Chap. 6

The New Stone Warriors



"Sokka. Wake up."



Slowly, Sokka's eyelids fluttered, then came open. He grimaced against the blinding light, then things slowly came into focus. Unfortunately, those things were Oscuridad and Hierro, standing over him with looks that ventured between anger and disappointment.

"Where... where am I?" Sokka said, as he tried to sit up.

"In the infirmary. Along with quite a few others." The bat replied, his voice as unflinching as ice in the frozen north. "Nice job there."

"How bad are they... is Azula?"

"Oh everyone's fine." Hierro said. "Unconscious but fine. In a way."

"What's that supposed to mean? I know soemthing's not right. I feel... weird."

"Oh I wonder why." Osc snapped, his voice dripping with sarcasm. "Dear God man, you cast a spell with absolutely no idea what was going to do! And you're surprised you feel weird? You're lucky that you feel anything at all!"

"Sokka, you made a promise to us." Hierro said. "You swore it on the names of your family, and on the moon. I thought those things meant something to you."

"They do. I'm sorry but.... Azula was..."

"Fine, she was in danger. Do you think she can't handle herself?!" Osc snapped. "Dammit man, do you know how much worse you made things for her?!"

"What? I thought you said she was ok!"

"If you want to know Sokka, take a look at your hands." Hierro said calmly. "That should give you an idea of what you've done here."

Confused and angry, Sokka glanced down at his hands, thinking to see nothing out of the ordinary, despite the magic. What he saw erased that thought completely. His hands were a lighter brown then normal, but that was the least of the changes. Sokka's fingers had shifted into four long, sharp talons that his gloves were wrapped around. In total shock, Sokka began to see the rest of his body, meeting new changes every step of the way. His skin had not only been lightened, but it was also thicker, more like a hide then a skin. His clothes had altered to fit his new body. Spiked ends now sprouted from his kneecaps and elbows. His feet were elongated and two toed, like bird's feet. But the biggest changes were the tail and wings that were on his back. And then he came to his face...

"WHAT THE HELL..... WHAT IS THIS?!" Sokka all but screamed as his hands ran over his new, strange face. "WHAT IS..."

"Allow me." Hierro said, as he held out one of his hands. The palm began to shift and change, slowly becoming a mirror. Sokka glanced in disbelief at his new fleshy beak and the horns that grew down the back of his hair.

"See what happens when you read the forbidden magic book?" Osc asked.

"Huu...ahhh...wait, if this happened to me, then...?"

"You're about to find out." A voice came from the side. The three of them looked over to see Luz, standing next to Katara who was slowly shaking herself awake. She had been transformed as Sokka had, sans the beak.

"Katara? Are you all right?" Sokka asked.

"I think so. But I feel so... SOKKA?!" Katara yelled, as she finally got a look at her brother. "What on earth happened to you?" she yelled, pointing at his in disbelief. But that was when Katara noticed her new talons. As she slowly made the same discoveries that Sokka had, the three Knights placed their hands over their ears.

"What are you doing?" Sokka asked.

"Preparing for the screaming."




"Huh... KATARA!!" Aang yelled back, her screams drawing him from unconsciousness. He looked over at her in confusion, then slowly began to notice himself, as the others started to awaken.

"Well. So all we needed was a scream or two." Luz said.

"Yep. Now we need an explanation. And I know just the person to give it." Osc said, glaring at Sokka.

"So let me get this straight." Zuko said later, pacing the room with his talons upon his forehead.

"You had a magic book, filled with spells."

"Yes." Osc replied.

"You kept it secret because of all the dangerous spells inside."


"Sokka saw it by accident."


"You told him what it was so he would go looking for it and do something stupid, then swore him to secrecy."


"And yet, this happened." Zuko said, pointing at his new body.

"We told him there were dangers in the book. But he didn't listen." The bat replied.

"I was trying to save Azula!" Sokka argued.

"Oh great job then." Azula snapped, pointing at her new, crimson body.

"Of all the stupid things Sokka...." Katara said.

"What were you thinking?" Zuko added.

"What am I supposed to do with wings? And all this stupid fur?" Toph yelled, scratching her arm. The Earthbender had become a strange sort of winged badger mole, almost like an Elemental, but with the wings and tail of the strange creatures the others had become.

"Hold on!" Aang said, stepping between everyone and holding up his winged arms for silence (Aang was the only one who had a flying squirrel type wing, as opposed to bat wings on his back) "I'm not any happier about this, but maybe we should stop yelling and figure out how to fix this!"

"He's got a point." Mai said.

"....Fine." Zuko said. "Osc, what the hell are we?"

"In a word, Gargoyles." The bat replied. "They're a type of mythical creature, that we encountered once in an alternate New York. Nice guys."

"Great. And can you fix it?"

"Agua is reading through the spell book." The bat replied. "We need to see the spell Sokka used before we can find the cure. Luckily, we only kept one transformation spell per species. And most were neutral magic."

"What's that?" Ty Lee asked.

"There are three kinds of magic." Hierro said. "Good magic is stuff like healing. Evil magic is raising the dead. And neutral magic is spells that are judged good or evil by whoever uses them."

"Being changed like this would be good or bad depending on who was transformed and what they intended to do with it." Osc added.

"I know what I intend to do with it... get rid of it." Katara muttered.

"That may take some time." Said a voice from the doorway, as Agua walked inside, holding the Magus in his hand.

"Did you find the reversal spell?" Osc asked.

"Yeah. But we got one problem. I can't use it until tomorrow night."

"WHAT?" Katara yelled.

"I am not going around like this tomorrow!" Azula snapped.

"Why?" Osc asked calmly.

"I need a specific talisman to draw out the Gargoyle essence. And that mean stone skin." The cat replied.

"I see. Well, no way around it then."

"What does he mean, stone skin?" Aang asked.

"Gargoyles are nicknamed 'stone warriors' for a very simple reason. During the day, they turn to stone. Just like you guys will when the sun comes up."