Author's Note: Just a short filler chapter to show us where Nathan and Luke are in the story. We're getting closer to their joining with the Winchesters, as well Julian as the story progresses. Just be patient, and more Dean/Brooke on the way. Please review, it inspires me to write more, and I'm really in a hole right now, writers block is killing me. Thanks again.

Chapter: Eight- "I heard we're in trouble," balancing a bean burrito smeared with hot sauce and jalapeƱos peppers, Nathan Davis, the ever precedent bottomless pit, chuckled at Millicent's slight exaggeration as he munched on his food quietly. Wiping the corners of his lips as he listened carefully over the phone's static reception, "In fact, the way our girl puts it, we're sort of up shit creek, man, care to fill me in," Owen repeated, calibrating their discussion over in his mind as he ticketed out the weighing balance of troubles. "Did John really call?" he added under his breath, and Nathan grimaced over the other line, setting his food aside, to grip his gun as he slid off the clip, unclasping the hinge as he prepared to holster in another cartridge.

"He did, but we're not worried about it, at least not right now," Nathan stressed, brushing the exterior of his weapon as he sighed; his eyes roaming idle towards the creaking door, as Lucas delved in with a look of exhaustion wearing on his countenance. "Listen, Luke's here, I'll be in touch soon," he shut off the phone, veering his head as his partner slipped through the door. "You're late, how did it go?" he questioned, blood marring his partner's shirt as he trudged through the padded floorings.

As Lucas ignored him, Nathan continued casually, knowing too well the result of his partner's confrontation, "Shut out case in Colorado, Owen called," Nathan informed; watching as Lucas fumbled with the buttons of is suit. "He managed to kill around two, maybe three dozen, but it was a close call," listening Lucas tilts his head, loosening the knot of his tie as he trudged over towards one of the rumpled mattresses. "Skills, he um, he didn't make it," he added under his breath, earning a trodden nod in response. Their faces ashen at the prospect of their friend, mangled by the very thing he hated most.

"Rachel's with Bevin now. She's got to her to sleep at least, got some food in her," for a while she wouldn't eat, Nathan thought, cursing under his breath at the loss of their dear friend. "Said a pair of locals spun him for a fool, but I know Skills, something's not right," Lucas nods, trodden in his grief as he brushes a hand over his tired eyes.

"You'll call Brooke," Lucas motioned, the bridge of his nose pinched as he felt the wining ache of a migraine catching on.

"It'll break her heart, its best she doesn't know," Nathan inclined, belittled at the thought of hurting his baby sister as he brushed a trudging hand over his brow.

"I just killed my mother, my uncle, my baby sister," Lucas pressed, ignoring the dejected look he received as he started for the restroom. "You'll call her, than you'll call Julian," he added lowly. "I've had enough of this war. It's time we've ended it.