Summary--This is Obi-Wans' point of view during his battle against Anakin. R&R would be nice.

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How could he! How dare he! I tried to help, but he didn't allow it. I could've helped him. I could've helped him…..

"I have failed you, Anakin. I have failed you."

"I should've known the Jedi were plotting against me!" he accused.

"Anakin, Chancelor Plapatine is evil!" I say, trying to snap him out of it.

"From my point of view the Jedi are evil!"

"Well then you are lost!" I scream, anguish pouring over my voice

"It's over, Anakin. I have the high ground." I say.

"You underestimate my powers."

No, he couldn't! Please, Force, no…."Don't try it." I plead, begging him to not do it.

He screams and leaps. I bring my lightsaber through his arm and legs. He screams, agony all over it. He lies at the edge of the rock bed, barely touching the lava.

He look at me, anguish all over his face. I can't bear it Tears start streaming down my face. "You were the Chosen One" I scream at him. "It was said you would deystroy the Sith, not join them. Bring balance to the force, not leave it in darkness."

The catches fire on his tunic, and starts to burn him. I knew I should end his pain, but I can't. I just can't.

"I hate you!" he screams.

I can't bear this. More tears stream down my face. "You were my brother, Anakin." I choke out. "I loved you."

Those words echo in m ears as I reach down for Anakins' lightsaber. I look at my old brother one last time, and walk away. His screams echo in my mind the long walk back.