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They had done it. Chaos had been defeated, and now they were standing in a wide, open grassy field.

Warrior of Light breathed a sigh of relief. "The fighting has come to an end."

Everyone relaxed, happy that the fight was finally over. But a thought came over them, how were they supposed to go back home? They looked to the lake, where Tidus was standing with his back facing them. How would he go home?

Tidus glanced down at his crystal. "So, I guess this is goodbye...?"

His crystal started to glow, and he heard a faint whistle. He looked more closely at his crystal, and saw the back of a person with short, brown hair, surrounded by flowers, and he heard a louder, clearer whistle. His eyes got wide, did this mean he had another chance? He looked up and saw a faint figure of Bahamut's fayth, fading away.

He turned around to see everyone looking at him. "Don't worry. The crystal knows the rest of the way." Everyone gasped, was there hope for him?

He kept talking to them. "Besides…" He pointed a thumb to his heart. "I'll always be right here." He flashed a bright, genuine smile, and as everyone watched him jump off a rock and disappear before he hit the lake, they knew he would be fine. And when he opened his eyes next, curled up in a ball in the ocean, they knew his story would continue in his rightful home with all his loved ones.

They would all remember him and his story, and how he touched and affected everyone with his presence, like how the sun's light brings life to everything.

They would never forget the boy who shined like the sun.

*Get ready for a super long author's note, I didn't want to write author's notes in each separate chapter because I wanted the story to keep flowing without any outside notes.*

It is finished! Thanks to everyone who reviewed, favorited, and story-alerted this piece, it really means a lot to me.

So, why did I write about Tidus? Most people find Tidus annoying and don't take him seriously as a main character for Final Fantasy, but I adore him. He's only a teenager, and he didn't have too much of a messed up life, and he was happy. He's allowed to joke around and be silly and have fun. Not every male protagonist has to be a silent, brooding angst-bucket (not making fun of Squall and Cloud, I think they're awesome cookies, when they're not being too emo).

Also, Tidus is my second favorite character in Dissidia, right after Terra. And while I was playing his story mode, I thought that he was the only character who could probably relate to all the other characters in some way. Well, I guess all characters can relate to the others in one way or another, but Tidus is my Golden Boy who is super special awesome. So it took me ten months after finishing all the story modes in Dissidia to get this down, haha.

The characters whose ideas came to me the easiest were Frioniel, Onion Knight, and Zidane. Frioniel dreamed of a peaceful world, Onion Knight is the only kid, and Zidane and Tidus were the only characters who had fun professions other than being fighters.

The characters who were the easiest to write were Warrior of Light and Bartz, which is weird because Warrior of Light is super generic and doesn't have his own character, so it should be harder to write for him. And I didn't manage to beat FFV yet because my PSX version is glitchy :( I had to look up a FFV synopsis and game script to write Bartz's chapter ^^;;

The characters that were the toughest to write were Cecil and Terra. I didn't want to beat the whole 'I'm fighting family!!1!' idea over the head, but Cecil, Zidane, and Tidus were the only characters that were fighting family members, and I already had Zidane's story set, so Cecil got stuck with family. I felt bad about re-doing Terra's chapter, but I was seriously not pleased with it when I posted it the first time, and I have no idea why I posted it if I didn't like it that much, probably because I was tired and my brain went on auto.

Also, I used Frioniel instead of Firion because I played the Japanese version of Dissidia first before I played FFII US PSP version, so I got acquainted to him as Frioniel. Terra is Terra because I played FFVI (FFIII for SNES) a long time ago, so I find it weird to call her Tina all of a sudden. I also mixed lines from the Japanese and English scripts for the last two chapters because I like how those lines fit together.

I also took the liberty of changing how stuff happened in the tenth chapter from what really happened in Dissidia, but this is a fanfiction, so I allowed myself to twist the story around a bit :)

Is the story perfect? I definitely don't think so. As I was writing and proof-reading, I felt like sometimes I was missing something, or I over-explained and described stuff, and I was worried I kept repeating phrases over and over again (i.e. he smiled, they turned to whoever, general Tidus actions when he was talking to someone). And I was worried that I didn't get what I wanted to convey with each story clearly enough. And chapter 10 is full of events mixed up from the original order of events, I hope that part wasn't too hard to read. But I am happy with the way everything came out in the end overall. And I feel super accomplished that I finished a multi-chapter story, even if was just a collection of drabbles (which reminds me, I still have to upload a chapter of the other multi-chapter story I'm writing from a year ago :D;;)

There were more things I wanted to say, but I can't remember it right now. I guess I'll just write it in later if I remember, haha.

Super huge thanks to EVERYONE again, seriously. Thanks for taking time out of your lives to read this. You all deserve chocolate-chip cookies of awesome :)b

-ChocoBanana Parfait