A Crossover of "Sky High" and "The Incredibles"

Disclaimer: I do not own either movie above. They both belong to Disney.


My name is Violet. I'm part of a family that you may not expect to be made up of super-heroes. There are my parents–Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl–, Dash, Jack-Jack, and me. We're all pretty much amazing, not to brag or anything. But really, we are in no way normal.

My mom? She can really stretch; she's more like a rubber band. My dad possesses the gift of super strength and agility…though he's put on a few pounds since he retired fifteen years ago from the Super world (there was a lawsuit, legal issue, riots, it's complicated). Dash is super fast–both physically and mentally, sometimes he misses things. Jack-Jack, well, he can do it all.

Me? I'm not so amazing. I can turn invisible and form force fields. Not much if your dad can stop a train with his fist and your brother can outrun a racecar.

We've been relocated a lot. You see, Supers aren't really accepted by the public, that's why there's the Super Protection Program, to make sure we don't get found out. Each time someone messes up we get moved to another city or state. Usually it was my dad that messed up…until we were allowed to be super again, only in costume, though. Syndrome's to thank for that.

And then…my dad messed up outside of costume, and we got moved again. But once we got settled into our new place, my parents dropped the biggest shocker of my entire life on me.

I had to go to high school…for Supers.