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Chapter 1:

(Bella's Pov)

I can't believe it. It's been six whole months since he left. To some people it seems irrational that I act the way I do about them leaving, considering I only knew them for a little of 9 months. But what they didn't understand was, the he wasn't just a crush or a boyfriend, he was my life. And when he left I didn't just lose him, I lost a whole family, life, and future. I lost all my dreams along with them too. It still hurts to think of him but right now, while I'm alone, I was allowing it. I was thinking of all this as I was walking into my room, just getting home from school. Just as I was almost to my bed, I tripped. "Big surprise." I muttered to myself. I then got up and turned around to find out what I tripped over. When I looked down, I saw a loose floorboard. I bent down to try to push it back in place when something caught my eye.

I carefully lifted the floorboard back up and picked up the small box that was in the gap. With shaking hands I lifted the lid to look at its contents.

I looked at all the items that were in the little blue box, and the hole in my chest started to flare up. In there were the gifts from my birthday, the pictures I had taken, and two folded pieces of paper that looked like notes of letters. There was also a smaller red pouch that I had never seen before. I pulled all the pictures and gifts out and shakily laid them on the bed as silent tears fell.

I then slowly sat back down and picked up the first note. It was heavy, almost like parchment. On the front was my name printed in his elegant script. I warily opened up the note, scared of what it might contain.

Dearest Bella,

Love, I'm so sorry. You will never be able to comprehend how sorry I am for leaving you. I have hurt you and my family. Bella, please know that I never meant for this to happen. I hope you don't find this for a few years, so it won't ruin your chances of moving on. But in a way I hope you do find it so you can know the truth. Bella, I love you, I've always loved you and will always. I left you that day in the woods because I didn't want to put you in danger any longer. Please know that everything I said that day was a lie. I love you, Bella. I will understand if you move on but I never will. My heart will always belong to you.

Love, Your Edward

By the end I was sobbing. I couldn't believe it. Edward loved me. He really did love me. As I contemplated this I realized that some part of me, maybe me subconscious, never doubted his love for me. I then remembered the other note. I picked it up and on the front, again, was my name, but in a slightly different hand.

Dear Bella,

Oh, Bella. I miss you already. You must know that we still love you, all of us. We didn't leave because that wasn't true, we left to protect you. Anyways… back to the point. I found out that Edward was leaving you your things and where. No matter how much he tries to hide it I know he can't life without you. I also know you Bella, I knew from the start that us leaving you would never work. I don't know when you will find this, if ever, but hopefully soon. When you find this, if you still want, I want to help you. Look in the red sachet. In there you will find everything you.

Love, find out soon

Again, by the time I was finished reading I was crying and my heart was beating audibly in my chest. I carefully picked up the red bag and pulled out its items.

Inside were two more pieces of paper and a big envelope of money. I picked up the first note and on it was a phone number. On the second was a simple request that brought a lump into my throat. It read,

"Be Safe."

I quickly picked up the paper with the number and made my way down the stairs to the phone. I dialed the number while by whole body shook. I regained my breath just in time to lose it again as a familiar voice answered on the other end.

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