Please note, characters feelings towards Twilight and my own, are significantly different. Only for story telling purposes. Don't flame me, I begging.

Ok. So now I've gone and landed in the stupidest book of all time. Yes me, Orelina Dixon have gone into a world which I don't only find idiotic and stupid, but a whole load of dribble as well. The movies held absolutely no interest for me, and as for the books! Well let's say that I could write better. So why was I the one, out of the billions of fan girls and boys, to be lost inside the world that is the Twilight saga, and why, even though I'm freaking bored, do I suddenly feel attached to him.

I lost, I'm alone, and I have no plans to go anywhere near the Cullen's. And if that wasn't enough, I had to go and be the lead. Yes, that's right.

There. Is. No. Bella. Swan.

But there is me, and every character of godforsaken Forks, and even them from La Push.

I'll rewind.

I'm Orelina (17), and the only reason I hate twilight, is that everyone thinks the sun shines out of it. I'd seen the movie in an attempt to relate to why people love it so much, but it was lost on me. I was squarely in the population of the world that hated twilight.

So my friends thought it would be real funny to give me ALL twilight orientated prezzie's for my birthday! As the normal sleep over goes, we played dares. And guess what mine was? To read the first three chapters of twilight. They thought that I'd magically fall in love with it. Newsflash for the BBC – I didn't. Infact I hated it more. And so that's why I am currently living out the book. Now I'm trapped in miserable little Forks, away from Sunny England –ha- and my family. Yippee.

I can't say how I got into the book, or why I'm here, but all I know is that, that silly book followed me through, and I use it as a guide for the next day. I read no more than I should, and I try to prevent various incidents where I can. I'm like guardian angel of Forks. This however does not mean that I treat the Cullen's any differently than I would if they were the school bullies. They always seem closer than I'd like, but he's not so bad. We've grown closer and him I can tolerate. Her however I have no patience for. I had to decline several offers of meeting the "head" of the coven, and they weren't exactly best pleased. But when life gets me, and death gets me, having him hold me would just make things better. It would look like a loving embrace. Ha. Don't make me snort…

But again, I'm getting ahead of myself. I'll rewind to me being forcefully read the three most boring chapters of all time. I'd really rather read the dictionary.


"Look, it's only three little chapters" Hannah said in a little girly voice. I never had any patience for that voice, so I snatched the book and read it.

Preface = 0/10

First Site= 0.5/10 – what she's clumsy

Open book = 0/10- yawn.

But it was that very yawn in fact that had me lost. I feinted, don't ask why, because I never do, and when I woke up I was inside an old, tobacco smelling, red, banger. Some people call it a 'Chevy truck' but old banger just about sums it up.

I walked in a full circle around it and looked around me in the rain. It was green, and raining, and muddy. But in my pocket were the keys to the truck, and what looked like a house key? I was in shock. I sat down and put my head in between my legs and took deep breaths. I stood up and went into the banger and on the seat next to mine, was the only thing that could make this whole situation worse. The damned book that brought me here in the first place. However there was a piece of white paper out the top of it. I pulled it out and it was a letter. I read it through several times. That dirty b-


You're here until you can come back, and to come back, the story needs to be complete. Have fun.


Yeah, so no clues as to who put me here, but all I know is that I wasn't getting home anytime soon. There was another piece of paper on the gear stick.

Drive me

It said. Well duh.

I turned it on, and had a drive around and I drove down the roads that felt right, if that makes sense. I ended up stopping in front of a house that had another note on it. That's the only reason I chose the house that happened to look like Bella's.

Home, sweet home.

I took the keys that looked like house keys and tried the lock. What do you know, it worked. I went in, and it looked as though things hadn't been used in a while. I looked around, and the bedroom I deemed to be mine was filled with all the things I would need. I was grateful that I had something going my way, and even more grateful that there was a photo of me and my bezzies here, on the desk. It was me, Hannah, Sophie, Riz and Lu. It also had my on/ off boyfriend Cal in it- when we weren't going out, we were the most amazing friends. I was pleased that there was something to keep me sain here. My iPod touch had been brought through and I docked it, and turned it up to full volume.

I searched the rest of the house, and the bathroom and kitchen seemed pretty well stocked, so we're ok. On the table downstairs was another envelope.

Oz -use wisely.

And with that I opened up the envelope. Holy cow! A credit card. A credit card, with bank statement. I had $1,000,000.00 in the bank. Well that should last. I never had so much money before and I was quite exited.

The night comes quick around these parts. I had got here about 1 hour ago, and it was already 7:30 and black as midnight. I checked the calendar and today's day was ringed. Freaky much?

5th January. Great! I don't even get Christmas!!! But with a mil in the bank who cares?!

Ok, I need to get something straight, I'm not all about money, and I'm not the cold wretch I seem. I just have standards and a way I like things to be. I'm not scared easily either and I am tough skinned. It would take a hell of a lot to break me. So that's why I'm not overly obsessing about being sent here – I use that term loosely. I like a good adventure and thrill, so my choice is to stay and have fun. Even though I hate this world and know that a billion 'fanpires' (really who comes up with this shit?) could do a better job. Well not better, more conforming to the story line and more Bella like –so differently to me, but better than me?? We'll just have to see.

I open the fridge to find all the raw ingredients to my favourite dishes. Tomorrow I would have fun making these. I turned back and a new note was pinned to the calendar. What now?

Oz, you have school. All under your name. Have fun.

So it seems that whoever put me here, wants me to follow the story line. Ha, fat chance. I looked back at the bank statement to see if I was actually dreaming. Apparently I was.

It now said $0.00 and I was gob smacked. Oh, I get it. This is my penalty for not going to school. Well then have it your way crappy storyline, and suddenly the numbers started spinning round like the pictures do on fruit machines, and I was back up to $1,000,000.00.

Well with school tomorrow, I'd better get some sleep.

That night was hard and warm. The rain was as noisy as a cat being thrown at a wall and it was roughly 3 hours before I got to sleep.

Buzz, buzz.

A high pitched annoyance was waking me up. It was a stupid pink alarm clock. I pressed the snooze button and my fingers met a rustling. Another memo to self?

Rise and shine

Fine whatever. I got up and took a shower. A strawberry shampoo was really very pleasant and enjoyable. Some normality was nice. When the water went cold, I took it was my cue to leave. I was shocked in the least to not find a finger written note in the steamy mirror. I had spoken to soon. One was being written as I thought. I had to put my hand around the mirror, to check it wasn't someone invisible = it wasn't.

Oz, follow the road to your left.

Ohh school directions.

I dried off, and let me hair dry naturally around my shoulders. Opening my wardrobe I selected a pair of jeans and a Morgan (French designer) top/dress. It hung over my highs and hugged my curves. It was black and so showed the auburn tints in my dark brown/black hair. My eyes frequently changed its colour between a dark blue, a fresh blue and a grey blue. I like the fresh blue best, but it did depend on how I was feeling. I felt fine, so I had a dark blue. I put on some cherry lip gloss and a light layer of mascara to my lashes, just to try and make my eyes stand out a bit more. I chose some Pierre Cardin healed black boots and grabbed a Gucci jacket. It was a little ostentatious but it looked warm. It was black with Baize cloth Fur trimmed collar, Two pockets Double-breasted closure Lined interior Appliqué Half-belt Flashes Baize cloth Woven. I was right, as well as stylish it was warm. I couldn't comprehend how they made you go back to school on the 12th night, but hey, I'm an English chick. I don't know squat about America. I took a shoulder bag and went down stairs, a bubble of excitement in my stomach.

I went and grabbed a banana from the fridge and hopped to the banger. I had my license, but I had to double pump the clutch for any descent switch in the gears. Didn't someone in the books mention something about double pumping?? I don't know. But the book…it might be some help if I knew what I was in for. And sure enough it was still on the seat where I left it. I followed the road down the left before i found what I was looking for. I parked up and there weren't many cars around. Good, because the noise of this hunk o' junk was horrendous. I skimmed through all the monologues and tried to memorize what would happen today, if my day was anything like Bella's. Popularity, popularity, someone giving me evils, and a few dorky admirers. Great.

I got out and walked across to a small white building labeled Front Office, and went inside to see an old red haired woman. Seriously that hair dye was atrocious. I believe if my memory is correct, that she is Mrs. Cope.

I coughed to announce my presence. She fluttered her hands helplessly on hearing me.

"Oh, hello dear, can I help you?" she asked a little flustered. I wonder what she was reading. Not something inappropriate I hope Mrs. Cope. – Hey that rhymed- because this is a school. And in a school are children with innocent eyes.

"Yes, I believe you're expecting me" I said with a slight patronizing look.

"Right dear, name?" Johnny Vegas.

"Orelina Dixon" she looked at me with a glint in my eye. So, she was a gossip. I could use that. "I had to change my name after I killed those guys. Ha ha, that was a good night" I said looking off into space smiling evilly. I was possibly enjoying her hard swallow and quicker movements more than I should.

"H-H-Here w-we a-are" she said handing me some paper. I took them from her shaking hand and leant in and looked both ways – to a wall, and to another wall. I motioned her to come closer. She had wide eyes and was terrified, but she came.

"Let's keep my murderous past a secret, shall we?" I said and winked. I rammed the door open on my way out and I couldn't imagine what state I left her in. I walked through the bushes to get to the car park, and it was considerably fuller now. I looked over all the cars, and they were all as tatty as mine. Maybe I can use my chips to buy a descent ride. The bank probably wouldn't like that though. I skimmed the lot, and the simplest car that stood out was a silver Volvo. That's right. Their silver Volvo. I couldn't help but sneer the words. As soon as I see them I'll probably crack up, because it is so cheesy – if they're even here of course.

As predicted, various, well all infact, eyes were watching me make my entrance into their lives. I held my head high and walked up the steps before the muttering broke out.

"Hi I'm Eric, you must be Orelina Dixon right?" a grease haired boy with spots said and held out his hand.

"No, I'm sorry." He was confused. I should enlighten him. "Only my enemies call me that, unless you saying something?" I asked raising my eyebrows. I was going to say only my friends call me that, but let's no make enemies yet- Even though I can't stand these jerks and there creator. "So you can call me Oz or Dixie. In fact everyone can, spread the word." I said smiling. It was a slight evil smile, because I wasn't genuinely pleased to meet him.

"Do you need help finding your classroom?" he asked. I was already there. I pointed that out.

"I'm already here." I said and entered. I hung up my coat and went to hand in a slip. I liked English, and I think me and Mr. Mason will get along just fine. I was at the back off the room, and yet wandering eyes still found me. I focused on a spot above the blackboard and kept it there. I wrote nothing, and said nothing. I had done this all before. I doubt they could give me something I didn't know.

The bell rang and class was over.

"Hi I'm mike" said a blue eyed boy with dirty hair. I already took a dislike to him.

"You're Oz right?" he said unsure, incase he'd offended me. I nodded and he took it as encouragement.

"Well I'd be happy to show you around if you get lost and you can sit with us at lunch." Wow horsey slow down, and stuck up as it sounds, people have to earn lunch privileges with me. Only my 5 sat with me. I was what some people thought 'hard core' what some people thought 'stuck up' and what some people thought of as 'plastic'. In truth I only sit with people I like. Most people sat with me once so I could figure them out or if I was intrigued by them, then they didn't sit there again. Either they were scared off, or I didn't let them. Only my 5 kept my interest and I was able to form friendships with them. I'd never call myself fit or beautiful because I don't need to be so shallow as to put a label to myself. I am me. End of, goodbye, period.

Trig and French went the same. I didn't like Spanish, but I could speak fluent French and German.

In trig I met a girl called Jessica – like the book described her, gossip and plastic. Ok, I'm not so shallow as to label myself, but I am shallow enough to label others. It helped me identify with the way in which to treat them. Jessica was a basic level plastic, nothing to harmful. Eric would be over helpful and Mike would be…persistent. He maintained chatter all the way through French and the journeys between classes. I gave him no help, because he was starting to get on my nerves a bit.

"Time for lunch, want to sit with us?" I nodded. There would be interesting personalities and I was looking forward to dissecting them. I am sort of a people reader I guess. Let's take Jess for example. She was a gossip because her life was boring; it held no interest for her, so wanted in on other people's lives to fill the hole in hers. She uses her influence to keep trouble away from her, but will spread things that are harmful to others.

I trudged along to lunch. I took a bowl of chicken pasta and put it on to my tray. When I got to the counter I handed over my shiny black credit card. The woman looked like I gave her an empty bottle.

"It's a credit card. You scan it" I said. She rolled her eyes and I straightened up. I insult her, she insults me touché, but she shouldn't do it again.

I felt a slight disturbance in my pocket and put my hand in to find a purple blackberry vibrating.

Oz, tell her to charge the account

The number was withheld. Obviously.

"Just charge the account" I said. She was torn.

"Ok miss." Well why she couldn't have done that before. I've wasted precious analyzing time. I got my card back and turned to see the cafeteria gawking at me. Had no-one here seen a credit card before? It's small, it's plastic and you could use it to spend money. I only use one when I needed to.

I went to sit by a brown haired girl. She looked soft somehow.

"Hi, I'm Angela" she introduced quietly. My first genuine smile of the day caught me off guard. I bet she had a quiet childhood. Never got much and made do to use what she had wisely, and as she got older only used what she needed. Was never pushy as she grew up, because there would be a chance she wouldn't get what she wanted, so that resulted in her quiet demeanor. But if she could have everything, she would still not take it, because it's how she's known things for a while now.

With my analyzing, you can see why people don't stay friends with me.

"Oz, or Dixie, call me either" I shook her slim hand gently. She had a warm smile.

A blonde girl snorted.

"What sort of name is Oz or even Dixie" she whined in a nasal voice. Oh no she didn't! (Cliché but she'll learn)

"Hey you're Mallory right?" I said. There is no way, this can't not be her.

"Yeah so?" was her brilliant come back?

"Well Mallory calorie, it explains why you're fat" now as any girl will tell you, you don't call a girl fat and expect to get away with it. She glared and I snickered at her face, which seemed to be quite pig like. Yes, I'm queen of mean, but it shows who wants to be your friend. Will they take the outside cover, or dig deeper to find you. I'm actually quite soft with you get past my many, many, many layers. It's easier that way. I won't be hurt…again.

"Well at least I'm not an ugly little wretch" she said and looked away,

"You sure about that?" I asked under my breath, but loud enough for her to hear. She glared again, and was probably thinking up some lame rumor. Bring it.

I looked around the room and skimmed over all of the tables and faces, bodily postures ect.

I made mental notes and looked forward to trying them out. I came across a table of 5 angular and golden eyed people. Three guys and two girls. I bit my bottom lip. This is what the fuss is about? Yes they're pretty, but do their personalities match their faces. Probably not I concluded. A golden haired girl sat straight and had her hand on the table in a certain fashion. Hmm. Tenacity was the word that came to mind. Her eyes shot towards me. My face held nothing but curiosity. Her eyes rages with fire, and though it should have been deadly frightening, I found it humorous. So she had a fiery side. Would defend her and fellow friends I'd guess, I admired that. I bet she had some balls and would no doubt do alright in a slanging match. She'd be fun to have a match with, but she seemed more like myself, but with the whole look at me thing. I bet she was always used to her beauty opening doors for her. I looked from her icy glare and turned to a curly haired boy next to her. He was muscled, but not intimidating. He seemed more open to concepts and was no doubt a life and soul of the party – I can empathize.

He looked to me, and I saw a mirrored curiosity. His face broke to a smile and it was warm and friendly. He could easily lighten a situation, I admired that. I smiled back with out thinking. He wasn't one to strike the fear of god into you, but I bet he could if he wanted. I could see him with a big red ribbon around his neck – a giant teddy bear. But he was of that personality that would crack jokes. I knew we wouldn't gel and my smile left at this. Though there was an edge of defense about him when he looks at the blonde.

Next to him was a petit black hair female. My eyes were struck by intense hyper activity. We wouldn't get along. I can't stand the activeness. She was wearing designer clothes, like my closet. She looked at me and there was a sort of knowing look in her golden eyes. No, we wouldn't mix. I hate the know it alls. They ruin everything and are totally boring. I bet she was infectious. I won't test that theory. She seemed to be constantly happy, and I admired that.

Next to her was a blonde male. He was not a big as the brown haired man, he couldn't be called lad. He stared at me, it was with a fury. Maybe he could tell that I was analyzing his crush and didn't like it. He seemed, calm. Though there was a hint of the whole guardian role. I bet he'd do absolutely anything to protect those he loved. I admired that. There was a touch of frantic to his eyes, like his self control was being tested. He wouldn't be one to push. I think he would, when he did, snap and turn to a massive rampage of sorts.

Next to him was a bronze haired boy. He had black eyes and they were boring down on mine. No doubt trying to show fury, but again it didn't work. I smile played on my lips. His expression softens. I bet he is one who is gentlemanly. Perhaps a favourite with the mother who approves of him attitude. Not one to get annoyed, but also not one to cross. Once his choice is made, it's solid. I admired that. He also seemed knowing, but in a different way. I couldn't place it, but maybe like he could read me as I read him. He looked away and the table had a small giggle. They all broke up their food, but I saw none pass their lips. I'll not that. The small girl rose and danced over to dump her food. The way she walked, she seemed content with her life, perhaps a little too gracefully. But of course. I accepted that I knew what they were without thinking it. Edward would know what I was thinking.

"What are you staring at?" Jessica interrupted me.

And so she broke into her gossip on them. I yawned to show un- interest.

"Jess, they could be the most interesting people on the planet, and I still wouldn't want to know. If they want me to know, or if I want to know their life story, then I'll ask them alright. I can't stand gossips" I said the last bit with an edge of annoyance. She seemed infuriated by my words. Go ahead sister I won't take them back. My hand shot my mouth.

"Damn my coat" I had left it in English. I told Angela that I was going to go and get it. I sped out of the room to go to building 4. There wasn't anybody in the classroom. So I got my jacket off the hook and ran to Biology. Oh right, im with him in this lesson. Yippee. Time for that life story.

So what did you people think, Yay/ nay? Another chapter or not?? Flames are welcomed – but put out with whopped cream: D