Rainy Day Lover Author's Notes:

As always, the usual disclaimers apply. I own NOTHING whatsoever that has to do with Tenchi Muyo. My work his meant purely for your entertainment as well as my own,

All right, I finally managed to get the time to write this. I am writing these notes so that I may alert you, the readers of my story both new AND old that have already reviewed this story, of my future plans and where I plan to go from here.

Originally I had intended on this being a simple one-shot fic between my personal favorite couple in the series, however, due to the numerous request from those of you who had already voted, I am writing a sequel. It is roughly halfway done, but I'm not too sure when I'll have it out, between my three biggest problems 1) work 2)DBZ fanfic in progress and 3)occasional writer's block.

Though it is still in the distant future, once I finish this sequel, I plan on trying to write three more sequels and turn what began as a one shot into a five piece series. The following is roughly how I'm going to break it down for you;

Rainy Day Lover- this is the first, and base story for the series. In this part, Kiyone and Tenchi finally admit their feelings for one another (with a little persuasion) and become a couple, as those of you who have read the story can see. This story took awhile to finish and post, but I wanted to make sure that I could give you the best I had to offer in terms of writing literature. Basically its boy-likes-girl, girl-likes-boy, boy-and-girl- admit-feelings, boy-and girl-get-together.

Untitled (for now) -second installment and first sequel. Takes place roughly a few hours after the end of Rainy Day Lover. Though the story itself may seem long, it will, for the most part, cover the other girl's (mainly Ryoko and Ayeka) reactions to the new couple, and how they deal with it. Lastly, although it is still only a THOUGHT at this point, I might be establishing a foundation for another couple as well. I won't tell you who it will be, just in case I end up not doing it, but I've seen it done before, and if performed properly, I think could be pulled off quite well. This installment is about halfway done.

Untitled –third installment and second sequel. Not much info for this part as of yet. Basis of the story up to this point will revolve around, and lead up to, a marriage proposal.

Untitled –fourth installment and third sequel. Not much info for this one ether, but it will for the most part, consist of the wedding itself. This is where I might need your help, especially if any of you out there know anything about traditional Japanese weddings. If you know the process of one, please e-mail it to me at Shukoski18@aol.com; otherwise I will go through with a traditional American ceremony. Any help in this department would be extremely helpful. Thank you.

Untitled –fifth installment and the forth and final sequel? Not sure how soon or later after the third sequel this will take place, but it will take place at least two weeks after the wedding in the previous sequel. That way the honeymoon will have taken place and will be over with, however, depending on how far I get, and the response/demand for it at the time, I might consider writing a romantic interlude to cover the wedding between installments four and five, Anyways, getting back on track, this final chapter will for the most part, be a closing to the series, and will involve the announcement of a pregnancy, and carry on through the nine month cycle, and end wit the arrival of the baby.

Well there you have it, all five segments in supposed order; the hook- up, girls reactions, the proposal, the wedding, and a baby. I can guarantee that it will be a while before all five will be fully complete (if they ever are that is). I'd like to thank all of those that had already reviewed Rainy Day Lover, and if you haven't done so yet, please do. Your reviews are what keep us FF.Net authors going, it is our lifeblood if you will. I hope that you will keep an eye out for the first sequel to R.D.L. and that you will continue to review and support me in my writing. Thank You.


S. S. Shadow