J.K. Rowling's characters.

Arthur stared at his children seated at the table. It had been awhile since all members of his family had been together in their home, it was a shame they were meeting under such grave circumstances. He did not know how this news would affect his children. It could tear his family in two, and that was what he feared the most. Ginny was young, she wouldn't understand what was happening between her older brother and her friend. She had gone to school with the two boys, had grown up with them, this change will certainly be hardest on her. Bill and Charlie were adults, they can make their own decisions, but even so, Arthur did not want to lose his sons. Then there was Fred and George. They sat at the table smiling in their typical jovial way, no idea of what was about to happen.

Arthur's eyes met with Molly, who quickly circled the table to grab his hand. She squeezed it, not minding the sweat Arthur had belt up from worrying, making his hand clammy and warm. She smiled in support, one of her beautiful, warm smiles. It was that smile that kept him going no matter what. He felt he could do whatever he wanted with that smile to support him. People laughed when he said he wanted to work with muggles, but Molly told him to never mind what other people thought, it was his family that counted.

With a deep breath and another squeeze of his wife's hand, Arthur turned back to his children.

"We're here to discuss a very serious matter. You may choose whatever route you want, Molly and I cannot change your opinion of something's, but as head of this household, what Molly and I have decided it definite and cannot be undone."

"Dad, what on earth happened?" Charlie asked, eyebrows crinkled.

"After Harry was released from Azkaban, Molly and I became aware that Ronal had been bullying Harry at Hogwarts. It seems Ronald is of the opinion that Harry deserves to remain in prison and-"

"Wot, is he stupid or something? Don't tell me he thinks Harry's dark or…or…is he stupid?" Fred yelled out. Arthur couldn't help but raise his eyebrows; it was rare for the twins to speak out separately, Fred must feel strongly about this.

"Ronald has made his own decision and if that's the way he feels there is little we can do to change his mind." Arthur replied, trying to remain understanding.

"but that's no excuse for stupidity." George grumbled.

Arthur carried on, ignoring George's comment. "Yesterday, at Hogwarts, Ronald…he committed a vicious act. As consequence, he has been taken to Azkaban where he is awaiting trial for the use of dark magic on another human being."

At this yells and shouts came from the children, screaming out questions. Arthur raised his hand and they quietened immediately. Never had Arthur Weasley held so much authority over his children. They respected him but Arthur usually had little say in the runnings of the house; that was Molly's job.

"Molly and i…Molly and I, as consequence of Ronald's actions upon a dear friend, decided to denounce Ronald from the Weasley family."

The family sat there in stunned silence. The Weasley family never kicked out members, that was something families like the Blacks or Malfoys would do, not the Weasleys.

"What did he do?" Bill murmured, eyes wide and unable to comprehend what possible reson his father might have had to kick his little brother out the house.

"I don't think you need to know." Arthur replied.

Charlie took his head out of hands to look up. "No Dad, I think we need to know just what Ronald did to deserve this."

Arthur opened his mouth to argue back but couldn't think of a reply. He looked at Molly for help. She smiled and turned to her children.

"Ronald attacked Harry." She said bluntly, a smile on her face but tears running from her eyes. "He tortured Harry and left him deep scars from the wounds. If Professor Snape had not found them, Madam Pomfrey tells us Harry would have died from blood loss."

"Merlin's beard" Bill murmured, shaking his head in disbelief.

Arthur and Molly waited for their children to come to terms over the loss of their brother. Arthur looked over to his youngest, Ginny had not said a word and her face was set in stone. Ronald would have had more influence over her than any of her other brother; Arthur could not help but fear the worst of his daughter; perhaps she hated Harry too.

"Well Ron fucking deserved it then." Fred finally spoke out, his voice full of bitterness.

"Language, Fred." Molly automatically reacted.

"Sorry mum."

And just like that, the family came to terms with the loss of their youngest son. Already they'd moved on, quietly pushing the change to the back of their minds.

"…Tea anyone?" Molly asked, before shuffling into the kitchen to prepare supper.