Why We Have Rain

(A/N: I had to write a myth using vocab. words for my English class. This is what I wrote. That's why it's so weird. I hope you all like it. R/R)

Disclaimer: The only things I own in this story are Etacirtni and the plot. The rest belong to TSR. So don't sue, please.

At the dawn of time, the gods were created. During the Time of Troubles, these gods walked the earth in avatar's bodies. The advent of these gods to the Material Plane caused much strife and chaos. It was a perilous time for all.

* * * * *

Etacirtni, a vagrant, went into an inn to try and rent a room. When the bartender told him how much it was for one night, Etacirtni was shocked.

"That's an exorbitant price for one night!" he exclaimed. "Forget this! I'll sleep on the road!"

* * * * *

Mielikki, the goddess of rangers, was walking down the road when she came upon a shoddy tent.

"Good morning!" A sprightly man came out the front flap. "I wouldn't recommend continuing on to the city. They charge exorbitant fees for bad rooms."

He paused, but before Mielikki could assimilate what he had just said, he started talking again.

"Of course, I don't mean to malign it, but trust me; they really are horribly high prices."

"Then I won't go there," the surprised goddess told him. She smelled something delicious. Her avatar body needed to eat. "What are you making?"

"Squirrel shish-ke-bob. Want some?"


In the interim between her agreement and when the food was done, the man inundated her with idle chatter. As they were eating, he set his pensive gaze on her.

"You're an avatar, aren't you?" he asked abruptly.

Mielikki liked the man and wanted to travel with him. She didn't want him to become distant, as he would if she told him the truth, so she lied.

"That's totally bogus," she told him.

"OK, you just don't seem used to being human."

After they were done eating, Mielikki asked if she could travel with him.

"Fine with me," he told her. "But, you have to find your own shelter."

* * * * *

Mielikki and Etacirtni traveled together for days. At a momentous moment, the goddess realized that she loved the human, and he loved her.

One day, they came upon two men – avatars, really – who Mielikki recognized as Bhaal, the obstreperous god of chaos, and Myrkul, the surly god of the dead. Unfortunately, the two also recognized her.

"Mielikki," Bhaal sneered – he had always had a grudge against her, "what a surprise to see you here."

"I was right," Etacirtni muttered.

"Did you know," Bhaal said casually, "that if I kill you now, you will stay dead?"

Myrkul grabbed Mielikki, and Bhaal took up his sword.

"No!" yelled Etacirtni.

"Stay out of this, puny mortal," Bhaal growled, and viciously backhanded him out of they way.

Bhaal began to shout at the captive Mielikki about how she had somehow offended him. He swung up his sword. At the apex of the swing, he reversed directions. Before the sword hit, his tirade was interrupted by a fireball thrown by Mystra, goddess of magic.

Mielikki didn't even pause to thank her rescuer. She rushed over to the dying Etacirtni's side, tears falling down her face.

"I bid you adieu, my love," he said, his voice wracked with pain.

"No," Mielikki whispered as he died in her arms. "No."

* * * * *

The gods were eventually let back to their home, but Mielikki never forgot her human love, Etacirtni. She still sits often, her thoughts turned back to her short time with Etacirtni. Tears fall down her face and onto the Material Plane as drops of rain.

(A/N: OK, that's the kind of story I absolutely HATE because they should have lived happily ever after. I can't believe I just wrote that. O well. I needed something for class.)