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Last time on LSCMWAP Bella and Edward headed to Chicago, had dinner with the asshat that is Edward Sr. Bella and Edward take the next step in their relationship. Yup. They went there.

And now this is EPOV of the remainder of the trip. Enjoy. Read and review!

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You told me you wanted to eat up my sadness
Well jump on, enjoy, you can gorge away

Don't get offended
If I seem absent minded
Just keep telling me facts
And keep making me smile
Don't get offended
If I seem absent minded
I get tongue-tied
Baby, you've got to be more discerning
I've never known what's good for me
Baby, you've got to be more demanding
I will be yours

This Modern Love by Bloc Party


Waking up next to Bella was one of the greatest moments I'd ever experienced. And waking up to Bella completely naked, well that was a whole other level of nirvana. We'd been having a great week then that dinner with my jackass father happened. I had lost it. I couldn't believe the shit he had said right in front of her.

Couldn't he see that I was the one who was corrupting her? That it was I holding her back? She could do so much better than me, yet she still stayed. I don't think I could take her leaving. I still remembered that day she decided to be just friends. I freaked. I had to have her. No one else. It was selfish, I know, but I ccouldn't help it.

I just wished I knew how to treat her better. Like the dumbass that I am, I left her planted after dinner with my father. I had been so pissed off. I could've hit my dad had Nena not stepped in. What a mess that would have been. I couldn't control the waves of anger that had washed over me every time I thought about what he had said. I had needed to get out. I had needed to be alone.

I am such a dick. Her look just before I had left haunted me. She had been pissed, hurt, and worried all at the same time. I should have stayed and told her how I felt, but like a coward I ran. All through my walk I couldn't stop seeing that look on her face. I was still so angry with my father, so I kept walking. I needed to stop letting him control me. All my life I have let him control the direction of my life. I didn't want to be a lawyer. I didn't want to take over the family business. I didn't want to be my father. He, who destroyed everything he touched.

I didn't want to hurt anyone anymore, especially Bella. She was kind, and extremely beautiful. She didn't even see it. I've hurt her enough already. It was time for a change. It was finally time to make things right.

I ran back towards the hotel. It was beginning to rain so I ran faster. I stopped by a flower shop and bought her the biggest bouquet I could find. I know material things mean nothing to her, but I knew it couldn't hurt.

It was pouring by the time I got to the hotel. I didn't care how deranged I looked as I ran up the stairs to the suite. I flung the door open and Bella walked out of the bedroom looking a little scared. She was so small and looked so sad. Her eyes were puffy from crying. When she saw me standing in front of her she began to cry.

Please don't cry my Bella, I had thought.

I began spouting words that probably made no sense. She slowly walked up to me and then she stood right in front of me. I looked at her and prayed she saw how sorry I was was. Then she silenced me with her fierce kisses. I kissed her back. It was just how my body reacted to her. I needed to be with her. I pulled her up and her legs wrapped around my waist. She always felt so amazing. I walked us to the bedroom and sat her down.

I knew I needed to stop. I shouldn't corrupt her anymore. I'm no good for her. Why couldn't she see that? Shirt gone. Pants gone. I couldn't stop. I've never wanted anyone as much as I wanted Bella. And that scared me shitless.

She was perfect. All of her.

It was around ten in the morning and Bella was still asleep. She was really not a morning person. She moved and snuggled closer to me. I gently stroked her skin. It was soft.

"Stop violating me while I'm sleeping," she mumbled.

I smiled. "I can't help myself."

A lazy smile played out on her lips. She moved around and found the menu and began looking at the breakfast offerings. "Today I want a bacon and sausage omelet and french toast."

"Already ordered," I said with a smile.

"Sweet." Bella got up and tied her hair in a bun. "I had the weirdest dream last night."

Oh, this ought to be good.

"I dreamt that you and I were walking and I was wearing these baggy clothes and my pants kept falling down. And you were wearing my favorite dress with heels." I looked at her with a shocked expression. She just nodded. "I know. Weird I tell you. And then if that didn't get any weirder, Alice, Rose, Emmett and Jasper were all oompa loompas and they mugged your father in an alley, like in the movies. Then I smothered him with a taco from Taco Bell."

"Weird, right?" she asked.

Weird is putting it nicely. "Weird is one word." She made a face at me in return.

"I don't know what I love more; Emmett as an oompa lumpa or my dad being smothered by Taco Bell," I said truthfully.

"Mmm, Taco Bell," Bella murmured.

"I'll get you Taco Bella later, I promise. But first let's go meet my mother for lunch. She'd kill me if we were late," I said.

Bella stood there looking a little pale. I knew she was nervous to meet my mother after what had happened with my father. My mother was nothing like my dad. She was his polar opposite. I guess I'm not surprised things had ended between them. My mother deserved better than what she had been getting. I knew she was seeing a guy named Peter and I think they fit well together. He is the owner of a an organic market. It's popular among the rich people.

"Trust me. My mother will love you and you'll love her." I pulled her in for a hug and she held me tightly.

"I know. What's not to love?" she joked. I laughed and kissed the top of her head.

"Now, I need a shower," Bella said and slipped off her shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra. She smirked at me when I stood there frozen. "Care to join me?"

It took me a second before I chased her into the bathroom. She giggled when I threw her over my shoulder. It was a very productive shower, if I do say so myself.

We were running a little late to meet my mother for lunch. Bella couldn't make up her mind about her outfit. I told her that she looked good in anything, but she said I had no idea what I was talking about and that I was rushing her. This took like twenty minutes. I saw that she was wearing Mini Masen lingerie. I didn't think it was important to tell her that my mother was founder of that company. It would only freak her out more.

Finally we were in the car and on the way to the headquarters of Mini Masen Co. I just prayed she didn't kill me after she found out the truth. We arrived and I directed her into Mini Masen and Bella looked confused.

"Oh, is there something you needed to pick up before you meet your mother? Perhaps you need a lacy thong," she joked.

I smirked and didn't answer her as I headed to the front desk. There was a young woman, probably in her late twenties. The minute she saw me, she stood up straight and smiled seductively. Or so she tried.

"I'm here to see Elizabeth. We have a lunch date at one," I said.

"Sure. You can just head up to the elevator. I'll let her know you're on your way," she said. Then she turned to Bella and glared at her. Girls are so catty.

Bella smiled at her and slipped hand through my arm and said, "Thanks."

Then she pulled me towards the elevator. We stepped inside and I looked down at her with a smirk. She punched my arm. "Shut up."

"Wait, what are we doing here?" she asked. "Does your mother work here?"

"Something like that," I answered.

We stepped off the elevator and I directed her to my mother's office. The front of her door said, 'Liz Masen.'

I heard Bella curse. "Wait a second." Her eyes opened wide like saucers. "No way..."

By then I had already knocked on the door and I heard my mother rushing to get the door. Bella smacked my arm hard. "Edward Masen, you are in big trouble."

Then the door swung open and my mother immediately pulled me in for a bear crushing hug.

"My beautiful boy," she cried. "I missed you so much!" She hugged me tightly and kissed my cheeks multiple times.

"Ma, don't embarrass me," I said. I could feel my cheeks turn pink. Bella would never let me live this down. That smirk on her face is dangerous.

She pushed me aside when she saw Bella. She looked at her and I could tell it made Bella nervous.

"Mom, this is Isabella. She's my girlfriend," I said.

My mother stared at me with her jaw on the floor. Geeze, mom. It was bound to happen. That's what she always said, though I'd never believed her.

Bella stepped forward and stuck out her arm. "Bella Swan, it's so nice to meet you." My mother, being her, pulled her in for a bone crushing hug. Bella looked extremely surprised and I just smiled. That's Liz Masen for you. She was very in your face and said exactly what was on her mind and did exactly what was on her mind.

"Oh, Edward, she's so beautiful! How could you not tell me you had a girlfriend?" she asked.

"And how could you not tell me that your mother is the Liz Masen, owner of Mini Masen?" Bella asked, giving me 'the brow.' Oh, I'm definitely in trouble.

"Well, you never asked," I responded.

She punched my arm in the same spot she had last time. Bella punches hard for a girl. "Yeah, because that's the first thing I would ask my boyfriend. Is your mother the owner of the most amazing lingerie that ever existed? No, Edward. That doesn't happen."

"Okay, you're right. But did you have to hit me? " I rubbed my arm.

She scowled at me. "I should have hit you harder so don't complain."

My mother was smirking at our interaction. "Edward, I love her. She's perfect." She turned to Bella. "Now, Bella, what are you thinking being with my son? He's just like his father, so tough."

"Mother. I'm right here."

"I know, dear. Anyway, like I was saying, be careful, Bella. Now, tell me something. Have you ever considered modeling?"

"No." I responded quickly at which Bella snorted loudly.

"I was talking to Bella, dear," my mother said in amusement.

"No, she will not model nude for your collection," I said. The thought of millions of guys looking at my Bella like she's a piece of meat made me angry. No. No way is she doing that.

Bella couldn't hold it in and began laughing uncontrollably. She looked at my mother and smiled. "I have never seen Edward like this before. I have to say it's quite entertaining. Now to answer your question, I've never really thought of modeling. I'm too clumsy and awkward. I take pictures. I'm hardly in them."

"Oh, a photographer! That's exciting." The two of them went on and on about pictures and what style of photos that Bella took. To be honest I had no idea what they were talking about, but you could tell Bella was passionate about what she said. She used her hands when she was excited about something.

Our lunch was catered to us and Bella was the center of attention. I didn't mind that one bit. Normally my mother would be pestering me about my future and doing something I loved instead of what my father told me. And asking me about when was I going to get a girlfriend. Talking about Bella is much better.

"You two are coming to dinner at the house tonight. You have to meet Peter, he'd just love you, Bella," my mother said, as our plates were being cleared by the staff.

"How is Peter doing?" I asked.

My mother lit up like a Christmas tree. I loved how he took care of her, unlike my father had. He truly had been a bastard to her. She'd been dating Peter for about a year now and I've never seen her so happy.

"He's doing well. He's expanding his business. Thinking about opening a few stores in California."

"California? That's pretty amazing. I'm sure Hollywood could use a place like that. Crazy celebrities always looking for organic food." Because that's what one wants in food, organic plain tasting shit. Though Peter's store, GOrganic, had good selections that didn't taste like shit.

"Thats great to hear," I said. Bella gave me a look and then I explained what Peter did.

"Oh, I love that store! Haley, Erin, and I are obsessed with that store," Bella said.

"Those girls play volleyball with you, right?" mom asked.

She nodded her head.

"Peter is always looking for some sort of advertising and I know school sponsors are a big one for him. I know he'd be interested in being a sponsor for the girls volleyball team. I know you are all great players."

"Oh, my God. That is so awesome and completely unreal! Completely unnecessary though," Bella said.

"What's unnecessary?"

We all turned around and saw Peter walking towards us. He smiled brightly at my mother the moment their eyes met. He was tall, blond, and blue-eyed. He kissed my mother softly. They fit perfectly together.

"Peter, I want you to meet Edward's girlfriend Bella," Esme said.

Peter shot me a quick look and then turned to smile at Bella. "Girlfriend? Well, let me just say it's a pleasure to meet you."

I surreptitiously flipped him off without my mother and Bella seeing. The bastard just smirked at me. I shook my head as the conversation started to flow. We talked about Esme's idea of GOrganic sponsering UDUB's girls volleyball team. Peter thought it was a great idea.

"You don't need to to this," Bella argued.

"Yes, we do. And, it's not up for discussion," Esme said. Bella smiled and ran up to hug both Esme and Peter.

"Thank you." I could tell they were surprised at Bella's boldness, but I could tell my mother was extremely touched.

After we finished eating my mother kicked Peter and myself out of her office. She claimed she needed some girl time with Bella. "Scoot. I need to spend time with Bella. Maybe show her around the photoshoot."


My mother smiled at me. She is wicked sometimes. Peter went back to work and I went strolling downtown and went into a small coffee shop. I walked around some more and picked up a few souvenirs for Emmett, Jasper, Alice, and Rosalie. Then I just headed back to the hotel.

I was reading a book when I heard Bella come in. She kicked open the bedroom door and walked in with at least four bags from Mini Masen. She dumped those on the floor and smiled at me then walked back out and I heard her voice. She was talking to the bell boy. She came back with another three bags.

"What's all this?" I asked.

"Your mother is insane and I love her so much. Words can't describe how I feel about her." She began shuffling all the bags. "She gave me a bunch of stuff. I told her to charge me for some of it, but she wouldn't hear it."

"She even had me pick out a few things for Alice and Rose. I have a few birthday presents for Haley and Erin too. And check this out," she said pulling out a bag out of another bag. Geeze that's a shitload of lingerie. "She gave me stuff to try out from her new collection. This doesn't even come out until Fall."

Bella talked animatedly about how she, Rose and Alice would be some of the first people to get their hands on this collection. I loved seeing her so happy like this. I needed to say thank you to my mother for all this. Some of the pieces Bella was showing me left little to the imagination. I couldn't wait to see some of this stuff on her.

"Now your mother said she wants us at six o'clock. No later. And I'm starving again so can we go get Taco Bell now?" I couldn't help but laugh. I nodded.

As we walked out Bella gave me a hug, then wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. She wasn't gentle about it either. I didn't mind. She pulled away and smiled so brightly at me.

"This has been an amazing trip. Thank you so much for everything. I'm gonna be really sad to go home tomorrow," she said. She pecked me again and skipped off to the elevator. She reminded me of Alice for a second. I chuckled and quickly followed her.

We brought Taco Bell back to the suite and watched a movie as we ate. We watched the Hangover and Bella passed out sometime before the movie ended. I pulled the covers over her and she snuggled closer to my side. There was too much on my mind for me to take a nap.

Bella was something different. She made me feel. I wasn't used to it. But I didn't want to run. I couldn't run from her anymore. There was no going back. Ever. She was the one I wanted all the time. The thought wasn't as scary as it used to be.

I looked at her and brushed her hair off of her face. I kissed her cheek gently. I carefully got out of bed and took a shower. Bella was awake when I came out and she ran into the bathroom and screamed she needed to pee and why wasn't I a normal guy who took five minute showers? I only took twenty-five minutes. That doesn't seem like a lot.

Bella came out of the shower squealing. She towel dried her hair and was just in her underwear.

"Look at how cute this is!" She turned around and I marveled at her beauty. She was wearing a red lacy bra and matching underwear.

I walked up to her and gave her behind a squeeze. She squirmed. "Edward we have to meet your mother in thirty minutes."

"Oh, we have plenty of time." I silenced her with a kiss. By the time we got to my mother's, we were half an hour late. I didn't mind.

Bella fixed her hair and straightened out her dress. I loved Bella's long hair. It was one of the first things I had noticed about her. I knocked on the door and Peter opened it and ushered us inside. We sat while he made a few drinks. He handed two margaritas to Bella.

"Esme requests your presence. Now don't go crazy with these," he said with a wink.

She laughed. "We'll try not to but I make no promises."

"An effort is all I ask."

Bella walked past me and winked at me. I smiled and watched her as she left. "She's something else," Peter said.

"That she is."

Peter and I began to talk business and then we were called to dinner by the ladies. We talked, though Bella did most of the talking. There was laughter. Lots of of it. I sat back and watched mostly. I saw my mother talking animatedly with Bella. I saw how impressed Peter was with her. She seemed to fit so perfectly here. And that didn't scare me for once.

This entire trip had gone by way too fast. We were heading back to Forks tomorrow and back to school in a week. The trip here to Chicago was the moment Bella and I took our relationship to the next level, and not just physically. She made all the bad things in my life disappear with just a touch from her. I needed Bella. I just wish I knew how to keep her around and not fuck things up like I usually do.

Will he mess things up? Dun dun dun. Who knows? Maybe its Bella? Hope you liked it! Next chapter we're back at Forks and the gang is getting ready for a new school year. And don't forget to review :)