The Staring Contest

Summary- For the first time ever, Neji is outmatched by his sparring partner, Tenten. How will he come out on top?

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"Neji, I challenge you to a staring contest!"

Neji looked up from his book. Tenten stood before him, finger pointing at him and a maniac gleam in her eye.

An arrogant smirk appeared on his face.

"Are you quite sure about that, dear Tenten?" he asked with sarcasm and a dry chuckle.

So, mockingly, Tenten appeared to think about it, and then huffed angrily, "Hell yes! And I will win this time, you Hyuuga bastard!"

"Now, now Tenten. Don't make me wash your mouth out with soap. And besides, don't you think my 37-in-a-row winning streak stacks the odds against you a bit?" He returned to his book with an air of nonchalance.

"Don't you go underestimating ME, you cocky moron! I've been practicing." Tenten blew a lock of hair out of your face, and Neji gave her an exasperated stare.

Then she sneered. Neji thought it made her look like a kitten with a princess complex. "What's the matter, Hyuuga? Scared I'll kick you girly butt from here to Suna?"

That struck a nerve.

A glare replaced the exasperation. "It's on." After marking his place, he tossed the book behind him. With a thunk, it hit a tree and fell to the ground.

Tenten sat a few inches in front of him. They closed their eyes.

When he heard her begin to count off, Neji braced himself. "One, two, three, GO!" On go, their eyes flew open.

The staring contest had begun.

About two minutes in, Neji began to weaken. Tenten showed no need to blink.


There was no choice, Neji told himself. It was either this or his ego.

And he had a very big ego.

Tenten stared straight ahead with confidence. She saw his eyelids twitch once or twice, and knew he wanted to blink.

Yes! Take that, Neji!

Then, with confusion, she noticed him slowly begin to lean forward.

All of a sudden, his unique smell hit her senses. A musky smell, very woodsy but with a hint of citrus.

He was getting closer. Tenten tasted his breath, warm and sweet.

And she was being drawn to him.

His breath ghosted her lips. They were only millimeters apart. On their own accord, her eyes slid closed, and suddenly, he was gone.

Her eyes shot open. Neji was standing up.

It hit Tenten. Neji's eyes hadn't closed.

Neji's eyes dry but gleaming with triumph

"I win."

And he was gone.

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