As she shook my hand, I noticed she had a certain grip to it. Like she had this pain and she wanted to take it out on my hand.

I quickly pulled away and looked down at my feet. There was a slight awkward silence between us.

I'm having an awkward silence with someone that I just met.

In my new school.

In my new town.

"Well," I started, breaking the awkward silence," I'll see you around, I guess."

Mariah smiled and nodded.

On with my life.

In the caf, I swear I was having a heat stroke.

There were so many people in this huge cafeteria.

My first instinct was to go on the lunch line being formed.

Once it was my turn, I looked at the most beautiful person I've ever met. But she was a lunch lady.

She had straight black hair, non wrinkled skin (which was olive colored), and big, brown eyes.

"Hola." she said, with a deep latin accent.

"Hola." I replied, a bit softly. Thank God I was half Cuban.

"Que tu quiere comer? What would you like to eat senorita?" the lunch lady, whose name was Gloria, asked.

"Just a hamburger please." I replied, looking around.

She placed the plate with hamburger and fries on my tray and told me to have a nice day.

I better make a note to get her phone number.

This was the worst part of lunch.

Trying to find where to sit.

I was about to take a step into hell when someone yelled my name.

It was Mariah, the girl I had ran into today.

I walked over to her with a smile plastered on my face.

She was smiling her heart out. "Hey Cam. Oh, can I call you that?"

"Sure." I said, a little too quickly.

I looked around the table and saw a pale skinned girl with brown hair and gray-blue eyes.

I think she caught me staring at her because she looked up from her lunch and smiled slightly at me.

She was extremely beautiful.

Is it me or do everyone today I meet have pale skin and beautiful eyes?

"I'm Jazmine, it's nice to meet you." the beautiful girl said.

I didn't know what came over me but I was actually intimidated by her.

She had such a soft, smooth, and beautiful voice.

It was like music that flowed with the river.

My throat tightend as I said, "I'm Cameron."

Yep, Cameron McAfee.

The one in the new school of this new town.

The one with such a dark past there seemed not to be any light in the present.