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"Edward, do something to your phone!" I moaned and put the pillow over my ears.

"Hello?...Who?...OH! Ehh yes…Hi Tanya." I shot up, suddenly alert. There was a big pause. "Yes, thank you…No, that won't be such a good idea…I've heard- wait a second," he covered the phone and turned to me. "Wasn't your patient called Jacob?"

"Yes…What has he done?" I asked horrified, putting two and two together.

"Wait. I'll tell you." Edward said and uncovered the phone. "Yes. What?...Really? I'm happy, then…Sure. Bye!" he closed the phone and flopped on his back grinning.

"Will you tell me what that was?"

"Apparently, your Jacob divorced and…met Tanya." He explained trying to say it with a straight face, but burst in fits of laughter.

"Really, now?" I asked stupefied.

"Yes! And he wants to see you again for some reason."

"Wow." I whispered. When did this happen? Jake was my patient and this meant that Tanya would be back in our lives. "No!" I groaned.

"What? Is there something wrong?" Edward asked panicked.

"This means…she's back in our lives!" I moaned.

"Oh, she's harmless. She sounded quite taken with Jacob." I looked doubtfully at Edward but let it slide.

The puppy had somehow managed to get in our bedroom and jumped on the bed. Edward lunged at her, scratching her stomach and grinning like a little kid.

"So is it Sasha, then?" I asked.

"Yeah. Look, she likes it!" Edward chuckled and took the puppy in his hands, putting her on his lap.

"You realize we have to go shopping for her…and get her to the vet…" I trailed off.

"Yes. Do you want to do this, now?" I looked at him incredulously. He has to be kidding!

"I just want to laze around." I told him.

"I'll make breakfast." He said cheerfully and jumped out of the bed.

"Don't burn down the kitchen!" I yelled after him as I made my way to the bathroom.

He appeared back and pecked my lips. "I'll be careful." He said leaving again only to appear back a second later, "Oh, and Mrs. Cullen, we're still on our honeymoon so don't shower without me." Edward winked and left for good this time. I laughed at his high spirits.

After I brushed my teeth, I went to the kitchen and we had burnt sausages.

"Very good." I complimented him, crunching on the burnt sausage.

Edward scowled at me and spit his sausage, chugging down a glass of juice. "It's horrible. You can't possibly like it!" he said disgusted.

"It's crunchy." I laughed and kept chewing.

"Stop eating it to make me feel better." He told me snatching the plate from in front of me and throwing the contents in the garbage bin.

"I was eating that! Your kid liked it." I said truthfully. I, somehow, liked the burnt sausage.

"I'll make toast." He offered. I stopped him before he destroyed the bread, too and I made breakfast for us.

After our breakfast and shower, Edward tried to make me stay on the tire in the garden.

"It's stable! Look!" he sat on it and started swinging.

"I don't know…I don't want to fall."

"You won't." he murmured and dragged me between his legs, just keeping me there while he swung back and forth.

"She's cute." I said watching Sasha run around our back yard.

"She is. I didn't thank you for the piano. How did you…I can't believe…" It was a rare occasion to hear Edward speechless.

I shrugged. "I got the idea on the plane on the way there. I talked with Rose and Carlisle." I told him, gripping his fingers on my belly where they rested.

"Is it my old piano?" Edward breathed in my ear making me shiver. I nodded.

"How, Bella? I am immensely grateful."

"Ask Carlisle how, not me."

The next two months passed smoothly, we took Sasha to the vet and met once with Jacob and Tanya. I was really apprehensive about this, but when I saw them, all the worry went out of the window. This didn't change the fact that I didn't like Tanya.

"I think they're not coming." I said for the third time, feeling happier.

"They will." Edward threw me a confident look.

We were in Starbucks, waiting for Tanya and Jacob. Joy!

"It will be okay, baby." Edward murmured in my ear.

"Let's hope. I'm not in the mood to get all Mama Bear and kill her for ogling my husband."

He chuckled and kissed me. It was quite comical sometimes, how big I was in comparison to Edward who looked so small and fragile next to me.

I took another sip of my tea and then excused myself to the girls' room.

When I returned, they were there. I had to be calm and keep my cool. As I arrived at the table, Edward got up and helped me in my seat then kissed my forehead. As much as I hated this, I was glad I could rub it in her face how much he loves me.

"Hello, Miss Swan." Jacob greeted me.

I squeezed Edward's hand, "Actually, it is Mrs. Cullen." I stated, grinning like a fool. My dream from high school had come true. I was Bella Cullen. Mrs. Edward Cullen.

"Bella." Tanya nodded, looking bored.

It was starting to get pressuring and I didn't like it. I nodded in return, a jerky head motion.

"How did this happen, Jake?" I asked interested.

"I happened across Tanya and I knew I had never loved Leah. I told Leah about the divorce three hours later after I had met Tanya. Cool, eh?" He was such a child sometimes.

"He's not telling you all of it." Tanya smiled and interlaced her fingers with his onto the table. "He hadn't even talked with me before he divorced Leah. Two weeks after that, he got the courage to talk to me." She snickered.

"You're intimidating." He muttered, making Edward cough to mask a laugh. They continued telling us about them until their first date, they were quite entertaining, completing each other's sentences.

Edward leaned into me, "She's smitten with him. Trust me." He whispered in my ear making me shiver.

"What about you? Everyone would have known if you got married." Tanya said, dragging us from our moment.

We changed a look and grinned, "We eloped." I announced proudly.

"Has Emmett heard of it? Probably not, you wouldn't have been alive." Tanya laughed and raised an eyebrow at Edward.

"Don't remind me." Edward cringed at the memory.

"How far along are you?" she asked, changing the subject.

I rubbed my belly, "Eight months."

She opened her mouth to ask something when Edward's phone rang. He sighed annoyed and excused himself, going outside, but not after pressing his lips to my throat.

"Is it hard?" Tanya asked me, making me turn my head from the door Edward had disappeared through. Jacob had left, too. Probably bathroom. We were alone.

"It's his job." I answered thinking she was talking about the phone call.

"No. I meant…the pregnancy." She whispered softly.

"It depends. If you get morning sickness, the first three months are hell. Then it's fun because you're constantly horny." I told her, blushing as I remembered the car incident.

I had said too much in front of his ex-wife. She eyed me confused, disgusted and amused. Huh?

"I don't think I want to know. But I had to ask. You see…I'm expecting, too. I hadn't told Jake, yet. I'm afraid…How did Edward react to the news?"

Model Tanya…pregnant? Miss-I-won't-ruin-my-body pregnant? WOW!

"He found out on his own. I mean, I had fainted in my bathroom after seeing the smiley face and the pink lines. The tests were next to me." I explained.

"Scared the hell out of me, too." Edward chuckled as he came back. He turned to Tanya amazed, "Is it true?"

"Yes, it is."

"What is what?" Jacob asked as he came back, too.

"Don't panic, nothing's wrong. I'm just…we're…" Tanya stopped and sighed, unable to tell him the truth.

"She's pregnant!" Edward said, surprise still evident in his voice.

I pinched his forearm and I think Tanya kicked him under the table. "OW! What's wrong with y- oh! You didn't know!" he said astonished to Jacob.

"Is it true, honey?" Jacob asked Tanya. She nodded solemnly and glared at Edward who had the decency to look ashamed.

As they discussed their future baby, my moron of a husband turned to me smiling sheepishly. "I had no idea."

"And you had to boast it?" I grounded my teeth. Jake looked happy, but I'm sure he would have appreciated if Tanya told him about the pregnancy not Edward.

"It was a surprise and I couldn't have stopped myself. She never wanted one! I mean, she said she'd ruin her body." Edward murmured so they wouldn't hear.

"You shouldn't have said it." I said again.

"Are you okay? How do you feel?" he changed the subject and his tone became softer.

"I'm good. I never thought I'd do this…but here I am."

"No, Bella. I mean, are you okay?" he whispered and touched my belly softly, rubbing circles and put his head on my shoulder.

"We are okay. Quite hungry if you ask him."

"Her." He said confidently. "And yes, we should go and feed you." Edward chuckled and leaned to kiss me. I don't know what possessed me, but I grabbed his hair and kissed him passionately. It wasn't until Jake cleared his throat that we resurfaced, grinning.

"Hey!" Edward jabbed his finger at him. "We're still newlyweds." And to my horror and pleasure, he dived in for another toe curling kiss.

We were at my birthday party, with everyone gathered in our back yard when my contractions hit. After six hours of labor that seemed an eternity to me, I had a boy and a girl. She was small and a surprise. She had stayed behind her brother, not even the doctor was able to see her.

I named him Anthony Paul as I had originally planned and the girl had to have a special name. I named her Renesmee Lillian, the first name was a combination between Renee and Esme, my mothers and the second…well I showed my gratitude to Rose by doing this; her second name was Lillian and I felt that I had to do this after how she put up with me in college and now. Everyone thought I was joking when I said the first name, only Edward found it sweet.

As sweet as the twins were, in moments like this one, when one was crying provoking the other to cry too in the middle of the night, it was torturous. I jumped out of the bed and stumbled to their room. I fed one as Edward fed the other, he always ended up with Renesmee. Daddy's girl.

I slumped on the couch in their room and fed Anthony as Edward was trying to find her mouth without opening his eyes. He looked cute, trying to stay awake when he was dead on his feet.

"I can't wait for them to grow up." He muttered and plopped on the couch, his head falling on the back of it.

"You'll want them little when they grow up." I said, burping Anthony.

"I won't. All I want is a full night's sleep." Edward muttered.

A year later, after they had learned to walk, it was worse. We had to run around the house and make sure they don't hurt themselves.

"Anthony, if you tug at Sasha's tail one more…." I groaned as the poor dog yelped. She was too good with them, letting them tug at her and jump on her back. She loved them as much as we loved them.

"Dog." He grinned and made me wince as he gripped Sasha's tail harder. I pried his fingers off her tail and she dashed out of the room, whining. Poor dog.

"Let's go find her and apologize. You hurt her." I whispered.


"She is cute, yes." I laughed and picked him up which was becoming more and more difficult considering his weight.

We found Sasha in the kitchen munching on her dog food. I put him down and he went straight to her tail. It was a lost case. I sincerely give up.

"Ma!" Oh yes, Renesmee was supposed to be asleep. She had discovered how to talk in the baby monitor and was always calling me through it. She never called me 'mom' or 'mama', it was always 'ma'. As for Edward…he had been 'daddy' since her first word which was…guess? 'Daddy'.

I picked Anthony and went upstairs. "Yes, honey?" I asked Renesmee.

"Buf! Buf!" she pointed to the butterfly above her bed. I put her down. I couldn't make her be a butterfly, she was heavy and I couldn't spin us around as Edward did. Usually, kids are airplane…but no! Our girl had to be a butterfly in Edward's imagination.

The front door closed with a loud bang and a curse from Edward. "I'm home!" As if it wasn't obvious!

"Daddy!" They both screamed at the same time and dashed out of the room. I rushed after them to stop them from going downstairs without my assistance. I caught Anthony's arm and Renesmee's collar. Edward ascended the stairs, two at the time. And he complains that he's getting old!

He took Renesmee in his arms, "Hey, baby girl!" he cooed and she giggled, putting her small hands on his cheeks and kissing him soundly. He had taught her that or she picked it up from him when he thought he was subtle by kissing me in front of them.

"I see, you love her more." I teased him.

His eyes widened and squished her between us as he hugged me with his other arm, smashing his mouth to mine and moaning. "I love you, B."

"Mama?" I heard a muffled question. Anthony! He was at my feet, my hand still around his arm. Edward's kisses still made me forget about the world outside. I picked him up, "Sorry, hun. Say hi to daddy."

"Daddy!" he clapped, hitting me in the face in his enthusiasm.

Edward looked concerned at me, I shook my head, I was used to this, and then he leaned down and kissed Anthony's forehead.

We got downstairs and after eating, we sat in the living room watching TV. One kid on each of our laps, our hands joined and stealing a kiss every now and then. This is how we spent our afternoons, lately.

Anthony tugged at my hair, getting my attention and a few hairs out.

"That's not nice, buddy. Don't hurt mommy." Edward frowned and kissed where he had tugged. "Does it hurt, love?" he murmured to me.

"I'm good. Sasha has it worse." I sighed and turned my attention to my son. He wasn't looking at me anymore.

"Oh, I talked with Carlisle…" Edward whispered conspicuously.


"And…he's coming to get them for the weekend." He continued nonchalantly, but I could see a grin threatening to explode on his face and his eyes clouded with pent up lust.

"Oh…and here I thought we'd go to the Zoo." I laughed as his face fell. Then he narrowed his eyes at me.

"Don't joke with this, Bella! I'm going to explode, soon."

"Daddy boom!" We burst in laughter at Renesmee's conclusion.

"Yes daddy will make boom and there won't be anymore daddy. " He said dramatically, but he shouldn't have said it in front of the children. They burst in tears. Edward threw me a panicked look.

"Your fault." I snorted and tried to calm Anthony as Edward promised Renesmee he wouldn't go anywhere.

Saturday, 9 AM.

I closed the door after Carlisle and a second later, arms wrapped around me.

"We don't want daddy to make boom, right?" Edward whispered in my neck, turning me and pressing me in the door. I felt him hard against my stomach and I felt the first signs of arousal building in me. He grinded in me as he devoured my mouth, grunting.

The doorbell rang. "We're not accepting anything!" Edward shouted and turned his attention to my neck.

"It's me. You forgot to give me Nessie's bunny!" Carlisle yelled. I muttered a profanity at everyone's joy of calling my kid after a mythical monster.

Edward had gone to retrieve the bunny and was back in seconds, he thrust it in my hand. "Here, give it to him and get back." He muttered and disappeared from view.

I opened the door and put the bunny in Carlisle's waiting hand. "Bye!" I rushed and as I closed the door, I heard him laughing. "Thank God for grandparents or God knows what the poor kids would see from their parents!" I heard him mutter as he departed.

"What's so funny, Mrs. Cullen?" Edward asked slyly as I went to our room.

"Just you Dad. He said, quote 'Thank God for grandparents or God knows what the poor kids would see from their parents!' Kind of true, right?"

"They'd learn how tab A got inserted into tab B and created tab C or C and D in our case." He chuckled and pushed me to the bed.

"I was more thinking that they'll realize there was no stork that brought them to us." I laughed at his logic. His idea in comparison with mine was dirtier.

Next thing I knew, it was his tongue on my naked chest. When had he taken my shirt off? He sucked at my nipples, driving me crazy. We hadn't had any time alone in over a month and it was entirely too much for us.

"Screw slow!" Edward rasped and got up, shed his clothes, almost ripping his pants as he stepped on a pant leg. I followed his lead, shimmering out of my clothes.

His eyes were almost black with desire and he simply leaped, like a feline on me, opening my legs and diving his perfect cock in me. He started ramming it in and out, hard and fast, unable to control his pace, not that I cared. I needed him just as much. We had time for sweet lovemaking later. Now, this was primal.

"Turn." He ordered and got out of me, breathing heavily. I did as told and looked over my shoulder when I didn't feel his presence behind me.

Music filled the room. Prince. Darling Nikki. Please, let Pussy Control be next, I begged silently, remembering that time on my old bed in my flat.

Edward was behind me and in me, in a few seconds, mimicking his movements from that day. The day he found about Marie Collins.

He moved in time with the beat, driving me wild and the next song was indeed, Pussy Control, my amazing man remembered that day. Edward moved faster and uncoordinatedly by the end of the song.

He was shaking, holding back his release, just like me. Suddenly, he turned me back to face him. "We didn't manage to get this far last time." He chuckled and his mad pace turned in slow, languorous movements. He was making love with me on Te Amo Corazon and just like last time, he crooned the lyrics to me. Panting and shivering above me.

At First I Couldn't Find The Words To Say
How Much You Changed Me In Every Way
I Just Wanna Thank You
Each And Every Day
Te Amo Corazon

And then it happened. Edward arched his back, sitting on his soles, howling his release taking me with him. I could have come just by the view in front of me. This wild Edward made me shiver in want. I wanted more of him. He slumped on top of me, panting in my neck.

"We can continue after a nap." He drawled, slurring the words and started snoring a second later sending me in a fit of laughter. He was so amusing sometimes. I fell asleep too, running my hands through his wet hair.

We were together, we were living our dream. The house, the dog, the tire (I fell in love with him a little more when he put it there), the children and simply him. My Edward. I could forget about everything else, every other problem, as long as I had him there and he was always there when I needed him. Forever, as he had promised me many nights ago in our meadow in Forks. The night I had learned to count to seven.


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