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"What are you afraid of?"

"Nothing," I snapped.

Edward chuckled and laid his head back. "It's just normal. Planes were meant to fly."

"Planes, yes. Humans, no. If we were meant to be up in the air this high, I would have been born with wings," I said grumpily, gripping my seat.

"Stop being a baby. Besides, by the looks of things, we'll be flying over the Bermuda triangle soon," Edward said tapping the little TV map in front of us. "Our flight may be over sooner than we think. We may be taken by little green men."

"Shut up."

Edward chuckled a little and smoothed his finger down the top of my hand. "Are you looking forward to Mexico?"

I looked at him incredulously and shook my head. "I can't say I am. I still don't trust this plan...not at all. Aro is going to find out, he's going to want to kill you," I whisper shouted.

"If Aro wanted to kill me he would have done it in Italy. No, he needs more from me than that and to be honest, I don't really trust myself around my ex-partner," Edward sneered. "I would be tempted to really put a bullet through his head."

Edward had been awfully quiet about Aro and this whole deal. I can't say that I even knew anything about his partner or what went on because Edward, in his ever frustrating manner, would not let him be mentioned. The plane dipped a little and I let out a squeak, clutching Edward's hand in a vice grip.

"Stop worrying. When we land in Mexico everything is going to be just fine," Edward whispered, leaning his head on mine.

"Don't you mean, if? I don't know if this plane is going to make it through another hour," I groaned, eying the interior and some stewardess at the end of the aisle. "I think I want to throw," I said pursing my lips together.

I could feel Edward smile into my hair and shake his head. "Maybe you should sleep, by the time you wake up we might be there."

"Sleep? How can anyone sleep with this?" I said, clenching my eyes closed as we went down another dip. Edward laughed and looked like he was having the time of his life at an amusement park or something. "I'm glad to see someone is enjoying this torture. Maybe I should rain on your parade by chucking up on that nice jacket of yours."

"Bella, this flight is nearly twenty hours long. You have to sleep sometime. They'll probably dim the lights soon," Edward said as he checked the time on the little monitor in front of him.

"Can I get you anything to drink?"

I looked to my other side to see an overly smiley and overly nice hostess leaning over me. "Anything with alcohol," I said quickly.

"Erm, what she means is fresh orange," Edward chirped in from behind me. I turned to scowl at him and he was piercing me with a smug stare as he mouthed the word 'sugar'. "Right, honey?"

I sighed, knowing he was right and sank down in my seat a little. "Yes. An orange juice, please."

After the woman poured us both a drink, the lights started to dim as Edward had said. "Great. I'm so tired I could sleep for weeks," Edward said with a yawn as he reclined his seat back a little. He just stared at me as I looked him over, a small smile spreading across his face.

"What are you smiling at?" I hissed. "I'm not going to sleep and you can forget about getting a jump under the blankets. So, yeah, you go ahead and sleep," I said annoyed, my eyes getting heavy.

"You really do need to sleep," Edward whispered, pulling me down to lay next to him, my body not giving up a fight.

"I don't understand..."

"I slipped a sleeping pill into your orange...sorry," he said, sounding remorseful.

I frowned and shook my head with a little laugh as I snuggled further into my seat. "Why would you..."

Then it went black.

"...Descending into Mexico City. We hope you enjoyed your flight and will fly with us again."

I rubbed my eyes tiredly and sat up, trying to decipher my surroundings. "What's goin' on?" I said groggily. Edward was next to me, head bowed as he flipped through a safety manual, he looked up at the sound of my voice and raised his eyebrows as he tucked the pamphlet back into the seat in front.

"Ah, you're awake," he smiled, leaning over my armrest.

I planted a swift slap on his cheek. His eyes widening as he registered what I had just done.

"That's for drugging me, Scum."

I crossed my hands over my chest and sat up fully, pushing the ratty airplane blanket off my knees. "Oh, don't be mad. I did it in your best interests," Edward sighed.

"Don't be mad? I'm not mad. I'm fuming! How dare you? How did you know that I was even allowed sleeping pills in my condition, huh? Not to mention you breached the highest of trust! What's next, the date rape drug?"

Edward had a poker face on as he stared at me and I had to look away before I really did hit him.

"Are you finished?"

"Fuck off."

"I know it doesn't affect your condition because my dad's a doctor and believe it or not, I've picked up some stuff on the way...and as for the date rape theory, I don't know how you dare. Especially after it was you, who was always virtually trying to rape me, without the aid of drugs, may I add, when we first met." Edward said seriously.

"That's in a different league and you know it," I said, shrugging him off when he reached for me. "I would never try and drug you."

Edward laughed. "You have never lived with me after I've got drunk and being out round town with the boys."

I sat for a moment and imagined a life. A life where Edward and I had met a different way, were in love and living together...having to put up with his horny, drunk ways and he stumbled in as I was doing the washing up. I could almost feel the wet, sloppy kisses he would drop down my neck as he tried to untie my apron with stumbling fingers, a soft cry from upstairs making him groan into my neck.

I swallowed loudly and shook myself out of my daydream. "I don't think I want to," I said, fastening my seatbelt as the sign came on.

"We're here by the way, told you we would be by the time you woke," Edward sighed.

"Timed it by the prescription bottle did you?" I asked sarcastically.

"Shut up."

"Make me," I challenged.

Edward turned so fast and grabbed my face, his tongue in my mouth before I could really register anything else. I mumbled against his mouth and clutched his arm before I gave in with a sigh and returned his kiss.

Edward pulled away, his breath lingering on my top lip. "Made you," he whispered.

"Cheesy is as cheesy does," I whispered back, shooting him a smirk. "I'm still mad at you," I said giving him the side eye.

Edward leaned back in his seat and smiled. "I thought you weren't mad. I thought you were fuming?"

"Oh, shut up," I scowled.

"Make me."

So I did.

"I'm dying!" I said, fake crying as we stepped out of the airport doors. It was sweltering and humid and I couldn't breathe, walk or do anything other than moan.

"World away from Seattle, isn't it?" Edward said wrapping his t-shirt around my head. He still had his vest top on and I tried not to die even further by drooling at him and those slightly tanned muscles. Not to mention his fuck hot tattoo that was on show for everyone to see. I'm not sure if those sleeping pills had side effects but ever since we got off the plane, all I have wanted to do was have him in my mouth or his head between my thighs.

I bit my lip and he squinted at me, almost as if he knew what I was thinking. "It's too damn hot for public nookie."

I pretended I had no idea what he was talking about and readjusted his shirt on my head. "Even if we were in the north pole it would be too damn hot for public nookie because you sir, are not getting any for that stunt on the plane."

Edward sighed and felt my head. " are too hot, so you want some water?" I swiped his hand away and he laughed loudly. "I should have recorded that for when you see me naked tonight and you feel the need to," he put on a stupid voice, "Date rape me...which I never complain about, unlike you."

I was sick of him and how I could never win an argument with him, so I made a big deal of fanning myself and looked around. "What do we do now?"

Edward reached around his back and pulled out a piece of paper. "We need to get a shuttle bus to Campeche, then from there we go house hunting."

I gasped. "Where are we going to stay until we find a house?"

Edward frowned at me. "This isn't like home, Bella. You find a house here, flash them your cash and you move in ten minutes later. I already checked some of this shit out. We find the right place, the right long as we have the money, we're safe."

Edward tugged our bag of money on his shoulder then grabbed the other two bags, leaving me to carry my own lighter bag.

"It sounds so gangsterish," I said as looked away from some rowdy, pervy Mexicans.

"It kind of is," Edward said, leading me towards a long queue as we dropped our bags. "We'll have to wait here for the bus. Here," he thrust his arm out at me with a bottle of water. "You need to keep hydrated in this heat." I took the bottle off him and unscrewed the cap. He placed two hands on the side of my head and stroked my hair."You especially," he said leaning forward to kiss my head.

It all felt beautifully romantic, like the reality wasn't that we were on the run from both the police and Italian gangsters, who will have now realised that Edward had not gone to Louisville. It kind of felt like we were honeymooning...then I realised that this was obviously the show, what our reason for being here would be to everyone currently looking at us right now.

I took a sip of the slightly warm but soothing water and passed it back to Edward. "It seems so weird."

"What?" Edward mumbled around the top of the water as he took a big gulp.

"That this is it...I mean, we can never go anywhere else now, can we? We're going to be here forever," I said almost to myself, thinking of Emmett, Rose and my dad.

Edward pursed his lips. "Nothing is forever. A long time, maybe? We can go back, eventually...for a fleeting time, you know?"

I wasn't sure that he even believed what he was saying. I swallowed and shielded my eyes. Edward and me were it too. I mean, it wasn't like we could go our separate ways now. I'd have no idea how to survive on my own over here if we ever 'broke up.' Which meant I will have to stay with Edward...forev- for a long time, even if we can't stand each other. For the first time, I started to really understand what Edward was trying to tell me and I avoided all that time I was throwing myself at him. That if we did would change everything and could fuck everything up. He was right.

I felt a little sick and clutched my stomach. "Are you, OK?" Edward said, kneeling down to look at me. "Have you taken your medication? Are you sick? Heatstroke? Here, drink some more water."

I took a long pull of the bottle and shook my head as I wiped my mouth. "M'ok."

"You don't look it."

"I'm fine. It's just the heat...I'm not used to it."

"It'll get better."

"If you say so," I said, rolling my eyes.

There was a loud screech and a metallic thud as the bus came to a stop by the side of us. The queue in front of us seemed to move quickly through a flurry of bags and Mexican accents. In fact, if I looked around I'm pretty sure Edward and I were the only Caucasians around. Edward kept his hand pressed on my back as we boarded our luggage and got onto the bus.

I grimaced at the hot, sweaty smell and the shiny faces that looked up as us from other seats. My hair stuck to my forehead as I kept my hands behind me, clutched onto Edward as I led us down to the back of the bus.

"No one said it would be the Hilton bus," Edward muttered as he took the look on my face as we sat down.

"I want an ice cream," I said, fanning myself with my hand. "In a big juicy cone with lots of sprinkles and raspberry much that it drips off the side and makes my hands all sticky." I hummed in pleasure as the image formed in my head.

"I'll try not to think of that sentence in a dirty way."

I slapped Edward's arm and pulled my hair from where it was stuck down my back under my top. "The sooner we get to Campeche the better. I need a beach."

Edward made an appreciative noise. "Hmm. You in a bathing suit. Don't get me more hot."

I laughed. "I haven't had a chance to do some bikini shopping yet. So it would have to be skinny dipping. Is that OK?"

"Damn tease," Edward groaned.

We were on the bus for hours, only stopping for one toilet break. Edward spent most of his time asleep and because I'd slept so much on the plane I had nothing to do other than look out of the window, roll my eyes at some pervy Mexican's and host Edward's head on my shoulder.

On our last stop the driver shouted something in Spanish and most of the people started to stand up. I nudged Edward with my shoulder and he didn't respond. "Edward," I hissed, pulling his hair.

"Ah," he said, jerking back as he looked at me in shock. "Why did you do that?"

"You wouldn't wake up. I think this is our stop."

Edward glanced out of the window with a frown. He turned to the man beside us, the one who had wholeheartedly been enjoying staring at my boobs this entire journey and asked him something in flawless Spanish. Was there anything he couldn't do?

"SÍ, Señor," the Mexican nodded back.

"Ok, grab your shit. Let's go," Edward said pulling me to my feet.

"Do you have any idea where we actually go from here? Where the nearest houses are?" I said as we walked down the bus, Edward's hand on my back.

"I have an idea."

"But you're not sure?"

"Stop yapping. Trust me."

"Well, that's polite," I hissed. We stepped off the bus and the heat hit me like a freight train. "I thought it couldn't get any hotter," I whimpered. "I was wrong."

Edward rolled his eyes, sweat dripping all down his face. He grabbed our luggage and walked us the back of the bus. "If we can get a cab-"

"They have cabs in Mexico?" I asked perplexed. Edward blinked at me a few times.

"As I was saying, we get a cab and we go here," he held a map in front of my face and pointed to an area that was circled in black ink. "Then, we find the house we want. I did research on this place, not many people go for this area, it's pretty quiet."

"A house on a beach?" I said still looking at the map. "Not in demand? What? Do rapists or something live there?"

Edward shook his head. "Apparently, this area is prone to sand storms and floodings."

"So we're going there because?" I said mildly horrified.

He smirked. "I like to take my chances. And according to Wikipedia there hasn't been either a sand or water storm there since the 70's."

"According to Wikipedia?" I said loudly as Edward thumbed down a car.

A rusty car pulled up and Edward spoke to the driver in Spanish, pointing to the map. I guess the driver knew where it was as Edward began to load our luggage in the trunk. I turned to look at the driver and he gave me a slick smile. I grimaced and pulled my sunglasses back over my eyes in disgust.

The car ride was stuffy and the music was so terrible I felt like tearing my ears off. It didn't help that Edward and the driver were having a loud conversation in Spanish, one that kept making me sigh loudly in annoyance. This made Edward scowl at me and proceed to talk louder before laughing.

I pursed my lips and smiled softly to myself as I stroked my knee, my hand drifting higher and lifting my dress up to the top of my thigh. Edward's mouth seemed to slow a little before he grabbed my hand and held it in place.

I crossed my arms and looked out of the opposite window.


Bella was obviously mad at me as we pulled up outside the housing block. I pulled our luggage out and paid the driver before I turned to her with a snarl. "What is your problem?"

"My problem? All you've done is annoy me or ignore me today. I'm sick of it."

"Ignore you? You've had my full attention for the past few weeks! What more do you want? And that little stunt in the car...I bet the driver liked that!" I spat. It's not that I minded she was hiking up her dress, but I'd rather she did it when it was just me with her. We wouldn't have got far if I had to put a bullet in between the driver's eyes for staring at my girl's legs too long; because they were totally delicious legs.

"Well I was sick of you shouting, in Spanish! I had no idea what you were saying and I don't-" Bella stopped for a moment and I was just about to shout my opinions back when she jerked with a hand over her mouth and suddenly threw up all over the floor.

"Shit," I said pulling a bottle of water out of my bag and rushing towards her. She was spluttering and heaving as I held her hair away from her face. "It must be the heat...or your injection. Fuck, when was the last time you took it?" I handed the bottle to her and urged her to drink.

She took a long drink and coughed loudly. "I'm ok. I need to get inside somewhere."

I looked around and saw a bar, one that looked much nicer than it should for this area. "Come on," I said, hooking my arm around hers. "Let's get you inside."

The coolness of the air conditioning hit us as soon as we stepped inside. There was a group of Mexican's playing poker at the far end of the room and an old, but tender looking bar man who was wiping glasses with a cloth as he noticed our arrival. "Ah, los clientes! Americano? Inglés?"

"Americano. Hablan Inglés?" I asked.

"Lo siento. Pero mi hijo no. Eleazar!"

One of the men from the poker table rose up slowly, throwing some money down. "Que te jordan. La próxima vez," he muttered as he stepped away. The old man behind the bar gestured towards us. "Inglés."

"Is this a honeymoon?" Eleazar chuckled pulling some cigarettes out of his pocket. Bella scowled at him and fanned herself down with her hand. "Oh, apologies fair lady. Can we offer you a drink?"

"Cold coke?" Bella said with a sigh.

"Can I get one too?" I piped up, rubbing my forehead.

"Sure, sure. Papa!" Eleazar told our orders to his father before he turned to me and offered me a cigarette. I took one greedily, prompting Bella to huff and roll her eyes. "I'm Eleazar," he said holding out his hand for me to shake. "My family owns this joint. It's been passed down generations."

"Looks a good place," I said, lighting my cigarette up.

Eleazar shrugged and picked up his cold beer his father passed to him before sliding across our cokes. "So what are you doing so far from home?"

"We're moving here," Bella said breathlessly as she put down her half empty glass of coke. "Oh god, that was good."

"Moving?" Eleazar said loudly with a chuckle. "Here? What in Christ would possess you?" I shrugged and looked away, taking a drink of my own coke. Eleazar was squinting at me before he bit his lip and laughed loudly, pointing his cigarette in my direction. "You are on the run, no?"

Bella whipped her head round towards me with wide eyes. "No."

I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose. I knew he wouldn't believe me if I lied, they're too used to running into people like us. "Yeah. But for something I didn't do."

Eleazar laughed and took a drink of his beer. "Always is."

"I'm not lying."

"So, do you have a place yet?" he asked.

"No. I have enough money. We can see some of the ones across the road are free, we were hoping we could pick one of those up."

Eleazar laughed loudly and stubbed his cigarette out. "I own them too. So, it seems you have come to the right place. What price are you willing to pay?"

I hesitated a moment, trying to take in how fast the situation was moving. "Four thousand."

"US dollars?"

"Yes," I said, not wanting to shaft him out.

"Ay, ay, ay. Deal," he laughed holding out his hand again. "See. Let's go across and you can pick which one you want before we start for business," he said, his eyes lighting up.

"Well, that was easy," Bella commented, starting her second glass of coke that had been passed towards us."Muchas Gracias..."

"Alvaro," the old man behind the bar smiled at Bella.

"Bella," she nodded.

"Beautiful, no?" Eleazar said, smirking at me.

"Absolutely," I smiled, putting my arm around her shoulders.

"So, let's go find you your dream home," Eleazar said with a dark chuckle as he took one last sip of his beer.


The light flickered overhead and I wiped my forehead with a tissue. "Can we get the next slide?"

I could hear half the men grumbling about the heat of the room and the other half seemed to be dozing.

The next slide clicked on and I pointed at it on the big screen. "This is their last known location. A mansion owned by Peter Jenks. When questioned, Mr Jenks insisted that the pair had only stopped and asked for food and shelter for the night, before departing the next morning. Location unknown."

"Why would a man, who is obviously very rich take in some strangers?"

"He claims he was being...charitable. Also, that Mr Cullen scared him. Apparently he had a gun. Which isn't a surprise."

"Wouldn't this be a perfect chance for Bella to escape though, sir?"

I gritted my teeth and looked away. "Not if he had her at gun point too. I know my daughter, she would have left if she could." My darling baby girl.

"But...what if you're wrong?" I turned to look at the nervous figure of Mike Newton. "I mean, what if she was OK with him. What if he treated her right? You know, I just-"

"Newton. Are you implying my daughter is willingly with Edward?" Mike looked away from me nervously, a story behind his eyes. "You were Edward's best student. He almost liked you. Have you had any contact with him?"

"What? No?" Mike protested. "I was just considering the options!"


"What about James, sir?" Blake asked.

"What about him?"

"He left the force last year after what happened. They were partners. Maybe he's helping Edward."

"That's a good thought. Write it down." Blake nodded and began scribbling it in his notepad. "Now, I have trust in you boys. I expect the best from you...especially in this case." I nodded slowly, "Ok, you all can go. But, not you Newton."

Chairs scraped and chatter filled the room before everyone left. Mike was looking nervous as he blinked rapidly and shifted his feet. "Yes, sir?"

"I want you to tell me about everything you learned from Edward Cullen."

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