Chapter One

I was hoping that perhaps, just maybe, I was dreaming. Considering the fact that when I woke up, I was lying on the floor, and had all of my previous clothing on along with all the injuries I was given to. My lab coat was torn, my jeans were also torn almost shredded, my shirt soaked in blood, and my hair knotted from sweat and wind.

I could hear voices just beyond the door, but since it was shut, I wondered if I could even open it with my see-through hands. As I went to grab the handle to open it, I slid through the damn thing. That caused me to trip on nothing (funny since I was made of exactly that at the current moment), and landed flat on my face. I groaned as I stood up and rubbed my ribs slightly noting the severe pain emitting from them signaling they were badly bruised or broken. I chose the latter.

"Mother of all shiny and fucking – well he-llo Hot stuff!" I muttered before looking up and seeing not only a group of sexy beasts, but one in particular caught my interests. Bright hazel eyes, filled with mystery, annoyance, pain, and past trauma. He was the smokin' one of the group. And even that's a light way to describe him. Scruffy black hair, 5 o'clock shadow, and a very fitting vest and held a very beautiful automatic. Guaranteed no safety. I stood up all the way when I realized that Sammy was with them. I grinned and as soon as she was close enough, I went to poke her but went right through. I frowned and shook my head. But the quick movement of the scruffy one's eyes told me that he might be the one to see me.

"This means he's high, I'm high, or we're both high. That'd be interestin' that's for sure." I murmured. I slid behind him and slightly to the side. I slowly eyed up his backside and grinned as I did so. Apparently, when you aren't in your body, there's no discipline to thoughts and emotions. I moved my hand towards his buttocks and squeezed slightly before letting go.

"Nice and firm, which means he is fine! Yummy, sexy, possibly tastes delicious too…." I said out loud to myself. He tensed and turned around quickly. I stepped back a step or two, and he stared at me intensely. I grew pale when I realized he had heard me, and felt my groping him. I warily smiled and waved.

"Reaper! Get over here!" The man in charge yelled. Hmm, reaper, interesting. I wouldn't mind being killed by him. The man glared and turned back around and went into the air lock. I slipped inside also, just smirking away. I knew right then and there, that he was one of the ways for me to get to my body and Melodi. Melodi……oh god! I hope she hasn't moved or been killed! I can't deal with that!

Mel- Thank you all for your patience and reviews for this story. I've been so busy and everything that I totally forgot about my stories.