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Chapter One

"Come on Amu, were going to be late". Rima pulled Amu along on their way to music class. This event happened everyday they had music. Amu loved music and was good at it, but every time it came to performing nerves would get hold of her and she would bottle it, switching on to the 'cool and spicy' Amu she was renowned for. All her friends knew her talent and pushed her to showcase them. But each time she tried; BAM! Frozen! Faints! Next stop nurses office.

"Yeah, yeah Rima I'm coming. Why are you in such a hurry to get there anyway? I mean you hate music. This was true. Rima hated the fact that it was always musicians who got awards and comedians just got a small allotted time to move the show on or build up a crowd. Due to past experiences she hated all musicians. Well accept from her friends Amu and Utau who were both great musicians and amazing friends.

"Well Yaya told me that there's a new student teacher in music."

"Yeah and...?"

"And apparently he's really young, like I mean really young, like a couple of years older than us"


"So he's like really hot, well so Yaya says."

"Okay okay, if it gets you to shut up. Let's go then." Amu was grabbed hold of by Rima and was rushed into class. Not that Amu minded, by this time she was quite interested and excited to see this new student teacher.


"Okay class calm down" Amu's music teacher Mr. Sasaku uttered. The classes respond to his instruction got the same response as always. Complete and utter ignorance from the students. "Settle down now everybody." He tried for a second time. Still to no avail. "SILENCE!" his last ounce of patience's had expired. "Now; since you are all finally listening and quiet. I have some news for you all." This is what the class had been waiting for. The grand revealing of the 'Hot' student teacher. "An old student of mine has started on the path of fulfilling his vocation as a music teacher. He was looking for a school to get some teaching experience from. And due to the fact he came here, I offered him a place here which he gladly took. I want you all to be on your best behaviour for him as I trusting you all and so won't put sitting in on the lessons. But be warned Kukai, I will be checking up on you all every so often. And if I hear a peep from you new teacher about behaviour. Believe me you will be begging me for after school, for your punishment will be far worse" Mr. Sasaku finished with a frightening glint in his eye.

"Hey, why the harsh words sensei?" Kukai moaned.

"Because Kukai we all know what you're like." Mr. Sasaku snapped in reply. "I will go tell your new teacher you are ready for him." And with that he left.