"Oh, look, it is that new girl, Harionaki Yukimarah," I heard from a small group of girls. They were all wearing a milky yellow dress that made me want to puke. It wasn't half as nice as my dress slacks and blouse. Had to get forced into that anyway.

I hope people get over this soon. Being practically royalty is hard enough to cope with, let alone that the whole school will be staring at me. I am so glad that I chose Friday as my first day; it will give me a little break before I face the second. I already have a pounding headache.

I continued to walk steadily to the superintendent's office. My sister's new business associate owned this school, so I, of course, would be getting the star treatment. As I made my way through the huge school (to me it was more like a freaking town) I saw two identical boys talking to each other on the edge of a fountain. My heart ached, and my breath caught sharply in my throat. Be strong, Yuki. Suki is watching. No worries. I thought as I held onto the tiny gold locket hanging from my neck, swinging it side to side on its chain. It soothed me, and allowed me to continue.

When I finally arrived to the door of the office, I took a deep breath, smoothed out my hair and knocked politely. "Come in, come in. Oh, Harionaki-san, a pleasure to see you again," Mr. Suou said sweetly. I bowed respectfully, and replied in the most polite way I could think of… "Thank you, Suou-sama. I must say, the pleasure is all mine."

"Please, let me introduce you to my son, Tamaki, and his friend, Ootari Kyouya." He said as two boys my age came out from behind the door. Both wore lavender suits that were probably the guy's uniform. I wish I could wear that. Maybe I will. I'll see if I can get away with it.

The blonde boy, who I thought was Tamaki, took my hand, kissed it, and said in the most delightful accent "Mon-Sheri, I am honored to be able to meet a woman as splendid as you." I almost slapped him for kissing my hand, but I knew that that would not have been good. Although his words were almost too nice, he seemed to take what he said in all seriousness and authenticity.

He let go of my hand, and Kyouya took it in his stead. He did not kiss it; but held it as if I might break into a million pieces as he bowed over it slightly. Then he said to me "Harionaki-san, I am also honored to meet you. I hope you enjoy Ouran School as much as we do," and let go of my hand. I could tell the happiness in his voice was a practiced sound. Happiness was the farthest thing from his mind. His features also let me catch onto this: he was shadowy and cynical looking, though he tried to hide it. He was the most… darkly… handsome man I had ever seen. I am glad that Mari taught me how to read people. Suki always said that it was my gift, but it just takes practice. I need to watch myself around him.

The superintendent said some other, nom-important school junk, and told the boys to show me around campus. My head still friggin' hurts. I thought as I held back a sneeze.

We started touring the classrooms. Tamaki was obviously excited that I was in his class, and filled me in on all of the teachers and students. Kyouya told me which classes I had, where they were, and what I would be expected of in them. I knew I could handle the curriculum: if Mari said that I could, then I would.

"Suou-san, do you have any clubs around here?" I asked politely. I am going to die of boredom if they don't have a karate club or something. The look on Kyouya's face told me that I shouldn't have asked.

"Here at Ouran Academy, we have established a unique club in which women who have time are indulged by handsome men of their choosing, who also have time to do so. I am the president of this club, and Kyouya is the vice," he said very dramatically. "Our goal at the Host club is to bring fortune to the ladies."

WOW, that's a shocker. I mean Tamaki seems like he would definitely be in that club. Seriously, I have never seen a more overly romantic dude in my entire life. On the other hand, I would think that Kyouya would be more worried about his studies, just by the way that he continues to write things down. Like he is doing homework while touring me around.

I said in a dryer tone then necessary, "Well, I can't exactly join a club for men. Is there a martial arts club here?"

Kyouya replied after flipping through a book, "I am not sure that we have such a club for women, but we should ask Hunny-senpai." Hunny-senpai? That sounds so cute! Nevertheless, it also sounds so familiar.

I followed them down some more halls, up more stairs, and through the third music room's door. Damn, they have enough money here for three music rooms here!

When I walked in after the two dudes, I saw the same two twins from before, clinging to each other. I could feel my heart being crushed as I looked at them. Turning away, I saw a girl in boys' clothes walking up to a little kid and a very tall guy sitting at a table with a plate of cakes and tea. That kid looks freaking familiar.

The twins spoke to us first, singing in unison "My lord, Kyouya-senpai, who is the girl?" My Lord? The girl? Oh, thanks. Makes me feel right at home. Ugh, I feel a little light-headed.

Tamaki gave them a sound whack in the back of the head and screamed "THIS IS MY NEW YEAR MATE! YOU WILL TREAT HER KINDLY, AND WITH THE RESPECT WE SHOW ANY LADY AT THE HOST CLUB!"

Kyouya just made a note in his journal and said almost scornfully "She is Yukimarah Harionaki, and has just transferred here from a commoner school. I believe it was the school Haruhi would have been going to this year."

The girl walked up to me and asked, "Would you like some coffee or sweets?"

I said yes, and she handed me a cup of coffee. I said, startled. "Wow, I thought I would never see instant coffee again. Such a welcoming sight, Haruhi-chan."

Everyone stiffened the second I said chan, and Tamaki came up to me saying quickly while rubbing the back of his head, "Oh, um, Yukimarah-san, I know that my Japanese isn't half as good as my French: but shouldn't Haruhi most likely get 'kun' attached to his name instead of 'chan'? Never mind. I forgot that Hunny-senpai uses chan for people all the time. Sorry."

I apologized to Haruhi profusely anyway, but still thought to myself while sipping the coffee. That is definitely a girl. A freaking blind man could see that.

The little boy skipped up to me with surprising grace and speed, the whole time carrying a pink bunny. The tall man strode up behind him, and stood back at a respectful distance. The boy jumped up and down and said "Hello, Yukimarah-chan! Want some cake? Or do you want to play with my bunny? Oh, I am Mitsukuni, but everyone calls me Hunny!" Could this boy be a senior, because the only reason that he would have senpai added to his name was if he was older? THE NAME STILL SOUNDS FAMILIAR! Wait a minute… no, that can't be right...

"I am fine, thank you for offering Hunny-senpai." I said. However, when Hunny got huge tears in his eyes, I picked him up, threw him in the air, caught him, rubbed my cheek on his head, and set him in a chair. "But it couldn't hurt to try just one." I squeaked, unable to resist this cute little kid. Everyone in the room just stared at me as if I had gone up and kissed Godzilla. Then it clicked at how stupid a move I had just made, if what I had assumed this boy's identity was correct. He motioned for me to sit down beside him and asked if I would like some chocolate or strawberry cake. When I said strawberry, he asked the tall boy "Takashi, could you get me and Yukimarah-chan some more strawberry cake. I can't reach it at the top of the refrigerator." "Hai. My name is Morinozuka Takashi, Harionaki-san, but people call me Mori."

Those two boys were practically inseparable, just by the way that Hunny stared at Mori adoringly, and Mori did everything the kid asked. I felt a presence beside me, and heard at my left ear "Wow, you are a brave girl, throwing Hunny-senpai like that." At my right ear, I heard a similar voice say, "Yeah, he could have torn off your head, and fed it to his bunny."

The twins stepped out in front of me and said, "I am Kaoru, and this is my brother Hikaru. But we won't hold it against you if you get us mixed up." I looked intently at their faces, and asked them "Can you say your own name, and your brother's, please in your normal voice, and look at me while smiling and frowning?" They looked at me as if I was nuts, but did it anyway. I took notice of the differences between them. Kaoru's voice was higher, and his smile, though identical to Hikaru's if you hadn't had a twin, was slightly nicer than Hikaru's. Hikaru's frown also tended to go a little sideways. I stuck that information into my head, and said, "I don't think that even the prodigy of the Haninozuka Family would try and kill me just for throwing him in the air and hugging him for a second or two. Besides, we are cousins." People gasped when they saw that I knew that Hunny could have killed me in a heartbeat. Then Mori came back with the cake, and I said thank you. I turned to Hunny and said "Hunny-senpai, I apologize deeply for my improper behavior. Might I beg for forgiveness?" I sneezed.

"Bless you. Its okay, Yukimarah-chan. You can do that whenever you want. I don't really mind. As long as you will come and play with me every once in a while." He said, giving me a pleading look through a mouthful of cake. I just pulled out a handkerchief, wiped his mouth, and replied, "Of course I will, senpai. Who in their right mind wouldn't want to play with you? Oh, by the way, I came to see if women are allowed in the martial arts clubs around here. Would you know?"

Mori-senpai answered me (because Hunny had a mouthful of cake again) by saying, "I have never known of any of the girls around here having the desire to join any of those clubs. But I am sure that if they were allowed to by their parents, and had the capabilities, they would certainly be allowed to participate."

I heard a loud gasp from Hikaru, as Kaoru fainted. Kaoru shrieked in mid faint… "That is the most I have ever heard Mori-senpai say in an entire month. It is a sign of the apocalypse!" Hikaru replied just as loud "NO, BROTHER! Don't leave me here alone! I need you!" At that, I held back a choking sob and dragged the dramatic brothers onto their feet.

"Kaoru," I said sternly, "Don't make Mori-senpai feel silly by saying such things. Maybe he doesn't talk because your snide comments keep popping out whenever he says something. I wouldn't blame him in the least. And Hikaru, stop egging on your brother's stupid fainting spells. Being so overdramatic is sickening."

I stood up a little too fast and bowed shakily to the two sitting at the table. "Thank you very much for the delicious cake. It was a pleasure meeting you, Hunny-senpai, Mori-senpai."

I then turned to Haruhi, and said to everyone, "May I borrow HIM for a second?" When they said yes, I pulled Haruhi out into another room and she asked "What is it, Yukimarah-senpai?"

"No matter how slow some of the other people in this school are, I know that you are a girl. You might as well get over the fact right now," I said quietly. "If there were more commoners here, as there should be, someone else with common sense would have noticed by now. I won't tell anyone; don't worry."

Haruhi just looked at me for a second and replied, "The only people who know that I am a girl are the host club members and you, at this point. A few other people might have guessed, but not that I know of."

She then pulled me inside, and I repeated the same thing more politely, which pretty much included taking out the 'more commoners' part.

Kyouya then looked up from his notes and said "Harionaki-san, would you like me to continue your tour, or let you hang around with the host club for a while?" By the way he said it, so sweetly, I knew that he was faking again. The look everyone gave him kind of gave it away too.

"Ootari-sama and the rest of you guys, there is no need to call me Harionaki anything, or Yukimarah-san. Yuki is fine with me. And I would love to hang out with you for a little longer, if you wouldn't mind." I coughed a tiny bit.

Tamaki chose to come in then. "Of course, Yuki, we would be delighted if you stayed. And I will only comply to your wishes if you only call me Tamaki."

Kyouya added "The same is in my case, Yuki-san. You don't have to use my surname." Obviously, I won't be able to get Mr. Perfect to call me just Yuki. Oh well.

As I hung out with Haruhi, talking about our hometown, the rest of the boys excused themselves and went into the other room.

~With the boys~

Tamaki: Isn't she just beautiful?

Hunny: Yeah, but she is also kind of… wise…

Mori: Hai

Tamaki: Before Haruhi had even spoken, Yuki knew she was a girl.

Kyouya: And, from how they act, they haven't crossed paths with each other, even though they come from the same town.

Hikaru: And she told us apart on her first try, when she pulled us apart. She didn't even have any time to look hard or anything.

Kaoru: She also knew that Hunny-senpai was dangerous, but she still threw him and hugged him.

Tamaki: Yeah, Hunny, why did you let her do that?

Hunny: She is my cousin, and a sweet girl. Yuki might not remember me, but I remember meeting her before. And she wouldn't have dropped me.

Both Twins: What about us? We tried throwing you, and you almost killed us.

Mori: You two would have dropped Mitsukuni. On accident or on purpose, it doesn't matter. You are too reckless.

Tamaki: What makes you think that she wouldn't have dropped you?

Hunny: She is obviously stronger than everyone here but Takashi and I, physically at least. Yuki has trained under my older cousin, Kuronosuke. She also made Takashi speak a lot. (Glare from said person) What do you know about her, Kyouya?

Kyouya: She was a commoner, but the successor of the Harionaki family fell in love with her older sister. Both parents are deceased, from an armed robbery. Only living blood relative is her older sister, Mari. She has been training in the Harionaki dojo since she was 5, under the supervision of the successor, Kuronosuke. Her sister came to the dojo one day, where Yuki-san introduced them, so that's how that happened. They had been engaged for 2 years, and only just got married last month. Now that she has legitimate ties to the family, she has connections with the entire clan.

Tamaki: That still doesn't explain how she saw through Haruhi, made Mori speak, and saw the difference between the Twins. (Another glare and grumble from Mori)

Hunny: Maybe she is just that kind of person: insightful.

Kyouya: It says here that last fall, right before the date of the wedding, Yuki's twin sister, Suki, was killed in a car accident while both of them were in the vehicle. They were identical, and shared a bond similar to Hikaru and Kaoru's. Word is out that she is not completely mentally stable.

Hikaru: That is why she freaked out when you fainted, Kaoru.

Kaoru: And when you said something about not leaving you there alone. She has experienced true loneliness. No wonder she might not be all there upstairs.

Both Twins: I don't know how she survived. We wouldn't be able to live without each other. (Both feeling very guilty about their actions.)

Mori: That is how she could tell you apart: someone who had and identical twin would learn how to find the slight differences.

Hunny: But there is something else, Takashi. She made you talk a lot. You are talking a lot now, even though she is not in the room.

Tamaki: Yeah, the only other people I know who can make you speak so much is Hunny-senpai and Haruhi. Oh, never-mind, we should return before they get suspicious. One more question though, Kyouya.

Kyouya: What?

Tamaki: Why do you have so much personal information on this new girl?

Kyouya: All of our families all have close connections with her new brother in laws family. The Harionaki is a side branch of the Haninozuka and Morinozuka Families, and train more women than the main branches. They also built a hospital completely run by my family on their estate. Then for the Suou, they have an estate in Paris, by Tamaki's home, and the successor used to go to school here. The Twin's mother designed his new wife's wedding dress.

Twins: So being friends with her has merits for you.

Kyouya: Obviously. What other reason would I be showing her around?

~With the girls~

I couldn't help listening in after I heard Hunny talk about how he remembered meeting me before. Definitely not mentally stable, hehehehe. I was listening to their conversation through the door, because I had said a something that made Haruhi remember something important that she had to do right away. The thought of the accident made me sweat, and I felt a little dizzy. A few tears fell, but I couldn't hide them, no matter how hard I tried. My grip on the locket was iron clad.

When I heard them come in, I knew that they would have to be blind not to notice the tears falling down my face. So as they walked in, I sneezed three or four times, and blew my nose, and told them where Haruhi was.

Tamaki rushed forward and said urgently "Fair Yuki, are you okay? Are you sick?" he asked while touching my forehead and checking my pulse. "Kyouya, come here with the first aid kit, I'll call a doctor! I think she is running a fever."

"Oh, no, I just have an allergy, that's all. Occasionally I sneeze so hard that my eyes water. There is absolutely no need for a doctor." I replied frantically, pushing him away before he tried any other diagnostic methods that he had seen on TV.

Kyouya still came forward, but without the first aid kit. He offered his hand, which I took (because my knees were still wobbly), and helped me to my feet. "But, still, just to be safe, Yuki-san, let me escort you to your car. Common allergies usually do not affect temperature. It would not be smart at all to let you catch a cold, now would it? Especially when it could have been prevented."

I nodded, because I really did want to leave, but wished Tamaki had offered instead. In truth, at this point, I wanted to beat the holy Hell out of Kyouya. Just because I have issues, doesn't mean he has to shout it to the world. In addition, I knew that idiot couldn't have taken me, even though I did feel a little sick, now that they mentioned it.

"Aw, Yuki-chan, I hope you feel better." Hunny said. I bent down to give him a hug. Instead of the quick one I wanted, Hunny gripped me hard and whispered, "I know you were listening, and so does Takashi. I apologize for butting into your personal life, and I know that most everyone else does too." I noticed that most in there. "I do not blame you, Mitsukuni." To cover up the long hug, he said really loud to Mori-senpai, "TAKASHI! She is running a fever, and her pulse accelerated. Maybe you should carry her?"

"NO…no, I am fine. There is nothing to worry about. Really." I almost screamed.

Mori, obviously taking the hint, just stood there, and bowed slightly when I said goodbye. Just like with Hunny, I couldn't resist jumping up (about a foot thank you) and gave him a nugee. I landed a little a little unsteady though. Take advantage of when he is bowing, Yuki. If not, you won't ever be able to jump 2 feet At least not the way you are feeling today. The Twins came up to me and said in unison "We hope you come whenever you want. Here is our cell phone numbers. Call us anytime!" I blushed slightly, but took the slips of paper. I then gave them a copy of my number, and turned to Tamaki.

"What the twins said is true. You are welcome here anytime: as our guest, or just our friend. I hope you enjoy your time at our school, and I will see you tomorrow," he said in a more serious voice than I had heard him before. Kyouya opened the door and let me out as I waved to them again. Then he closed the door, and said, his voice dripping with Hunny "Please follow me..." But he was interrupted by a scream of 'FUCK' followed by 'I can't believe she..' and was then cut off by 'QUIET.' That little bit made me giggle, but I wished that Hunny had kept the fact that I had heard to himself. If wishes were pies, I would be bigger than Kyouya's freaking notebook.

We continued to walk in silence, but I was deep in thought. Is that really all that I am to him: a pawn to gain merits for himself? That is why he always seemed to fake; because he is. The voice and attitude I heard through the door was cruel and cunning. It is his true nature, and I can do nothing but take it, or avoid him. However, that will be very hard, just because I have almost all of my classes with him. And I can tell that he is at the Host Club frequently, and I won't ruin my relationship with the rest of them out of my… disliking of him. The angry thoughts and logic made my head spin. I snapped out of it when the Ootari touched my arm, and leaned down an inch into my face. "Yuki-san, are you okay? Your car is here to bring you home." I almost fell flat on my butt when I saw how close this person was to me, and how much I still wanted to knock him out. Luckily, I took control of my anger and said "Thank you, Kyouya-sama. I will see you tomorrow then?"

"Of course: I wouldn't miss it for the world." He replied, this time making an effort to sound a little more sincere. Stupid liar. At that moment, everything began to get fuzzy around the edges as my knees buckled from underneath me. Kyouya grabbed me by my waist. "Are you okay?" he asked, and this time, his concern sounded real. "I think I should get… home…." He eased my limp body into the car with more care than I would have thought. Probably so I would be in his debt. Figures.

As Stefan's car hurriedly pulled away, the last thing I saw was Kyouya writing in that infernal journal, look in my direction, and adjusting his glasses. Then I passed out.