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Ten years reunion, this Friday, The St. Regis New York hotel at 7 pm. Perfect! Everything I needed. Meet those losers…maybe, just maybe, my….No Bella, don't go there!

"Bella, Mr. Simpson is here!" Jessica, high school friend and my assistant told me. Mr. Simpson is one of my patients, the most scary one. I am a psychiatrist. I love talking with people, knowing their problems and helping them.

"Send him in" I sighed.

"Are you going?" she asked me, gesturing to the letter on my desk.

"I guess" She left and I started my session.

Friday had come. I put the only nice dress I had on me and a pair of high heels and made my way to the hotel. How my whole class from Forks got in NY is beyond me, but I'm happy I don't have to go the whole way back there.

I felt uncomfortable in my dress, it was knee length, black with a deep V neckline.

I greeted people, talked with them, avoided some I despised. Then a hand on my arm stopped me. The electricity told me who he was.

"Bella? Is it really you?" the velvet voice asked lowly.

I turned and looked in his green eyes, they were sparkling. "Yes, it's me. Hello, Edward. What are doing here?" From what I remembered from the letter, only my promotion was supposed to be here, not all promotions that were there over the years.

"I have heard of the reunion and I wanted to see some familiar faces" he whispered, hand still on my upper arm. That's when I saw it, sparkling in the dim light, a golden wedding band.

"I see you finally found the one" I don't know how my voice sounded, to me it sounded dejected.

"Yes" he answered simply and tried to smile. The smile didn't even form correctly on his lips, but reach his eyes.

"Something wrong? Problems, already? You must be a newlywed"

"Not really. I got married after high school, first year of college"


"Bella, do really want to stay here? Or would you like to join me to dinner?" Should I say yes? He is married. His eyes were pleading me, so I nodded.

When we settled and ordered I asked what had he done all those years.

"Not much. I'm a lawyer. You?"

"Don't laugh. A shrink" Ok, if I was honest, I should have told him my other job…but no one knew about it.

"Really? I should tell Alice about you, you must be a great one. She just suffered recently and needs help" he whispered, sounding concerned about this Alice.

"Your wife?"

He chuckled, "No, my sister in law. She's Jasper's wife"

"Jasper, yes…and…Emmett, right?" I was glad I could remember his brothers' names.

"Yeah, right. So, anything else interesting you'd like to tell me? We have thirteen years to make up for"

"Not much. I just regret losing contact" I smiled.

"Me too, me too. You have no idea how I regret that. Now we met again and I won't let you go again," he sounded so determinate.

"Oh and I regret losing contact with my college room mate. She was amazing, but one day she simply left. Her parents wanted her to marry some guy…you know better how it is with those arranged marriages," I explained.

"Do I ever?" he muttered.

"Yeah…I take it this is an arranged one"

"Yes, but at first there was truly something, now…let's just say it's only one sided" he murmured watching me take this in.

"I'm so sorry. Is she cheating?" I asked concerned. This stuff can affect the other, I wanted to help him.

"No. I never loved her," he said looking in my eyes.

I blushed and looked away.

"You're married and three years older" I tried to reason, knowing where he was heading.

"Being older didn't stop us in the past. Even though, then you were a minor" Edward whispered.

I crossed my legs, brushing his leg in the process. His eyes widened and he moaned softly. "Edward!" I exclaimed.

"Bella, please. I missed you every second of every day!" he declared.

Our food came and we ate in silence, casting side-glances from time to time.

When we were done, his phone rang.

"Hello…Not tonight…I know…Of course, tomorrow we'll go there, honey…Good night!" he looked at me sheepishly.

"Was that your wife?" I asked.

"Yeah. Do you have someone home you have to be with?"

I should have said yes and end this before it began, but my mouth said "No". Edward grinned and took my hand. His weeding band cold on my palm, burning in my skin.

"Let's go back to the hotel" he murmured.

"I'm sure the party is over by now" I told him.

"We're booking a room for the night or would you like to show me where you live" he said grinning.

"WHAT? Wait a moment! What do you want to do?" I asked panicked.

"I told you. I missed you, Bella"

"My flat. We need to talk. You're not wasting money on me"

"Fine. You didn't change one bit. Lead the way" Edward said gripping my hand.

We got a cab. "140 Hackensack St. East Rutherford" I said to the driver.

"Really? They pay you that much to tell them they're mad?" Edward asked surprised.

"I thought, your brother's wife wanted to see me" I teased him.

"Well…she is psychic" he said chuckling.

"Some give me $700 per session. And a session can last five hours sometimes" I said.

"Ok, I'm changing my job" he declared solemnly.

"How much do you get on a case if I'm not rude?"

"Well…it depends; the last case offered me $1000 to save her cat! So I did," he grinned at the memory.

"We did pretty good with our lives" And I left out, again, my other job. He is the only person I will tell about it, if I will tell anyone at all.

"Here we are. Have a nice night" the cab driver said to us. We thanked him and got out.

We got inside and we were greeted by my doorman, Seth.

"Hi, Seth" I said.

"Bella! He came aga-" he stopped and looked at Edward strangely.

"Again? Haven't you told him to stop coming? Oh, he's Edward, an old friend"

"Hello! And I did, countless times. Why don't you just tell him…to stop coming yourself?" he asked aggravated.

"I can't just tell Jacob to go away! He needs my help!" I told him sternly.

"Then you deal with him. If someone will come knocking at two am on your door, you should know it's him!" with that Seth turned away from us and busied himself with his phone. Perfect!

"Come on. Second floor" I told Edward.

"Who's Jacob?" he growled.

"A patient! He has a bad habit of cheating on his wife and stupidly tells her all his sexcapades…I haven't met such a stupid man before" I unlocked the door and got inside. The moment I heard the door close behind Edward and the lock clicking, I realized something big would happen tonight.

Edward helped out of my coat and hanged mine and his in the closet.

"Would you like a glass of something?" I asked fidgeting.

"Sure, but just one. I want to remember tonight" he murmured in my neck. Goose bumps erupted on my skin and I went to get two glasses and some whiskey.

"This apartment is amazing, Bella" Will I ever get tired of hearing him say my name?

"Thank you" I said taking a seat on an armchair, away from the couch where he had folded himself.

"Won't you stay with me?" he cooed, playing with the rim of his glass.

"Let's talk…I don't think I'll be able to stop myself if I stay too close to you" I whispered.

"That's the point. Lose control with me" his words made me melt. Could he be any more cheesier?

"Edward, I don't…you're married. I can't do this! I'm not that kind of girl that destroys marriages," I told him, hoping he will understand.

"I already had in mind to divorce her. For quiet awhile. Now I have a reason," Edward said.

"Let me guess, I'm the reason?"

"Of course! Bella, have you forgotten how wonderful we were together? I haven't, I've thought of you every day and every night" he confessed.

I sat there, frozen. I've though of him, always, of course. I was the silly freshman with a crush on the handsome senior, but…Edward thinking of me? I couldn't breathe.

"Bella? Are you ok?" he asked panicked, suddenly next to me, perched on the arm of the armchair.

"I…you really thought of me?" I asked breathlessly.

"Always" he vowed. Edward took my face in his hands, "I haven't stopped loving you"

I put my hands in his hair, moaning when I felt the softness of it. He was the same Edward, only there was something on his left hand that was stopping me from throwing myself at him.

"Bella, say something, love"

"I want this. I would be stupid if I would deny it. But…we can't"

"We can. Look, I promise I will divorce her" he said seriously, caressing my face.

I looked at him, wanting to believe him. A part of my brain told me to not believe him, but I listened to my heart.

"Our little secret" I murmured.

"I can do secrets. Been there, done that" he winked at me. Of course, no one knew we were together in high school, no one knew he was sneaking in my room at night, making love with me, no one knew about us!

"This apartment provides us a very big, fluffy and comfortable bed" I whispered.

"Let's test it. How resistant is it?" he asked grinning.

"Let's hope we don't destroy anything, I don't have time to repair anything. God, how mortifying was explaining dad that dent! And it was only your fault!"

"I pushed the bed, I didn't realize it will destroy the wall" he mocked me laughing.

"Oh shut up! What was I supposed to tell him? You know, my boyfriend, that no one knows of, was here last night, actually, right now he's in the closet if you'd like to meet him, and pounded into me making the bed move and destroying the wall?" I asked, my voice raising.

"Boyfriend. I like that" he mused.

We got in my bedroom.

"No!" Edward exclaimed.

"What's wrong?" I asked looking around for something that might have got that reaction from him.

"You have a blasted window behind the bed! Do you want us to fly and land outside? I won't mind, you know I never stop until I'm done" he murmured.

"Well, I have a guestroom, the bed is close to the wall, like my old one was" I told him.

"Where is it? I can't wait another moment. Thirteen years is too much"

We went next door and Edward grinned. "It's exactly as your old bedroom"

"I know" Now what? It was weird.

Edward turned me to him, cupped my face, "Are you sure? There's no turning back, ever, if I have a taste of you again" he asked seriously.

"Positive" I murmured, leaning into him.

He closed the gap between us and touched our lips together. I gasped at the amazing feeling, I buried my fingers in his wild mess of hair and kissed him fiercely. His tongue traced my lips slowly asking for permission. I opened my mouth and felt that delicious tongue of his caressing my mouth, our tongues caressed each other. Our hands were roaming our bodies trying to remember how the other felt under the others touch. When his hand landed on my exposed breast, I moaned loudly breaking the kiss.

His lips started to kiss my throat and suck on my pulse point, then he licked at that sensitive spot behind my ear. Edward was driving me wild and he knew it! My trembling hands reached his tie and I loosened it and started unbuttoning his shirt. I fumbled a bit, but managed to get it open. He shrugged out of it and turned me around. He kissed my back until he reached the zipper of the dress and I felt his teeth on it, dragging it down; his fingers were following the zipper, caressing my back. When the zipper stopped, the dress fell on the floor. I stepped out of it and turned to take in the glorious man behind me. Hair tousled more than usual, tie around his neck and his dress pants were clinging to him because of his prominent hard on. Edward stepped out of his shoes and took his socks off; I followed his movements and took my high heels off. Then, I realized I wasn't wearing a bra. I blushed.

"Beautiful" he murmured, touching my cheek softly.

My hands went to his pants zipper and I pulled it down, brushing his erection eliciting a low moan from him. My blood was boiling, I had dreamt of this for the past thirteen year.

The pants won't go down. Am I missing something?

"Belt" Edward murmured chuckling. He helped me open it and the pants were at his ankles. He stepped out of them and were we just in our underwear.

I took in all of him, from his face, down his neck, I could see his pulse and his Adam apple bobbing up and down, his chest and his abs, oh how well sculpted he was, there was something that was hidden partially by his briefs, could it be a tattoo? Oh and yes, my best friend was standing at attention, begging me to touch him, Grandward or Bella's slave as Edward had called his dick many times, was there. My eyes traveled down to his toned legs and I finished with his toes.

"Finished inspecting me?" murmured an amused Edward. "Everything in place?"

"Err you are even more glorious that I remember" I said blushing a dark shade of red.

"I must say you filled in the right places. My pillow seems bigger and your hips are magnificent" he whispered soaking in me.

"What's that?" I blurred out pointing to his briefs, that thing I've seen earlier.

"Why, have you forgotten about your slave?"

"No, Edward. This" I murmured tracing what I was sure, now, that it was a tattoo. He shivered under my touch and I could have sworn his cock twitched.

"Let's take those off" Edward said, his finger hooking in my knickers and tugging them down. "Holy hell" he murmured when he saw me. I hadn't waxed, didn't have a reason.

"I'll wax, I promi-" he was up, his mouth on mine in less than a second.

"Don't! I love you like this!" he murmured. It was the second time he said he loves me tonight.

I helped him out of his briefs and before I could stop myself from licking him once. That elicited a low growl form Edward's chest. My eyes landed on the tattoo and I started crying.

"Bella? What is it? Are you ok? Love, tell me, what can I do?" his hands where moving uselessly around my face.

"Muse" I gasped and another wave of hysterics got over me.

"Oh Bella. You scared me" he murmured when he realized why I had lost it. He cradled me in his arms and kissed my face.

I moved in his arms, so I could trace the tattoo. There were the lyrics of our favorite song of Muse written in the most elegant script. His writing. I thought I was a fool for no one, but oh baby I'm a fool for you.

"I had to keep a part of you still alive in me, to be sure you truly existed and you weren't a dream my mind had created" Edward confessed.

"A dream, me?"

"Yes, a very beautiful one. My life had become a nightmare the moment I left Forks. They didn't even let me say good bye. I'm sure you've suffered because of my insensible parents" he told me pained.

"I convinced myself that you really didn't love me, it was absurd for you to love me. Who was I? Some clingy freshman girl that fell for the most wanted and handsome senior guy in school"

"Yes, you were absurd! How could you think for a second that I don't love you, after all the times I told you so?" he sounded hurt and a bit aggravated.

"Love me, now! Show me just how much you still love me" I whispered.

"Always, Bella. I'll show you for the rest of my life" he picked me up and settled me gently on the bed. We looked in each other's eyes and saw the want, need and lust that had accumulated over the years. It will be a long night!

He was hovering over me a second and the next one he was gone. Where had he gone?

"Edward?" I asked panicked. Had he changed his mind?

"Where is it?....Damn it…Blasted…here you are" he was muttering. He came back to bed grinning.

"What was that about?" I asked.

"We don't need complications, do we?" he asked seriously showing me a condom. Oh! I didn't think of that.

Edward settled between my legs, "I can't wait. I promise to worship your body as it deserves later tonight, now I just need to feel you, be with you" he murmured.

I hooked my legs around his waist and drew him closer, I could feel his tip at my entrance. He leaned and kissed my nose, then he pushed gently inside.

I arched my back and cried out; I haven't been with any other man like this was since him. Actually, he was my only one.

"So tight" he murmured squeezing his eyes shut and struggling to keep composure. He started to move gently in and out, soon my hips were moving with his, matching him.

"Faster" I managed to whimper. My fingers moving on his back, settling on his ass, pushing him deeper into me. Edward grunted and complied, lifting my hips slightly from the bed and slamming into me.

"YEEESS" I was screaming and I couldn't care less. The bed was hitting the wall, each thump brought me closer to something grand that was building into me. Edward put his lips on my shoulder, kissed and licked it, grunting.

"Love are you close?" How could he form a coherent sentence? I nodded, not able to think, but talk. Edward raised my legs to his shoulders, slowing his movements and just moving lazily in and out of me, he was hitting different spots inside me that made me go insane. I was saying incoherent words and trashing under him. His lips came to mine, his cock almost left me, but a second latter he slammed back in bringing both of us over the edge.

Edward fell on top of me, spent. I ran my fingers through his wet hair making him purr in content. When he regained some of his immaculate composure, he started kissing wherever his lips could reach from that position.

"Tell me no one has ever made you feel like this or cum like you just did" he demanded.

"There might have been this guy in high school, you may know him. His name is Edward" I whispered, dreading the moment I'll tell him he was my only man.

"I'll have a talk with him. How dare he make you feel better than me?" he teased back. "Seriously, now"

"Only one" I whispered.

"Who?" I could see he was becoming his old possessive self.

"You, only you" I said, hoping he won't question me further.

Edward grinned, "I'm sure all those other idiots you've been with are some useless self concerned bastards," he said annoyed.

"Edward, you are the only one" I said blushing.

His eyes nearly bugged out. "Tell me this is a cruel joke" he murmured.

I shook my head. Edward banged his head on the pillow next to me, groaning and muttering things like "fool", "asshole", "pathetic".

You and me and all of the people
with nothing to do
nothing to lose
and it's you and me and all of the people
and I don't know why
I can't keep my eyes off of you

The song filled the room, breaking our moment.

"Fuck" Edward said lowly. He scrambled off me and threw the condom in the trash bin and retrieved his phone.

"Meeting, I told you to sleep. I'll be late…Don't scream at me!...What?...Why do I care about Jasper or Emmett?...A client, not at work" he looked at me and rolled his eyes, then he narrowed then. "What did you just called her?...Tanya! Say another bad word about-" he looked in disbelief at his phone and up at me. "She hung up on me!"

"Go home" I urged him.

"No, especially after what she said" he growled.

"What did she say? Come here, you must be cold there" I patted the space next to me under the blanket. He got under the blanket and took me in his arms. "She made Alice a bitch"

I gasped. "Isn't she supposed to be her sister or something?"

"That's Tanya. You don't know her until you get to live with her!" he murmured angrily. "Are you tired?"

"Not really"

"Great" he whispered and started kissing my neck, moving down to my breasts. He suckled my nipples, nipped them, and licked my breasts; while his hand traveled down to my bundle of nerves. "Hmm" Edward hummed when I moaned at his touch. He licked a path to my navel and then kissed his way down to my womanhood. He shuffled and was under the blanket, between my legs; I felt his glorious tongue tracing my clit light while a finger entered me slowly. Soon his tongue replaced the finger and he ate me. I moaned and buried my fingers in his locks, gripping him, keeping him in place. Edward murmured something that sounded an awful lot with "I've missed my drug" and bit lightly on my clit, that did it. He drank every drop of me.

"Drug?" I murmured when I was able to talk.

"Mine" he murmured, kissing my lips sweetly.

I felt him hard against my thigh and shimmered my way under the blanket, not waiting for him to realize what I was about to do. I just licked and the kissed the tattoo and then took his length in my mouth, almost gagging myself in process. I've forgotten how big he was.

"Isabella" he murmured lowly and gripped my shoulders, bringing me up.


"Shh" he whispered and produced another condom, slipped it on and sank me on him. I threw my head back and buckled into him. "Jesus, don't move if you don't want me to cum like a teenager!" he advised.

I listened and stayed quietly on top of him, exposed to his eyes and tracing my index finger over his tattoo. I couldn't believe it.

Soon, I felt his hands on my hips and he lifted me up and dropped me on him. I yelped and dug my fingers in his sides.

"Sorry. Did I hurt you?" Edward asked.

"No, more like startled me"

We started moving and soon we were a mess of grunts and tangled limbs. I slumped on his shoulder, tried regaining my breathing. Edward smoothed my hair and kissed my damp forehead.

"Sex had never been this good. I'm alive again" he whispered.

"Is it just sex?" I asked somehow angry.

He looked horrified. "No, Bella! How can you think like that? What we have is so much deeper than sex. Now, sleep, you must be exhausted" I settled in his arms better and fell in the most soothing sleep I had in a long time.

A thud and a yelp woke me up. What was going on? Then I saw Edward tangled in his pants on the floor, cursing.

"Morning, grumpy" I whispered. His head snapped up to me.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you" he got up and managed to put the pants on, now he was struggling with his shirt.

"In a hurry?" I asked amused.

"Err I have half an hour if you still want me here" he said buttoning the shirt wrong. That finally did it. I started laughing. He narrowed his eyes at me and leaped on the bed on top of me.

"You think it's funny?"

I nodded, giggling. I got up and unbuttoned his shirt, then buttoned it the correct way. When I was done I kissed him once. "Now, was that that hard?" I asked.

He didn't answer, but went to get his socks and sat on the floor like a little kid and stuck his foot in the air trying to put the sock on and falling backwards.

"Damn it! One night with you and I'm contaminated with clumsiness" Edward muttered. On no, he didn't say that!

I went to him and stood above him, my feet on either side of his face, "What did you just say?" I growled.

"Murder me, now! Bella if you want me to keep my sanity, please go and put some clothes on you" he said closing his eyes and pinching the bridge of his nose. Some things never change. I blushed, realizing I was naked and I must have got him the best view to my pussy a moment ago.

I went to my room and put a big, baggy shirt. When I looked in the mirror I realized it was his old shirt from high school. The one that had CULLEN 13 on the back.

"Edward?" I asked when I got out of the room.


I padded to the kitchen and found him looking dubiously at my coffee maker.

"How does this blas-" he stopped mid-sentence when he turned and saw me. His mouth was hanging open and I could have sworn he was drooling.

I danced to his side and put for coffee. I got two mugs, put sugar and milk and turned to him. It seemed that Edward was frozen in that position.

"I'm dressed. Now what?" I asked, turning around on propose to make him see the back of the shirt. I heard him groan. I put the coffee in the mugs and somehow I missed the sound of his pants hitting the floor. The next thing I felt was his hard cock pressing me to the counter. "Bend" he murmured dangerously low. I did as asked and he was inside me and moving. He hit my sensitive spot like this and I knew I won't be able to resist him long so I grinded my hips in his. He groaned as I clamped around him and quickly got out of me and cummed on my ass and his stomach, I'm sure. His hands moved up and down my arms.

"Bella…look at the mess we've made" he grinned against my neck.

"Weren't you in a hurry?"

"Let's get you to shower" he proposed. Shower meant wet Edward. Oh my God.

The shower wasn't long and we just cleaned each other.

"I'll bring you the mug back. I need a reason to come back" he winked and kissed me long and loving then disappeared behind the door.

I slumped against the closed front door. What had I done? I had sex with a married man! Three times! I'm going to hell! But it's so worth it, when that man is Edward. How did I ended up in this mess? Oh yes, the letter that invited me to the ten years reunion for the '95-'99 promotion of Forks high school that said, all of your former class mates are in New York, the reunion will take place at The St. Regis New York hotel at 7 pm on September 3rd, 2009. He had finished high school in'96. And he came to the party to see me. He still loved me and I just made him cheat on his wife that he doesn't love.

My phone rang, I scrambled off the floor and picked it up without checking the caller's name.

"I forgot to tell you how much I love you today. It's more than yesterday and less than tomorrow"

"Can you be any less cheesy?" I asked grinning and my heart beating wildly.

"I'm a fool for you baby" his velvety voice whispered in the phone.

"My fool" I whispered.

"Only yours. Always yours. The fool has to go. I'll tell Alice about you. I'm sure you can help her"

"Ok. Have a good day, fool" he chuckled and hung up. I realized I have yet to tell him I still love him. I will, tonight. If he will come, that is. I had to keep in mind that his house was somewhere else and he came to me, as hard it was to think but true, just for pleasure.

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