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Derek was getting antsy. This was their third day at the safe house, and so far, absolutely nothing had happened. No news, no plans, no attacks. Just lots of sitting. Just like now. None of the other supernaturals who passed through briefly were willing to talk to them about anything of importance, not even Andrew. They must have been planning something. To do otherwise would just be ridiculous. Did the adults assume that they were too young to handle it? Because that was silly. They'd been doing a pretty decent job so far. They were still alive, after all. Did they think that keeping them out of it would make them feel safer? Not even Tori was that stupid.

Derek was beginning to feel caged. Andrew had specifically forbade them to leave the confines of the house. Wandering past the porch would be dangerous, as the magical wards would reach no further. If anyone was trying a locator spell on them, indoors was the safest place to be. It was logical, if not exactly liberating.

Derek, Simon, and Chloe were together in the family room. Tori was most likely still in her room…doing whatever Tori did when she wasn't around and being completely obnoxious. Derek didn't know, nor did he particularly care to know. Quite the contrary, he hoped she stayed there, out of his sight and off of his nerves for as long as possible.

Chloe and Simon sat unnecessarily close to one another on the loveseat.

Derek glanced again, for what felt like the thousandth time, at their comfortably intertwined fingers. His shoulders tensed and his chest tightened. They sure had been doing a lot of that lately. Maybe they had finally decided to take a few steps forward with their relationship.

Good…he told himself. This is the way it should be. The fact that it made him so angry that he briefly considered snapping off his own brother's fingers was proof enough that Simon was the best choice.

His own brother! His best friend! His only friend for the longest part of his life. And here Derek was contemplating, if only for a brief moment, maiming him because of a simple, natural, pleasant gesture. A gesture that any normal person would extend to a friend during hard times. Right?

Being sociable was always so easy for Simon. He made friends so effortlessly it was almost annoying. Each and every girl he ever set his sights on gravitated towards him willingly and easily.

Even this girl.

Simon leaned in closer to her and whispered something that made a smile bloom on her face. Derek didn't hear what it was, or rather, he was unable to comprehend it, because the wolf, the monster, suddenly raged to life once more, clouding his mind and demanding that he step forward and take what was his.

His? Please. Derek forced the rage down, all the while maintaining a calm countenance and resisting the urge to roll his eyes at the sheer ludicrousness of his impulsive thoughts. Chloe belonged to him about as much as Simon belonged to Tori. He was being completely illogical. Why would he want Chloe in the first place? Why should he?

She was attractive, sure, but Derek was never exactly the type to get all worked up over pretty eyes and appealing figures. At least, he never had been before.

Simon used to bring girls home all the time, girls who would be considered gorgeous by anyone's standards. Willowy, blonde cheerleaders. Curvy brunettes. Sporty volleyball players and cute punk girls. You name it. But they never sparked a bit of interest in Derek.

Beauty is so superficial anyway. They never looked at Derek with anything more than shock or mild disgust, and frankly, Derek never cared.

Chloe was clumsy, always getting herself into stupid and dangerous situations. Sometimes he wondered if she was born without common sense or natural survival instincts. The way she walked into danger so naively seriously put him in a bad mood. If he was completely honest with himself though, he had to admit that he did find her…interesting…for many of the same reasons that she so often made him furious. After all, it was her caring nature that made her so oblivious to her own personal safety when others were in need.

For instance, it was downright ludicrous for her to stay by his side during the frightful Changes he went through. If she were any less kind or selfless, she would have turned and run. If she were any more sensible, she would have left him alone…

Chloe's laughter brought him out of his thoughts. He looked at her for a while, her cheerful face, her eyes sparkling, brow raised in amused shock as she aimed a playful jab at his brother's shoulder.

Simon made her feel better, made her happy. He didn't yell at her or scowl for no good reason. He wasn't dangerous. He couldn't accidentally snap her arm in half while trying to embrace her. Derek was completely wrong for her in every way.

So, this is good, he told himself. This is what she wants. It's what she should want. I do not care about her.

The wolf in him made one last feeble attempt to spur him to heated revenge against Simon, but by this point Derek was just too drained. Besides he could never, would never, actually do anything to harm his brother in any way. He cared for Simon more than he cared for himself.

"Derek, are you feeling okay?" Chloe asked. "You seem sort of out of it."

"What? Of course I'm fine," he snapped in reply. She raised an eyebrow, clearly not impressed, then walked up to him and placed a hand on his forehead. He smacked her hand away lightly, particularly annoyed due to his earlier train of thought.

"No fever, but…"
"Chloe, I said I was fine. Leave me alone."

"Jesus, Derek. Get a grip," Simon interjected, somewhat irritated at his brother's inexplicable and ceaseless rudeness "Come on, Chloe. I'm going to go check out the library, want to come? Just let him sit here. You know he doesn't need a reason to be a jerk."

"No thanks," she replied smiling, "The moldy stench in there makes me sneeze, but you go ahead." Simon shrugged, shook his head at Derek, and walked off down the hallway. When he was out of hearing range Derek snapped,

"You know, you really can just go." He didn't want to be such an irritable ass, but it was just so hard not to be when Chloe acted all concerned, like he was some pitiable child. "I'm sure Simon is a lot more fun." She laughed.

"Sure. You're not exactly a box of sunshine most of the time, but you've got your good points. I'm not going to just let you sit here and brood Derek. We're friends right? So tell me what's wrong."

"Nothing! Being cooped up all the time just makes me irritable is all. Why won't you just leave it alone?" He pleaded. She looked into his eyes, brow furrowed.

"Because I care Derek."

He really wished she did, in ways that just weren't possible.