The Art of Hypocrisy

Chapter 1

She stepped out of the black hole, that had appeared in the ground, grabbing another person by their collar, and throwing them up, before going back in. "I'm leaving. Come get me when you make sure it's all a mistake." She instructed them, before vanishing with a way of black, and the hole vanished as well. The male grunted and got to his feet. He got to his feet, and entered the school, all the carriages, gone, the last one, leaving him behind, a blonde girl and a boy, sitting in it. He took shelter behind a pine tree, from the Grounds care taker, as he closed the gate and locked it. The newcomer had never taken into account that gate, nor had he seen it before. He waited until the care taker left, and stepped back onto the road, looking at the carriage, hoping he could score a ride- but it was too far. He got on his hands and knees, his cloak melting away, as he concentrated, until a large, blue dog, stood on the path, panting, before it went into the forest, and began running towards the school.

~Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry~

"Awe, what a cute dog!" Some girls cooed, a Teacher, standing at the top of a stair case, pushed through the new coming students, and to the back, where the 'dog' was. The girls jolted to attention, and backed away from the dog.

"How did this-? Never mind. Shoo, now! You're not wanted here!" The teacher, urged. The dog tilted its head, and looked at her, narrowing its eyes.

"It's unwise to show me, an embassy, hostility, Professor." It said, the girls gasping, as it pushed itself onto its back legs, and transformed back into its human form, opening their eyes, and looking at the teacher. "Good Evening. Forgive me fore my rudeness of not taking my human appearance earlier- I haven't been pet in so long." He said, looking at the girls, bowing to them, as they blushed. "Thank you for your affectionate petting."

"Please, why are you here?" The Professor, Ms. McGonagall, asked.

"Ah- a message between Masters." He grinned. "Ah, but, I wasn't supposed to say that. Now, how about we help the new students to the Grand Hall? I will follow you, until you reach the Headmaster or his office." He smiled. "Come, come, 'to the Grand Hall, watch stairs, they tricky' yes?" They grinned, the Professor sighing, and getting on with showing the new students where to go, the stranger staying at the back of the group with the girls who had been petting him.

~Grand Hall~

The messenger had pulled Dumbledore aside, retrieving the letter form his cloak, and handing it to him. "Unfortunately, my Mistress had no intention of acting as a Professor here. Nothing against your school, of course, but the spell we cast on the students may very well unravel, since we hadn't the time to properly place it and did a very sloppy job when we did cast it." They informed the Headmaster. "She's afraid that a certain young boy will remember just a little too much." They said. "She is ON campus, but not fully HERE, you understand, right?"

"Yes. It's a shame, I really wanted her to teach-"

"Another reason is because she doesn't think students will take too kindly to her courses, if she were to teach."

"Could we, perhaps, work something out?" The Professor suggested, and the messenger bowed.

"Of course, it is your decision, Headmaster, but, I doubt she will accept it in person." He said, and Dumbledore nodded. "I will go and inform her that you request a personal audience with her. She will meet you at 10 pm, in your office, is she accepts." He said, before vanishing, and the Headmaster going to greet the new and returning students.

~Headmaster's Office~

The Messenger and their Master sat in chairs, in front of the Headmaster's desk. "Sure, I'll teach." The messenger looked at them in surprise. "But, I'm not good with magic myself, you know. So, don't get too mad if they go home knowing a bit of something similar to it but not quite."

"Ah, but, it would be good, for them as upcoming Witches and Wizards, to learn something, a little, out of the ordinary, so they have an advantage if the time calls for it, no?" Dumbledore pointed out, and their Master chuckled.

"Ah, true. Well, what will I be teaching? Do I have to follow a rule book?"

"There are certain rules you must abide y, but, I will allow you to look further into that yourself. I will also have an actual Professor; check on your class, to see how everything is going." They nodded.

"Also, I may have to take leave from time to time to check on my own already existing duties, but, I have given them a phone number to contact me at, if anything is wrong, so, it should be alright. May Jackal continue to be a Gardener?"

"Of course, as long as he doesn't cause trouble. I greatly appreciate you reconsidering my offer."

"It's fine. I have a debt to pay, since you took me in and taught me, thanks to my past father's bullying and abuse of status. But, that won't be happening anymore. So, I get to wear what I like?" Dumbledore nodded. "Oh, I think I might like this job."

(Next Day)

Several students had been assigned to a new class called, 'The Study of Foreign Customs and Creatures.' Among the group of students now assigned to this class, was Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and of course, Ron Weasely. The students piled in and on the chalk board, was a seating chart, and names in boxes on the chart. A creature in a cage was next to the board.

"Please take your seats, I'll soon be with you, if these instructions are not followed, consider yourself mince meat."

Sang the creature in a harmonious and alluring voice, before it closed its mouth, as the students took their seats. The wait seemed endless, but, eventually, the bell rang, signaling that class had started- but still, no teacher. There was the sound of someone's footsteps, and running, before a girl bolted into the class room, and skidded to a stop, panting, everyone looking back at her.

She wore a short skirt, with a black belt that had a jack-O-Lantern belt buckle on the front. She wore a striped witch hat, with a crescent moon pin on it. Her black and white stockings, went up to mid-thigh, and had big, black bows on the outer side of the top of them, skulls scattered on the stockings, which protruded out of heavy-looking, black, gothic boots, that stopped just below the knee, and had neon green shoelaces, zig-zagging up the front of them tightly. She blushed, everyone staring at her, as she clutched books to the front of her chest, and walked to the front of the room, wearing a dark plum and light purple corset. Her purple hair went down to her rib-cage, and her bangs were snow white- pure white. She put the books down on the table, next to the chalkboard, and picked up the eraser, before she began to erase the seating chart.

"Hey, you can't doo that!" Hermione exclaimed, having abruptly shot out of her chair, , her amber curls, bouncing lightly from the sudden movement, and her yell, made the girl look back at her.

"I can so erase this! It's MY class room!" The girl snapped angrily, hurriedly finishing up her task, and tossing the eraser at the board, and it fell into its place, as the girl put her hands on her hips, and glared at Hermione. "I suggest you sit back down, Miss Granger, because unlike the other teachers, I don't like goody-two shoes like yourself!" the girl went to the front of the room. "I suppose I should introduce myself. I am Professor Kamikoro, and you all will be under my care, for the time you will be taking my class, 'The Study of Foreign Customs and Creatures.' I may not LOOK like I've older than, maybe, 20, but I am, so please, take care not to mistake me as one of your peers." She informed them. "Now, I'm not very fond of school, and I'm sure your other Professors have put you through some stupid activity, where you must learn something about one another, like a name or a hobby. I will not baby you, I will not lie to you, I will not make you do things that, I myself, would never even put effort forth to do. I am blunt, and I will kick you ass, and disregard the 'Teachers can't give the beat down on their students'. You're here to learn, and if having the information beat into your skull is the best and most effective method, then so be it." She took a breath, exhaling. "First, open your notebooks- or pull out paper- write this down if you desire, unless you have a good memory, because I'm going to give you an informing lesson on your first day."

There was the sound of people pulling out paper, and opening up books, quills dipping into inks, and students waiting. "Alright, I want you to write down what I saw, word for word, until I tell you that you can stop." She said, sitting on top of the table in the front of the room, crossing her legs, and clasping her hands, setting them into her lap. "Fucking up in my class is the equivalent, of fucking up your grade. Any disruption will give you immediate detention, no matter the purpose. You are not to touch the creatures in my room, unless I have given you the permission. You will not reveal any of the things you have learned, in this class, with anyone other than your peers and me. Of you are asked such a thing along the lines of, 'where did you learn that?' you will tell the person to see me directly. You may stop writing." After they had it all down, they looked at her. "What I will teach you in this class stays in the classroom, unless it is necessary to reach your goal. If your goal is to hopefully learn a spell to peep on the girls while they bathe, then you will be sadly mistaken, when you only learn how to transform into a girl for an entire week. My spells are strange, but you will adapt, because that's how humans are. They adapt to the situation and environment. The windows will be out only source of light, unless there is no sun, then, of course, I will provide lighting. Are there any questions?" No one raised their hand. "Alright. Do as you will." The students looked confused.

"But- you're supposed to teach us-" Hermione pointed out, and the Professor looked at her.

"But is teaching what you really want? Do you want me to really, fill your head with some sort of useless information, that, in an unpredictable situation, will never help you what so ever?" the Professor asked her, looking at Miss Ganger. "Say, for instance, you are being attacked by a Dementor. I told you a spell to kill them, but, you cannot remember it. Your strength is being sapped away, and your wand is out of reach. What do you do?" Hermione trembled, looking as if she was trying to rack he brain for an answer. "Exactly. There is nothing you can do, because Witches and Wizards are completely and utterly powerless, without their wand." She looked in front of her. "In this class, you will learn that not only, can you attack with your wand, but you can also attack with your hands. No, I'm not going to teach you some martial arts, I will teach you something similar to 'magic' that relies on one's own capabilities. How far you can go is up to your desire to strive. The laziest bum could be the most brilliant genius. I've told you all to do as you wish, as a test, to see your reactions. Miss Granger has just labeled herself as someone who acts on impulse, which means, she may very well, get far, or not at all."

"So- you want as to do as we wish, as a test?" Harry Potter asked, and she nodded.

"Yes. Go. Do as you will." She repeated, and, they did so, and she observed carefully. After 10 minutes, they were silent, bored. "Hmm…it took you all 10 minutes, to lose the desire to do what you want. Meaning, rules are holding you back from doing what you actually want." She got to her feet, and pulled out her wand. "This is my wand. You will find that, even though I have it handy, I have no use for it. It is merely for decoration purposes." She explained, tossing it carelessly, to the other side of the room, where it hit the wall, and landed on the floor, the students looking at it, to the Professor. "You may be wondering why I would do something so cruel, to something so vital to spell casting, as a wand. I don't need some pretty tree branch, to do something, like this-" she said, snapping her fingers, and a black flame appeared, just above her finger tips, and it floated there. "With the skills I will teach you in this class, you will be able to do this fairly soon, but it will require constant practice. I will only give physical tests, not written ones. Because if you are like Miss Granger, your knowledge is from books, Hands-on experience is far more interesting, and a lot more fun." She gave a lesson on the basics of the power she would teach, and the bell rang. "I know you won't listen to me, nor do it, but if you do have time, practice the basics for me. Class Dismissed." She said, the students piling out, and the Gardener, coming in. "Good Afternoon, Jackal." They bowed to her.

"Good afternoon, Mistress. How was the class?" they asked, and she shrugged. "I notices Master Draco pass by- did you make any private conversation?"

"That's unprofessional, Jackal, beside the point that it doesn't seem he remembers me." She informed him. "It's fine. Not like I'd care." Jackal chuckled.

"Of course you don't." He said, smiling cheerfully. "But Mistress, its unhealthy to lie to yourself. Even the Greatest Leader, must have a heart, to lead properly, no?" She blinked, before nodding. "I'm glad you agree. Come, let's have lunch. I made a bento for each of us, Mistress, and I'm not leaving until you eat your portion." He stated, pulling out atall box, wrapped in a blue cloth, with two pairs of chop sticks. He set it on the table, untying it, and offering the top box to her, as well as a pair of chop sticks. She chuckled, opening it up.

"You're too nice, Jackal." She told him, eating a chunk of rice with her chop sticks, and Jackal smiled gently at her, tilting his head to the right, looking down slightly.

"It's not enough to repay the debt of how you saved my life, Mistress." He said, and she laughed.

"You don't need to do anymore, you've already paid me well enough, Jackal." She said, looking out the window.

"Do you wish he'd remember you, Mistress?" Jackal grinned cattily, making her look at him. "Miss Diana still attends- she still is rooted in the Slytherian orm and is still dating Sir S-" She slapped him across the face, and he blinked.

"We do not talk about relationships, Jackal. You're aware of this, and yet you test the limit far to often." She told him, and he nodded, apologizing, but she only looked down. "For some reason...I feel weak when I'm standing up here. Is this normal for teachers, Jackal?" He shrugged. "I see...I was never cut out for a kind of job like this-"

"Tomorrow, why not take the children into the forest and call out a demon and show it to them?"


"Even Ryutori Kamikor, can teach, if she can take down her own father, Balthazar, who was once the King of your Home, becfore his-heh- "untimely death"." Jackal smiled. "I have confidence in your teaching ability, Mistress!" She looked at him, before looking away. "I brough only one dessert, and your next class is starting soon, yes? Let's try and eat quickly, Mistress!"