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Assassinated Love:

Rukia woke up and groaned as the sunlight blinded her. Lifting her head up from the pillow, she looked around and saw the bare walls. A frown came onto her face.

'Oh that's right…I'm moving to China today, for forever. Goodbye Karakura.' Rukia pulled herself out of bed and walked to her kitchen. Opening the fridge, she dug out the sliced up fruit she had cut herself last night for breakfast and began munching on that. Her cellphone rang and Rukia glanced at the caller id before picking it up.

"Hey guys, what's up?" All she heard was an excited squeal.

"Rukia! You're not going to believe it!" Rukia stuffed a strawberry into her mouth and chewed.

"What is it Orihime?" Rukia grabbed a cup of water and took a sip of that as she awaited Orihime's surprise.

"I'm pregnant!" Orihime shouted, Rukia almost spit out the strawberry and water mush she had in her mouth.

"Orihime," Rukia swallowed, "That's great! When did you find out that you were pregnant?" Rukia asked as she wiped the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand. Rukia then heard a knocking on her door, which meant that the newspaper was there. Rukia walked around to the door, opened it, and quickly grabbed the newspaper from hall and smiled at the front page.

"I found out last night! I had a feeling so I went to check, and I guess I was right because now I'm pregnant!" Orihime squealed, Rukia read the title of the newspaper,


"I'm so happy for you!" Rukia smiled as she read on and the newspaper said they had no leads whatsoever on who killed Kariya. All the police knew was that he was poisoned and there was damage done post mortem.

"Well, I also wanted you to be the god mother to my child." Rukia stopped looking at the newspaper and focused in on her friend.

"You want me…to be the godmother?" Rukia asked slowly. She could hear a silence go over the both of them.

"Of course! I mean, I know it would be hard for you to visit, but I think you would be a great god mother!" Rukia felt a wash of sadness go over her; her moving to Shanghai would cause her to miss out on a lot of her friends' lives and what they were up to. But she knew she needed the fresh start.

"Yeah, of course, I would love to be your child's god mother. I feel honored. Thank you Orihime, though I can't really imagine Ichigo being a father." Rukia laughed and she heard Orihime laugh as well.

"Well I'm sure we're going to learn how to be parents together! Anyways, I've got to go to the office now, I wish I could see you off today, but I can't. I'm sorry Rukia." Orihime apologized, Rukia shrugged.

"No, no, don't even worry about it Orihime! I'm a big girl, I can handle myself and going to the airport with just Ichigo. Bye Orihime." Rukia hung up and grabbed a grape to pop in her mouth as she stopped herself from crying.


Rangiku's heels squished in the carpet as she knocked on Hitsugaya's door.

"Can I come in?" Rangiku asked as she got a grunt in reply, meaning that she was allowed access. Pushing open the door, she walked right in, tossed the newspaper on the desk and sat down across from him.

"What do you want?" Hitsugaya said as he finished typing up a business report.

"Thought you might be interested in the news today." Rangiku said casually as she twirled the pen she found behind tucked on top of her ear.

"Isn't there such a thing called the internet?" Rangiku rolled her eyes as she lifted up the newspaper and chucked it in his face.

"Oh my god just read the damn newspaper!" Rangiku fussed as Hitsugaya took a hold of the newspaper and glared at her.

"You bi-," His words were stopped as he read the front page of the newspaper and saw the title that indicated that Kariya had been murdered.

"This can't be." Hitsugaya whispered as Rangiku crossed her arms under her chest.

"Well it is. Looks like Rukia saved you before he could get to you." Hitsugaya took off his glasses and rubbed his temples.

"Look if this is another rant on how I should go get Rukia back, I don't think it's going to happen. She's going to Shanghai today." Hitsugaya sounded annoyed, but his face softened up, "I don't think she even wants us to get back together if she's leaving." Rangiku looked down at the carpet and then back to him.

"Well some of us are going to say goodbye to her, you could come with us." Hitsugaya ran a hand through his white locks.

"I'm not going to stop her from doing what she wants." Rangiku stood up, infuriated.

"You know you want her back, and I'm pretty sure she wants you back! You guys even admitted to loving each other still! I know she lied to you, but that doesn't mean that she never loved you or cared about you or your relationship was a whole lie. It's not like the same thing happened to Rukia like what happened to Momo, and Momo was found alive." Rangiku stood, waiting for Hitsugaya to respond back to her.

"I don't know anymore, okay? I do still love her, but she's going now, meaning she's probably done with me." Rangiku made a noise of irritation and rubbed her temples with her long nails.

"If you love her like you say you will, and if she loves you like she says she does, I don't see a problem. Whatever, you do what you want and probably walk out on your one true love; we're saying goodbye at 5 P.M. I hope I see you there." Rangiku walked out of his office, slamming the door behind her. Hitsugaya stared at the closed door, feeling slightly annoyed. But his expression softened after a few seconds, Rangiku did have a defining point, he just wasn't sure. He looked at his watch and saw it was 10 A.M. His chewed on his bottom lip and began opening the largest drawer in his desk.

He saw the small velvet blue box and grabbed it. Opening it, he saw the beautiful ring that reminded him of Rukia's eyes. His heart felt a tug, and he closed the box and went back to work.

Hours later:

Rukia poked her ramen noodles in distaste. The noodles were good, but she was feeling depressed that she was leaving Karakura, but she knew she didn't have a life in Karakura anymore.

"You're not going to eat?" Ichigo managed to say through a mouth full of ramen. Rukia shrugged as she lifted up some ramen noodles, about to put it in her mouth, but she dropped it, she just wasn't hungry. She hadn't been hungry for the past few weeks. She wasn't hungry, but she knew she had to eat.

Rukia managed to put ramen back into her mouth and continue eating.

"Have you been getting any sleep?" Ichigo asked as he used his spoon to bring up the wonderful broth up to his awaiting mouth.

"Not much." Rukia took a drink of her iced water and realized she was almost done with her ramen noodles.

"You excited to go to Shanghai? Well you better not, since you're leaving all of us behind." Ichigo joked as Rukia glared at him.

"You know I wouldn't leave if I didn't mess up everything. I dropped the business, lost the man I love, and seems like my life has been going down the shitter." Rukia bit back as finished the last of her ramen noodles and reduced herself to drinking her iced water.

"You're just running away from your problems." Rukia rolled her eyes and felt slightly annoyed.

"Well you're not me. Anyways, let's change the topic," Rukia crossed a leg over another, "You excited for the baby?" Ichigo spluttered and spit out all of the ramen he had in his mouth.

"Excuse me? What did you just say?" Rukia blinked in surprise, Orihime hadn't told him yet…

'Oops…' Rukia tried to whistle to casually brush it off.

"Did I say baby?! I meant…uhm…oh shit," Rukia couldn't leave the topic now, "Ichigo, Orihime's pregnant. I thought she told you…but I guess you're hearing it now!" Rukia tried to explain with the best enthusiasm she could muster up.

"Me and Orihime…are having a BABY?!" Ichigo shouted at the top of his lungs, causing other diners to look at him.

"Yes?" Rukia answered, Ichigo set down his chopsticks, and his eyes became hard and frozen. Rukia took her chopstick and aimed, smiling in delight as the chopstick lightly hit Ichigo's forehead.

"Ichigo, back to reality, you idiot. You're not mad at her right?" Rukia would never live it down if she ruined Orihime's and Ichigo's marriage.

"No of course not, I'm just…surprised. We haven't even talked about kids all that much." Ichigo said quietly, and Rukia relaxed.

"One of my best friends is going to be a dad! With any luck, you'll end up like your father." Ichigo snapped out of his concentrated phase and glared at her.

"Oh hell no. I'm not ending up like that crazy psychopath. I'm going to be a good father!" Ichigo thrust his thumb so it touched his chest. Rukia smiled lightly. She couldn't believe she was going to miss out on all of this when she was gone in Shanghai.

"I'm glad that you're okay." Rukia looked at her cellphone and saw it was almost time for her to leave. Rukia sighed and got out her wallet and paid the correct amount of yen for both of their meals. "It's time." Rukia said, Ichigo's smile slowly turned into a frown and he nodded. Ichigo saw she had paid for their meals; Ichigo gathered up the yen and shoved it back in her face, quickly shelled out the yen needed plus tip and pushed her out of the restaurant.

"What the hell was that for?!" Rukia shouted with her fist tight with her yen. Ichigo shoved her into the car.

"I'm not letting my best friend of years pay for her last meal in Karakura! Let's get you to the airport!" Ichigo started driving to the airport.

The car ride to the airport wasn't so bad. Ichigo tried to lighten the gloomy mood, but he felt a little sad that his best friend was going to leave Karakura forever.

Once Ichigo parked in the airport parking garage, they began taking out all of her items. He helped her get most of them and they started making their way towards the airport.

"You nervous?" Ichigo asked as they situated themselves in the elevator.

"Yeah, hopefully this fresh start won't feel so horrible after I live in Shanghai for a while." Ichigo went silent, the elevator opened up and they walked out, immediately entering the airport.

Rukia checked in and she and Ichigo started walking towards the gate. They turned the corner, and Rukia felt her vision go black because of Ichigo's hand.

"I have a surprise for you, just keep walking." Rukia followed him and they kept on walking. Ichigo made her stop after a while.

"Why are we stopping?" Rukia asked as Ichigo took his hand off of her eyes, and she saw all of her friends there.

"What are you guys doing here?!" Rukia asked as she began walking towards them and giving them hugs.

"We came here to say goodbye to you! Since we know it's your last day!" Rangiku spoke up and Rukia smiled at all of them.

"Aww, thanks you guys. I really appreciate it. I'll miss all of you." They gave her warm smiles, and Rukia felt Hisana embrace her.

"I'll miss you so much little sister, take care okay?" Hisana whispered, Rukia nodded and had to stop herself from crying. Rukia looked up to see Byakuya with a relaxed facial expression, not one with stiffness or one filled with coldness. Byakuya held out a handkerchief for his wife, and as Hisana separated herself, Rukia saw Hisana take the cloth and dab at her eyes. Rukia smiled.

"Don't be sad, I'll come visit a couple times a year." Rukia rubbed Hisana's arm, and Byakuya gently took Hisana back so they could stand with the rest of the large group.

"I'll miss all of you. I'll try to visit as much as I can." Rukia offered as she gave a sad smile.

"Well I hope I'm not too late in changing your mind." Rukia's ears picked up the voice; he hadn't been part of the crowd. Rukia saw her friends split evenly as they made a small pathway for the man. Rukia felt her eyes widen a bit, she hadn't expected him to care at all.

"Looks like I'm not late." Hitsugaya greeted, with his hands in his pockets. Rukia could tell he just came from work, he looked handsome in his suit, she noted. Rukia chewed on her lip; she didn't know what to say. Why was he here?

"I didn't expect you to show up, or even care that I was leaving." Rukia tucked some hair behind her ear.

"I read about Kariya." Hitsugaya stated to break the silence that was growing. Rukia nodded slowly.

"Yeah, me too, I'm glad someone got to him first before he could get to you." Hitsugaya had confirmed his suspicion that she had been the one to murder Kariya for him.

"Yeah, me too, if nobody had gotten to him, I probably wouldn't be here." Rukia nodded, he looked away.

"Uhm, I'll miss you a lot. I'm still not over you. I hope you find happiness though." Rukia replied, Hitsugaya groaned silently in the frustration.

"Look Rukia, I think it's quite obvious we're not over each other. I miss you a lot; all I ever think about is you. I heard you were going to Shanghai, and at first I wasn't going to do anything about it since I thought you deciding to leave that meant that was going to be the end of us. But thanks to a friend," Hitsugaya looked at Rangiku, who seemed to be almost crying and happy that he came. "I decided you're the one worth fighting for."

Rukia felt a tear slip but she quickly wiped it away. Rukia noticed all of her friends were listening intently.

"I'm really sorry that everything happened the way it did. I know you had a hard time grasping what I did. I never meant to kill you honestly, but I knew eventually if I didn't, Kariya would've just done it himself. But I couldn't do it; I loved you too much to do it." Hitsugaya nodded in acceptance. Rukia then opened her mouth, "I still love you a lot."

"I still love you a lot too Rukia." Hitsugaya looked down and then looked back up at her, "Look, I don't care what you almost did to me, or whatever you used to do for a living. I cared about you, and only you. I was just hurt that you even attempted to hurt me, but I'm over it. I realized you're still the same girl I fell in love with, and our relationship was real, and you doing whatever you did doesn't change a thing."

Hitsugaya slipped his hand to grasp the velvet blue box in his jacket pocket. He brought it out and played with it in his hand. He ignored the small gasps from her friends. Rukia felt tears well up in her eyes as she saw the small box.

"So that's why," He began walking towards her, "I decided that you are the love of my life, and you're the perfect one for me, or at least I think so," he chuckled, he stopped in front of her and saw the tears spill, he wiped it with his thumb. He backed up a little, "Rukia, I'm going to be honest, you're the only girl who'd ever look great with this ring." He stood straight, hearing the squeals and sounds of excitement.

"Rukia, please don't go to Shanghai. I need you."

Rukia felt her heart stop, and her heart warming up. Tears of joy weren't held back, even though she tried. He forgave her, and he loved her, even though she had put him through probably the worst time of his life.

She knew he was the one for her. He was the one who made her laugh, feel special, gave her the warm feeling in her stomach every time they were together. He was the one she held most dear in her heart, she knew this was it.

He opened up the box and presented it to her. The ring now seemed so much more beautiful than it had a month ago.

She walked closer to him and turned her head slightly so she could see her friends. Her friends and family were cheering her on to say yes. When she pulled her face back so she could face him again, he inhaled deeply and exhaled.

"Rukia Kuchiki, will you marry me?" Rukia smiled at him, the tears were dried, and she didn't care that everybody was staring at them, to her; it felt like they were the only two people in the airport. Rukia grabbed his arm slightly, tugging him towards her, and she kissed him. She heard the shouts and cheers that came along with her answer to his proposal. He had kissed her back.

When they broke the kiss, Rukia smiled at him.

"Of course I will." Hitsugaya laughed as he slipped the ring onto her finger.

"I'm glad you didn't say no." He bumped his forehead against hers.

"This probably means I'm not going to Shanghai." Rukia and Hitsugaya shared a laugh. They kissed again and then felt her friends crowding around them and cheering for them.

They were congratulating her, and happy that she wasn't moving to Shanghai after all. Her friends requested they kiss in front of them. Hitsugaya and Rukia shared a tender kiss in front of their friends.

The newly engaged couple walked around and talked to all of Rukia's friends. Hitsugaya personally thanked Rangiku, and Rukia was showing off the ring to Hisana, Byakuya, and all of her friends.

Hitsugaya and Rukia shared a loving look at each other, and both knew, their life together was just beginning, and their future looked bright.


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