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At Hueco Mundo

Stark stood with an injured Yammy. They look as Las Noches crumbled.

"Well they did it. They destroyed Aizen. We are the only two left from the Espada. They fought us and all of a sudden, they just left. "

"Impossible." Yammy said as he stated to go towards Las Noches. Stark followed behind.

As they scan the crumbled castle, they felt no spiritual pressure. They castle was all rumble. As they surveyed the area, they located Aizen's throne. Yammy cleaned if off and sat down.

"I think we should gather an army and attack those who destroyed us." Yammy said as he sat on the throne.

"I think we should build an army and then attack. We have to have a plan," Stark said.

"You are weak. I can gather many hollows and attack now."

"You will be destroyed because you are attacking for the sake of attacking. When you fight the Soul Society, you do have to have a plan. What is your plan after your attack?" Stark asked as he looked at Yammy.

"Just as I thought, you don't have a plan," Stark said as he began to leave. "Have your throne. I will build an army. Once I train them, I will come back and I will take that throne from you and be victorious over the Soul Society."

"You're a fool if you ever thought you could defeat me! You are a fool, Stark!" Yammy shouted as he watches Stark leave.

Vizard Camp

"Are you telling us the truth? You and Aizen are twins? Aizen must have looked like his father," Love said as he laughed at his joke.

"Yep. I was born second and Aizen was first. He was always jealous because I was smarter than him. He always tried to outdo me in everything. Sometimes he would win. Then we got separated. Mom kept me and dad took him. After that I kinda lost track of him. I always looked for him. When he showed up in the Soul Society, he did not recognize me. I recognized him but his spirit had change. I could not prove it but I knew. That is why I made him my lieutenant. As he got powerful, Yamamoto said I needed help. That's where Gin came in. A miscalculation on our part and Gin got sucked in," Shinji said as he thought of final moments with Aizen.

"Byakuya knew you could not kill your brother. He knew he could," Love said.

"So, where does this leave us?" Kensei asked.

"Byakuya has a plan. He says that we injured the Hollows but he feels that they will attack and when they come back it will be a better and stronger. So we have to become better and stronger. He said the Gin believed that Stark wanted to take over but all were not in agreement with him."

"That big dude and Stark were the only ones left. If he was not in agreement with Stark, it going to be a war in Hueco Mundo for power," Kensei said.

"It's just a matter of time before we are at war again."

Shinji walked off to be alone.

Urahara Underground Area

Kisuke was going over all the information that everyone gave him as they returned. During the battle, when he, Love and Kensei went to get everyone, he was able to sneak in the lab and get notes and experiments. That is why he was the last to leave. He and Byakuya had a signal to end all fighting.

"You think that you may find a cure for the Vizards?" Yoruichi asked

"I think that I am close. It still going to be time but there is a cure on the horizon," Kisuke answered to her not looking up from his notes.

She turned and walked away. She smiled to herself as she thought about how it was good to see her friend doing something he really enjoys.

Soul Society

Byakuya sent word to Ukitake that he was okay and asked if Gin and the boys could stay until he returned, which would be a few days. Ukitake returned word that it will okay although Gin is getting very anxious and will come after Byakuya if he doesn't come in two days.

Gin was sitting on the porch with the twins and Ukitake when Yumichika walked up.

"Hello all," he said as he bowed to Ukitake.

"Come and join us for lunch," Ukitake offered.

Yumichika sat next to Gin and took one of the twins to hold for Gin. Both Gin and Yumichika balanced the twins and eat lunch.

"When is my friend returning?"

"Today is the day. Believe me when I say this, I can't wait", Gin said. "I know you can't wait to see your daddy."

"Yes, I think that you two need to give these twins their names. It is time for you have their naming ceremony. We will do this after Byakuya returns." Ukitake said as he held out his hands for baby Gin was holding.

Gin looked puzzled why Ukitake wanted to hold the baby. Then he felt it. He handed the baby to Ukitake; got up and turned around. There he stood. Byakuya Kuchiki. Gin walked up to him and smiled. Byakuya grabbed his hand and kissed it. Gin reached out to make sure he was real. Byakuya pulled Gin in for a hugged.

"Is it over? Is he really dead?" Gin whispered in his ear.

"Yes. It is over. Aizen is dead," Byakuya whispered back. They stood there for a while.

"Please take your son. He needs changing," Yumichika said as he took next to Gin with the baby.

Gin took the baby and started laughing. Yumichika hugged Byakuya.

"Thank you for coming to get us. Gin never doubted you the whole time," he said as kept hugging Byakuya. "Kira and I said we will babysit tonight so you two can be alone."

"Thank you but no thanks for tonight. I just want to be with my family. But a rain check?"

Kira walked up and hugged Byakuya. He thanked Byakuya. They chatted for a minute. Gin came back with the baby. Byakuya grabbed his son and held him. Gin had gotten the other one from Ukitake. Byakuya held his son in one arm and placed his arm around Gin.

"You ready to go home, Gin?"

Five Years Later

Gin was setting the table for the dinner. They invited Ikkaku, Yumichika, Shuhei and Kira over. Gin looked outside to see Hideki and Hiroki were playing. They were practicing with their swords. Byakuya had special katanas made for them. They were so talented that would be going to the Soul Academy in a few years. Gin felt arms come around his waist and hands rest on his swollen stomach. He placed his hand over the hands.

"What are you thinking about?" Byakuya asked him. He started to kiss Gin's neck.

"I don't want them to go to school so early. They're still children. They are so young." Gin said as he turned to Byakuya. Byakuya placed his back on Gin's stomach.

"Well maybe this one will stay home with you longer than the twins."

He was leaning to give Gin a kiss when a knock came and the door opened.

"Hello, anybody home?" It was Shuhei and Kira. Shuhei help Kira through the door. He was six months pregnant.

"Hello Kira. Let me get that for you," gin said as he took the desert for him. "You know the drill."

Shuhei helped Kira down to the floor. Just as Kira sat down, the door opened. It was Ikkaku and Yumichika. Yumichika was any day now pregnant. Gin came and got the dish they made and took it to the kitchen. Yachiru came in carrying Yumchika katana. She spoke to Gin and Byakuya; then ran outside to play with the twins.

Byakuya, Shuhei and Ikkaku were talking on the patio out back. They watch Yachiru and the twins practice.

"Since Renji was is now captain, who are you going to get as your lieutenant?"

"Since they are close to curing the vizards, I asked Shinji to be my lieutenant. He agreed. I was going to ask Gin but with the new baby on the way, that is out of the question. How about you two?"

"Same here. I asked Love and he is game. He starts tomorrow, since Yumi is any day now," Ikkaku said.

"Kensei agreed to be my lieutenant. But if a captain position opens, he's going for it. I was honored for him to take it." Shuhei said.

"You think Gin will come back to fight with us?" Shuhei asked

"Yes. After this child get old enough. He has been practicing. He has not lost his touch. He not thrilled that the twins are going to school soon. I didn't tell him but when I was on a walk with the boys, some hollows came at us. The boys killed them before I had a chance. I saw their zanpakuto. Hideki's is like mine but it was steel balls that surround the hollow and destroys. Hiroki's is similar to Gin's but when he shoots, it's like balls on the string. Once it gets inside a hollow, it explodes. They wanted to show me and they destroyed them."

"Looking at them practice, I will say they got a great teacher," Ikkaku said looking at Yarichu with the twins.

"What are you guys out here talking about?" Gin came outside placing his arms around Byakuya, giving him a kiss on his cheek. "Yumi and Kira are hungry. I came out here to call everyone in to eat."

"Guys, let's eat. Come on in," Gin called. "Oh yes, Byakuya, the boys told me about your 'walk' the other day."

As Yachiru and the boys ran into the house, Gin told them to wash their hands. Gin and Byakuya stood outside for a minute looking at each other then looked at their friends and family at the table.

"You know Aizen's experiment back fired on him, I think me, Kira and Yumi are happy this one didn't fail," Gin said as he took Byakuya's hand and placed it on his stomach. They leaned in for a kiss when Hideki and Hiroki came to the door.

"Uncle Yumi said to tell you to go get a room."

They laughed and went inside to join their friends.