It's Friday. Normally for all the actors except for me at Condor Studios, Friday meant lots of wild parties and hooking up. Butm after much pleading, I finally got the rest of the So Random cast [minus Zora] to have a normal sleepover at my apartment instead, while my mom is out of town. So now, I wait outside my bedroom window waiting for Tawni's car to finally pull up. It was only 3:30, and the party wasn't starting until 6, but she said that she needs to "make me pretty" for some reason. I really hope she isn't planning to drag me to some club instead or take me on a blind date.

I popped in an orange flavored tic-tac right when Tawni's bright pink convertible pulled up, and rushed to the door.

"Hey Tawni!" I greeted her. "Hey Sonny" she squealed she pulled me in for a hug. She looked strangely happier than usual, and not for herself. "What are you so excited about?" she bounced up and down a little and looked like she was really thinking about what she was about to say. "Just a guy." I smiled widely and led her to my room She began "making me pretty" as I wondered about the boy.

"So when do I meet him?"

"Oh, you'll see him soon." she promised hesitantly, as she put more blush on me.

"Why are you giving me a make-over anyway? I thought we were just having a sleepover… Oh no. What did you do?"

"Sonny, as my brother always told me, always expect the unexpected."

I nodded. She was planning something. I could tell. But what? As my mind began to consider the possibilities, she interrupted me by the noise of her putting the curling iron down. "Ta da!"

I looked in the mirror and gasped at my reflection. My hair was slightly curled, my bangs trimmed to perfection. I had just the right amount of make up on that highlighted my natural beauty. I stood up and leaned closer to the glass and touched my face. "Thanks so much Tawn!" she smiled at her work. "It's the least I could do. But remember, if you ever get mad at me, remember how much you love me right now." Suddenly, she stopped smiling and glared at my sweat suit I was wearing. "Are you really gonna be wearing that tonight?" I rolled my eyes. "Relax. It's just a sleepover with Grady and Nico. Right? Unless you had another idea…" I prompted her. "Nope. No other ideas. Just a normal night at Sonny Monroe's house. But still, change your clothes. For me."

"Fine." I said as I led her to my closet.

"No, no, no…" she kept saying as she invaded my closet and threw anything "ugly" to the corner of my room. Finally, her eyes lit up as she pulled out a low cut tank top and shorts. Nothing special. She threw them to me and I changed into it. Turned out, the tank top was even more low cut than I thought, and the shorts were more like super short-shorts. "Tawni, I can't wear this!" now it was her turn to roll her eyes. "Why not? Like you said, it's just Grady and Nico. They think of you as a sister. It's not like you'll be getting them horny or anything." she shrugged. "Alright fine. But I refuse to wear these 'shorts' with them. They're practically underwear!"

"Fine, fine." she huffed and searched through my closet again. She took out a pair of dark wash skinny jeans with rips in them. I slid them on and sighed happily. "Much better."

"Yeah, yeah." she said as we came out of my room and into the living room. I plopped down on the couch and watched Mackenzie Falls [my secret addiction, that I will never tell to ANYONE. Ever] while Tawni made her way to my bathroom to "making herself even more prettier" which apparently was very hard to do.

"This was supposed to be my night!" Chad, playing Mackenzie yelled. I have to admit, even when he extremely over-acts, he's really cute. No. I did not just think that. Snap out of it Sonny. Even though you watch Mackenzie Falls mainly to see him, squeal whenever a part with him comes up, and imagine you playing his love interest, does NOT mean you like him. In fact, you hate him. Right. Maybe if I keep telling myself that, I'll eventually believe it.

Tawni came out of the bathroom and I looked up from the TV when we heard a hard rapping on the door. "Sonny! Let us in! I have to use the bathroom. NOW!" a voice that sounded like Nico's, yelled. "Yeah and I have to eat!"

"Man didn't you just eat like two hot dogs on the way here?"

"Shh, no one has to know that." Grady replied.

Tawni and I giggled as I opened the door and the two boys came rushing in.

A few minutes later when they returned they both had the same stunned/disgusted expression on their face. "Mackenzie Falls?" they said simultaneously.

Tawni giggled knowingly. She found out about my obsession a while ago when I was watching it in our dressing room. "Yes, Mackenzie Falls. Now shh. Its the best part." They all obeyed and remained quiet until the commercial, thankfully.

"So who wants to order a pizza?" I asked. Grady raised his hand and jumped up for the phone.

An hour later, we were enjoying the pizza while we continued watching the Mackenzie Falls marathon. "Oh, hey Sonny, can you get my cell phone? I left it in your room." I groaned, "Why do I have to get it?"

"Because Mackenzie and Penelope are about to kiss, and I know you don't wanna see that." she grinned. I didn't bother asking her what she meant, because it was pretty obvious. "For the last time, I do not like Chad!" they all chuckled. "Sure, sure, Sonny. Just get my cell phone." I glared at her until she got up. "Fine, fine. Wouldn't want you to miss a minute of Mackenzie Falls!" I watched her walk out, and she looked out the window and squealed at whatever she saw. She came running out seconds later, and I heard a knock at the door.

She grinned and sang, "We have company!" I didn't bother to look up to see who was there, because I was way too wrapped up in Mackenzie Falls. I practically melted when I saw Chad shirtless. It was just…why he was shirtless, in the scene. The drama of it all. Not that I like seeing Chad shirtless or anything. Of course not.

I heard her open the door, and heard the voice that I know so well.

"Hey Sonnay!"