My fanfic, I do what I want, so don't flame about what happened to the four specific people who's names I won't say so as not to ruin it. Final Chapter, thanks for following. If you read Shades Of Violet, please know I really tried not to make this the same as that ending. And I am a big May fan, so I didn't expect the ending that was there to come out of my mind. Pretty major plot twist, considering people kept pleading me to put her with either Drew or Brock, and one person asked for me to put her with Misty...anyway, this is what you got, enjoy. Yes, I did have fun writing May's big long swear name that she said. But it took imagination. XD.

May knew she should never have gotten on that chatroom. She would've never found out. But when she did, tears poured all over her keyboard. The conversation had gone something like this:

ribbongrl23: May, she's dead.

springtimeroses: What?

ribbongrl23: Misty.

springtimeroses: What about her?

ribbongrl23: She. Is. Dead. What more do you want?

springtimeroses: How?

ribbongrl23: It was on the news. She got shot by a guy. They didn't see much about it but there were bullet holes in the door.

Around then, May didn't want to hear anymore. This was too much to bear. Drew found out about Misty's attraction towards her, and now this? How far would he go to have her to himself? And his next target would most definitely be…


May had to dash down the street as quickly as possible to get to the school before Drew did. Keeping out of anyone's sight, she snuck in the back door, found Brock, and brought him outside, so she could talk to him where no one could hear them.

"May, what's wrong? You're getting all hysterical again."

"You…have to leave…you've gotta…get out…now…he'll…he'll kill you!"

Brock reached for his pocket, and much to May's surprise, pulled out a small gun. "Not on my watch, he won't. I'll just have to get him before he gets me, huh, May?"

May collapsed at his feet, screaming for him not to do it. Brock took a few steps back.

"May, what's wrong with you? You hate him too!"

"I love you both! I can't watch you kill each other!"

"Then don't watch! This ends now, winner gets you!"

Ignoring May's frantic screaming, Brock approached Drew, his finger set on the trigger of his gun. As he was about to raise it, Drew raised his own gun. It seemed that the very sight of two boys with guns had attracted a large crowd. Pika could see the unfolding events from the back. Ash tried to get between them, but Pika held him back.

"Don't. You'll get hurt, Ash. They both have guns!"

"I can't just sit here and watch this!"

"You're gonna have to! I need you, I don't want you to die!"

Someone dressed in red ran past the crowd between the two boys. Pika had to squint to see…May?

May was screaming. "You guys don't need to do this! I love you both the same! This is my fault! I don't want this to end this way, it doesn't have to! I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I love you, Drew! I love you too, Brock! I don't care if you guys fight like this, I'll still love you both the same!"

Brock began to lower his gun after hearing May's pleading. Drew eyed the girl suspiciously.

"I said it once, May, and I'll say it again. You can't have two boyfriends. I'll narrow your options for you…"

A loud bang was heard, and May's world began to collapse as Brock fell to the ground. It was so fast to everyone else. But to May, it was slow and agonizing. She rushed to Brock's side. Blood spewed from his head. Several people in the crowd were screaming, and someone was calling for someone to go and get the nurse. But no one left the crowd. May felt all her fury and rage well up inside her and explode. She took the gun from Brock's hand and shot every swear she knew at Drew.

"You stupid fucking abusive shitty-ass bitch, I'll damn you to hell for that! Damn you to hell! I fucking told you, I loved you both! What the fuck is wrong with you? Now I hate you! I hate you more than anything! Damn you!"

Drew just laughed. "And what exactly do I care? I love you, May, I don't care if you hate me, I love you. There, I said it. Drew loves May. You happy? What's it gonna take to make you pick me? You know I love you, and I never wanted me to hate you! But I knew you'd never pick me from the start! I never meant for it to go this far! I'm sorry!"

May glared at him so hard it sent chills down his spine. Her words were cold as ice, just like her piercing glare.

"I said it once, and I'll say it again. Damn you to hell."

Another loud bang, then total silence. This time there were no gasps. Ash and Gary both ran to the center, with Ash going for Brock's body and Gary going for Drew's body. Both of them knew from the start they were both gone, but there was always a chance. Pika ran over to May, who was frozen, probably in shock. She wasn't crying, she wouldn't speak, she just stood there. She finally dropped the gun. Pika put her hand on May's shoulder.

"May, are you okay? May, say something…"

"Never again. I'll never do it again."

"Never do what again?"

"I won't love anyone. Ever again."

May then started screaming out of nowhere. It was a combination of hysterical screaming and crying.

"I can't! I loved them both, but I didn't want to have one without the other! I wanted them both! I don't care what Drew said, I loved Brock! I don't care what Brock said, I loved Drew! Why couldn't I be happy with them both? And I might have liked Misty a little too! Never again, I can never love anyone again!"

Ash and Gary picked May up and brought her to the clinic. Pika ran after them, aiming to get the nurse to get help for Brock and Drew. The crowd wouldn't budge, even after the shooting stopped.


May went home early that day and locked the door to her room. She tied a rope to her ceiling fan and put part of it around her neck. She stood on the edge of her bed, ready to step off. She didn't have anything more to say. She just wanted to see the two boys she loved again, and maybe even Misty for that matter.

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, a small tear sliding down her cheek, and stepped off the edge of her bed, dangling in the air by the rope.