When Donnie left the crumbling world for the past two people arose from death.

Filled with the enlightenment of the final question they had been empowered with fourth dimensional abilities. They remained invisible to those who weren't similarly empowered.

"THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" Gretchen screamed hysterically. She had been ranting at the young man in the bunny suit for some time now and had finally reached the conclusion that as it was all his fault that he should go back and save Donnie.

Frank cautiously agreed and after donning his somewhat demonic looking bunny mask departed for the past.

Once Frank: the six-foot-tall bunny rabbit had left Gretchen was finally able to calm down and start thinking clearly again.
And thus it was as the Tangent Universe finally collapsed she realised that she had just set in motion the very events she wanted to prevent.

The tearing sensation of an unstable world ending was therefore acompanied by dieing screams and the words "Oh, FU-".

Okay, this story is essentially done unless people voice an interest in me continuing it, keeping in mind that that would mean it takes on the characteristics of my typical brand of AU in which the intervention of my characters in the Cannon Timeline produces an alternate future to the one portrayed.

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