a fine job of being unnoticed. Ari wondered briefly how Marcel would respond to what he planned to do before deciding he could only find out later.

Marcel felt his anxiety grow as they climbed the stairs to the Mother's room, but continued to say nothing until they were standing directly in her room, her form sleeping in a nearby bed and Ari pulled out a gun with a strange device (silencer) attached to the barrel. "A-Ari?" He questioned softly, getting his answer as Ari fired and hit the Mother in one clean shot that stilled her movements and Marcel's as well.

Ari turned slowly and hoped that the boy wasn't going to make a lot of noise now or else he would have to be silenced as well. Marcel's large green eyes slowly looked up to his and even at this distance he could see that the young boy was trembling "This is my life, I am on no one's side but my own and it constantly requires me to pay for such freedom in blood…can you live this life as well young Marcel…or will I have to silence you?" He pulled out his gun again in one fluid motion that nailed Harry to the floor, Harry wavered for a moment, telling himself that Harry could never do this, he was a quiet orphan who never caused problems and had a best friend named Elizabeth.

It was then that Harry remembered that he was no longer Harry, he was Marcel…he thought for a moment, Harry wouldn't be able to live this life…but Marcel could. He nodded slowly and felt as if he had passed a silent test as Ari put away his gun and pulled out a small pistol and gave it to him "Keep this on you at all times Marcel." He left quickly and Harry followed like a shadow after him.

Eleven years after 'Harry Potter' disappeared from the world Marcel looked up as an empty bag was thrown at him. He looked up at Ari curiously and asked in Hebrew "Where are we going?" He could sense Ari's excitement as his partner packed quickly "We are going to Washington D.C." He snapped his ammunition into his rifle as he said softly to himself "We will be playing with Gibbs."

Harry nodded and soon began to pack as well, he wore most of his weapons on him at all times, and so spent most of the time gathering what he would need to live with until they returned home. "Any idea how long we will be over there?" He asked trying to decide what more he should pack in his bag, already he had enough to last several months and the bag was only halfway full.

"Bring what you like to make yourself confortable, we will be over there for awhile." Harry nodded and added a few books and some back up weapons. He smiled as he zipped the bag shut and turned to Ari's warm embrace. "What's the mission?" He asked as Ari kissed his neck warmly "We are to eliminate Leroy Jethro Gibbs."

Thank you all for reading my work I hope that you will enjoy it!