All characters belong to J.K. Rowling.

Ok, well this is my new story. Here Voldemort doesn't have horcruxes.! enjoy. :)



Harry watched as Bellatrix stumbled and fell to the floor. She lay on the marble floor, her legs strewn out behind her and her back heaving in quick gasps of breath. Harry ran up to her, glad to finaaly have her in his grasp. He stared down, pure hatred, darkening his eyes. He wanted to tear the woman apart, scream at her as she screamed in pain. Sirius was gone, dead, because of this woman. It was only fitting that she would meet the same end.

Bellatrix stared up at Harry. She kept quiet, cautious of the boy who had his wand pointed at her. She saw that hate and anger in his eyes, she knew that he wanted her dead. A small amount of fear pierced her heart at the though of her oncoming death, but as the boy continued to make no move to kill her, she relaxed. A manic grin disfigured her face and she started giggling as her master approached the boy; she knew she wouldn't die now.

A sweet whisper swept past Harry's ear. "You have to mean it, Harry."

Rage bubbled up inside Harry as Voldemort's words shivered through him. He abruptly turned. He had to kill this man. He would end it and avenge Sirius, avenge his parent and avenge Cedric. The words he had just heard rang inside his head: "Neither can live whilst the other survives". Now was the time for Harry to complete the prophecy.

"Stupefy!" Harry yelled at Voldemort, who easily deflected the spell. Voldemort waved his wand using a non-verbal expelliarmus. Harry felt his wand starting to leave his hand, but gripped it tightly. His magic pulled the wand back to him and Harry continued the duel.

Harry held up a Protego as waves of dark spells crashed at him, he hid behind pillars as spells he couldn't defend ripped at his skin.

"Expelliarmus" Harry yelled, but still had no effect.

Panic rose in Harry's chest- he stood no chance. A teenager up against a man who had spent seventy years studying dark arts. Well, whether or not Harry stood a chance, he was going to go down fighting. With Gryffindor bravery, Harry jumped out from behind the pillar and shot out his left arm. A ball of fire left it and shot straight at the unsuspecting Voldemort, who was thrown back.

Not really knowing what he was doing, Harry rose his arm and clenched his fist, whilst waving his wand and pointing it at Voldemort. The glass that made up the ministry fell and shattered to pieces, it became alive and shot towards Voldemort who only just managed to put up a shield. Voldemort managed to transfigure most of the glass into sand, however glass still broke through and pierced his flesh. Cuts seeped with pure red blood, which crept down the man's body, staining his white skin.

Reacting on instinct, Harry did not hesitate. He called upon the fire again and conjured up a giant phoenix from the flames. He ordered it to attack Voldemort who had caught his breath and was again shooting curses at Harry.

Voldemort slashed straight through the phoenix as it came towards him, the wisps of fire fading away.

Harry took Voldemort's moment of distraction to cast the final spell.

"AVADA KEDAVRA!" He cried, filling his heart with hatred and anger. Harry watched as a green shot of light shot from Harry's wand. It felt as though his heart had been ripped out and an intense pain swept over him. The light pierced straight through Voldemort's chest. Red and Green eyes met, both filled with astonishment.

Voldemort collapsed on the floor, unmoving with eyes blank. Harry stared, panting for breath, his eyes wide with fear. A burst of flame from behind Harry, made him turn to face Dumbledore, exiting the fireplace. He stared at the blue eyes, which lost their twinkle as they took in the scene.

"Harry…" Dumbledore started, but was unable to say anymore as the boy collapsed to the floor.