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Byakuya was sitting in the room with Yachiru and the twins. They were asleep on the bed. The oldest twin woke up and Byakuya picked him up and started talking to him. He grabbed Byakuya's hair. He gave him a bottle. He continued to grab his hair and drink the bottle until he was full. He was burped and placed back on the bed where he fell asleep. As Byakuya was going to get the second child, Ukitake came in the room.

"Byakuya, Shuhei and Ikkaku are downstairs to see you. Also we need to talk. You need to get a plan together".

Byakuya stood up, kissed his twins and went downstairs with Ukitake to his guest.

"I did mean for you to follow me. You two have just made captain. You do not need this on your record," Byakuya said as he stood looking out the window.

"Byakuya, Yumi and Kira are there with Gin. You can't fight Aizen alone. He is waiting on you. So are Tosen and the green eyed guy. You do not know what else waiting on you. I don't care what you say, I'm going", Ikkaku said as he stood up.

"If it was just Aizen and Gin, I would agree with you but, Kira and Yumi were pulled in. Now Aizen is my problem too. Now you can try to go it alone but I going to get Kira and if you get in my way", Shuhei shouted.

"All of you need to hold it down. The twins are up there trying to sleep. Look at all of you. Aizen is beating you and you have not left Seireitei. Look at you. Captains. Just because you took off your haori does not stop you from being a captain", Ukitake said as stood in the middle of the three men.

The room was quiet. Shuhei and Ikkaku sat down. Byakuya continued to stare out the window.

"Now that I have your full attention, you three need to work together. Get a plan of together. You go with what you know and then plan. That is what you need to do."

They all looked at Ukitake and agreed. They started to discuss what they know.

"One, Aizen is alive or an Arrancar. Two, he has Gin. Three, he has Yumi and Kira. Four, they are in Hueco Mundo", Shuhei said as hid held up his fingers.

"One, Gin, Kira and Yumichika are seated officers, well, you know what I mean. All of them know how to think under pressure and combat. Kira is pretty good at kido. Yumi will fight. Gin is calm under pressure. Two, all of them together is like trouble on his hands. Three, none of them have their katanas with them", Ikkaku said.

"One, we have an enemy that knows we will react in defense. Two, he knows what we want. Three, he knows that we are coming. Four, he is going to die", Byakuya said with his usual monotone.

Ukitake smiled as he heard the young men starting to think with their heads.

"Now, take this into consideration. Aizen experiment on Gin was a destroyed with one night. If he did it once, he could try again. He not only has Gin, but he has Yumi and Kira. He has three subjects. Time is not on your side. Remember, Gin told me, two weeks. Whatever Aizen did, it would take two weeks to get in their system. So time is of the essence. The three of you have to decide how to get them back. Aizen is in love with Gin. Gin loves you, Byakuya, and the twins. Gin loves Kira and Yumi. I believe that Kira and Yumi are there to keep Gin there. He knows that Gin will not leave without them. Aizen knows that you all are coming. This is where you may need friends to help. Don't go it alone", Ukitake said as the three former captains listened.

They all were quiet when Shunsui came in.

"You three really know how to liven up a place", he said with smile on face. He sat down next to Ukitake and spoke to everyone in the room.

"We are just talking about a plan for the rescue of Gin, Kira and Yumichika", Ukitake told his friend. Ukitake got up and started to walk upstairs.

"Byakuya, the twins will be taken care of, I will see to that. You go get Gin and bring him back. They need both of you. If you fail", Ukitake stopped as he heard crying from the babies, "you don't have a choice." Ukitake went upstairs.

"Well, my two cents is this, everything you know and learned will have to come into play. I know it will be hard because your goal is to get back the ones you love. This will not be just any battle. After you left, a lot of people are with you. I, for one, want you to kill the son of a bitch. Just make sure you fight smart because Aizen is no joke," Shunsui said.

As they sat around thinking of different plans, Byakuya came up with a plan.

"I got a plan but I need to go to see Kisuke Urahara and Yoruichi Shihoin. I will need you two to go with me. We will go in the morning. But for now, I want to spend some time with my sons", Byakuya said as he stood and bowed to the guests and went upstairs.

"Well, He has spoken. He has a plan. Better get some rest and practice up on all your best skills. He will be counting on you. And so will all Soul Society", Shunsui said as the other two bowed and left the house.

"Yachiru, I need to ask you a favor", as he was holding the twins. Byakuya had learned from Gin the trick of holding both at the same time.

"What is it?" she smiled.

"I am going to go get Gin. Can you help Ukitake take care of them? If they come into harm's way, will you help protect them?"

"Bya-kun, you do not have to ask, these are my brothers. I am going to go see Kenny and let him know what I will be doing", she said as she ran out the door.

"Don't worry about the twins. We have a plan for them. You will get Gin and the others back. And you will put an end to this nightmare", Ukitake said to Byakuya as he left to go downstairs to see Shunsui.